But OF COURSE it is Splitting Hairs!

And when has that ever stopped him?

Ever convinced that he is CORRECT, Errorist Jourminalist Bill Schmalfeldt keeps tilting that favorite windmill of his – DEFAMATION!!!11!!!1!. Albeit a bit more ineptly than Don Quixote (and certainly less eloquently than the good Don).

Which means that it’s a day that ends in “Y.” More FUN and PLM after the jump y’all!


Here’s a hint, Bill. Iffen you don’t want to be called a adjudicated harasser or stalker, why don’t you, oh, I don’t know, NOT DO THAT SORT OF BEHAVIOR? You know, if you didn’t email people after they told you not to, email their relatives, phone up their relatives, etc., etc., all because you think you have a right to do so, then maybe people wouldn’t think your behavior was threatening. And because they then wouldn’t think your behavior was threatening, they wouldn’t seek to have a peace order against you. Or a no stalking order. Or a no harassment order. All just to get you to STOP. CONTACTING. THEM.

Really, it’s quite simple.

And oh look! The lawyer tells you that yeah, for the average layman, calling you an adjudicated harasser/stalker, et al is somewhat accurate.


BZZZZZT! Bill is wrong. Go figure. To a lawyer, sure, the term is wrongly used in this instance (however, not with Brett Kimberlin. Heh!) but not to the average man on the street.

But still, he continues on (as he always does).


To an average human being, having to be TOLD by a COURT to LEAVE SOMEONE ALONE, yeah, you’ve been found “guilty” of stalking. We give Bill the little elide of “adjudicated” to make his fee fees feel better, and because we know that a full criminal trial has not be held. But to a reasonable man? Hell yeah you are guilty.


Since a no-harassment/stalking order was issued, yeah, he’s an adjudicated stalker. Not just once, because we know Bill likes to go big or go home, but NINE TIMES. Nine! And not by the same person.

I don’t know about you, but I have never, ever heard of anyone having done that much stuff to have that many orders of protection granted against you. I’ve seen people who are nutjobs who try and get no-stalking orders against every Tom, Dick and Harry, sure. But never, ever someone who collects them this way.

It is a puzzlement, to be sure, why said person keeps throwing himself against this particular brick wall of wanting to nail somebody for the supposed defamation it is to call someone who has received nine no harassment/stalking orders from various people an adjudicated stalker/harasser. Perhaps because it’s not.

Here’s a hint for anyone out there on how to NOT be called an adjudicated harasser/stalker. Leave people alone when they ask you to. Quit intruding into their personal space. Quit calling up/emailing their relatives. Then no harassment/stalking orders wouldn’t be taken out against you. The end.

Simple, innit?

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10 Responses to But OF COURSE it is Splitting Hairs!

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    Is Lulzsuit VIII on the way? I see that the Diminished Capacity Kid is studying hard for the bar exam.

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  2. The reason he is hammering this into the ground is because all the many other things folks say about him are legitimate opinion. The nicknames, the trash about his self-described Japanese stage show,the hundreds of other oversharing moments…all of the Lickspittle commentary is opinion based upon established facts. If he could just grab a bunch of us by locating a well-used insult… If only!

    The Peace Order is issued upon proof that an individual was instructed to stop a certain behavior, and the individual did not stop. The course of conduct has to begin to intrude on someone else’s right to privacy, peace…before the courts will intervene.

    Bill seems to think the Peace Order is like a “warning ticket” some police pass out. As if he’s only a stalker/harasser/etc. if he does it one more time. It does NOT work that way.

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  3. Pablo says:

    I’d explain the difference between adjudicated and convicted, but you know, DUMBFUCK.

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  4. one handle and stick to it says:

    …naturally, dumbf5ck Bill Schmalfeldt left out that little part where his behavior has made him a LIMITED PUBLIC FIGURE! Because, LAW NOT LAW etc.

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  5. JeffM says:

    This is a recurring theme with Witless Willie. He does not understand that words have multiple meanings. If someone asserts that Witless is a child pornographer, then the word must have been used in its technical meaning in criminal law, and, because he has never been convicted of that crime (to the best of my knowledge and belief), the assertion is, in his view, defamatory. But there are other meanings to “child pornographer” besides its meaning in criminal law. It’s obvious and common meaning is someone who writes about sex with or among children.

    Witless cannot be bothered with consistency. What does “consideration” mean? Again there are multiple meanings, including a very complex, legal meaning. In that case, however, he chooses not to follow the legal meaning as it has been developed in legal cases over the centuries.

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  6. JeffM says:

    Oh in addition, I am not so sure that “adjudicated” is wrong in a strictly legal sense. There is a distinction between an “adjudicated tortfeasor” and a “convicted criminal.” The lawyers who troll for clients on Just Answer are not necessarily the leading lights of the bar, and their opinions are not necessarily synonymous with law.

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