When the “Hero” of your Tale is only FOUR YEARS YOUNGER than the Incidental “Villain”

Yet you describe him as being sought after by your “villain” because he is “young” and in terms of a ripe fruit to be plucked, it makes people wonder what kind of weapons-grade projection is going on. And who in the hell would actually post trash like that.

But after all, this is Bill Schmalfeldt…

Screenshot 2016-09-05 18.41.27

In 2007, Brett Kimberlin was 53. Karl Rove was 57. Bill Schmalfeldt has this fantasy that Karl Rove was all about young boys – see his nasty fixation on Ali Akbar as a reference point. But somehow I don’t think Brett fits the bill there for Rove’s supposed “type,” no matter how Schmalfeldt tries to create a “scandal” out of it.

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that he is smearing Karl Rove, among others. I don’t think that the article quite does what he thinks it does.

In reality, it shows just what a vile, loathsome creature Bill Schmalfeldt can be – that there is no awful insinuation he will not stoop to try and smear somebody with just because he can. But if that’s how he wants to portray himself to others, well, I’m not gonna stop him.

Instead, I’ll just document his jourminalism and accurately quote what he said. He doesn’t like that very much.


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26 Responses to When the “Hero” of your Tale is only FOUR YEARS YOUNGER than the Incidental “Villain”

  1. Jane says:

    That 53 years old “young man” actually did have a very young bride. While in his 40’s, Brett Kimberlin began a romantic relationship with a girl no more than 14 years old at the time, who he later imported to the U.S. from the Ukraine, and married a few years later.

    What does one call a man in his forties who pursues sex with a girl only 14 years old? Well, Brett Kimberlin sued some who had referred to him as a pedophile, and he lost the case on a directed verdict.

    A man is known by the company he keeps. – Aesop

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  2. The 2007 post was odd. Kimberlin sent the photos to the blog, along with the description of the encounter. Kimberlin asked for the opportunity to take pictures, even after jerking Rove’s chain about the war in Iraq and regime change. Rove seems to have put up wIt sort of looks like Kimberlin comes off as a fanboy, or at least someone happy to have a ‘brush with fame.’ Why it warrants a revisit by Schmalfeldt is anyone’s guess.

    The craft blog will be scraping 1978 issues of Time magazine for content tonight, and Google searching the words Delong + Tovex. Wow, finding daily content is hard for smart people. Imagine how hard it is… Never mind.

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  3. Freedom Costs says:

    wow he is a tiny man, isn’t he

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  4. Onlooker says:

    Brett Kimberlin has never been attractive. He has a rat face and always did. He also has a sour countenance with hard little eyes, an irritating, thin voice, and judging by his videos that I’ve seen, a stiff and flat and artificial affect, even when he tries to rage.

    But apparently Bill finds BKs physical person fascinating and delightful. I guess that might explain some things.

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    • Grace says:

      “In all likelihood, Rove did not know Kimberlin or his reputation but, instead, saw an attractive, slender young man who might be interested in a relationship with an older, pudgier man.”

      Ugh. Just. Freaking. UGH!

      THIS is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (over)sharing his disgusting fantasies via his sticky keyboard for all the world to see (once again!).

      The projection is sooooo transparent and sooooo thick… absolutely shudder-inducing. I’m guessing Blob is really, really missing all of those little, intimate trips he took in the gold Prius with the sawed-off, domestic-terrorist bomber.

      Now, I need a scalding hot shower and some serious brain bleach.

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  5. Occam's Toothbrush says:

    “Jourminalism” nice portmanteau. Inspired to propose “germalism” for Schmalfeldt’s writings. Due to his diseased state of mind and the sickness he spreads with his keyboard.


  6. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Jeez Bill is creepy as fuck. What is it with his obsession with male genitals, anal regions, and young boys. Roy, you HAVE to tell us what he was like as a kid. Did he want to play doctor with the other little boys?

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  7. I seem to recall that he sued Roy over the rape allegation and then dropped the suit with prejudice. That would mean that just as it has been determined by a court of law that it isn’t defamation to call BK a pedophile, it is presumably no longer defamation to refer to BS as a rapist.

    That would by itself tell almost anyone more than everything they would ever need to know about Biwwy’s past.

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  8. agiledog says:

    So Bill Schmalfeldt published the photo of a little girl that is no relation to him whatsoever, and named her as well? I guess that is an improvement over his fascination with cub scouts having sex.

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