Spoliation of the Day

Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt said…


Oh wait. He deleted it from the Internet. My bad.


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11 Responses to Spoliation of the Day

  1. Jane says:

    Sure didn’t take long for the captive lawyer to wash his hands of the vile mess.

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  2. JeffM says:

    Now, now. Witless Willie DID get representation from a law firm that appears to be utterly respectable. It’s not as though he is trying to hide a lie. And the fact that the lawyer appointed by the court to represent Witless recommended dismissal is certainly not relevant to any case that Witless is currently embroiled in or any case Willie is currently considering.

    So I don’t think this can be called spoliation in a technical sense.

    This is nothing more than a liberal journalist trying to cover up an embarrassing fact about a liberal. I believe (but please correct me if I am wrong) that the proper technical description of such activity by a liberal journalist is standard operating procedure, not spoliation.

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    • Jane says:

      Oh, I don’t know… the defendants may want to point to the fact that self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower was given a captive lawyer who immediately dropped the malicious case. Whether they’d choose this particular bit to use as evidence of this, I don’t know, but could certainly make a case for including it as part of a cumulative exhibit.

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      • JeffM says:


        I like the way you think. I thought of that as showing a pattern of conduct, but then I realized that the court docket is even better evidence than anything Willie said while not under oath.

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    • Perfectly respectable law firm! Would never say a word bad about them. Ever. It’s the… rest of that that there are issues with. lol

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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    I’m just waiting for Bunnyboy Unread to provide the promised “updates to this story as they become available,” or whatever they said. I think there has been an “update available” for about a week now.

    They’re kinda slow over there, aren’t they?

    Didn’t they publish a breathless story last week about a Trump rally in Wisconsin that took place 6 months ago?

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  4. Mr Minority says:

    Color me SURPRISED!

    He was embarrassed enough to delete that posting because it turned out that the LARGE LAW FIRM told him the truth that butthurt was not tort.

    But he feels no embarrassment from his many postings about urinating on children, homoerotic muse about Cub Scouts and his other vile rantings.

    He must have received some major brain damage from that bombing he was in in Beirut, because the polarity of his Morals are reversed.

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  5. Boston Bob says:

    There actually is only a small problem with the headline, and it’s the placement of the word “Large”.

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