Muckraking Jourminalist Seeks “News,” Finds Land Mine Instead

What’s that phrase again? Oopsie Poopsie.


Bill Schmalfeldt thought that he could get the dirt on somebody. Four year old dirt on Stacey McCain. And even if he didn’t get dirt, he wanted to try to embarrass people, to make their heart jump into their throat that he has this awful information, to shock and surprise them. All the nasty little weapons in his arsenal.

Problem is, is that this email? Well it was never released to the public. The only people that have copies of it are the Lonely Conservative, Wombat-scho and the sender of the email. Perhaps LEOs as well. I don’t think that’s going to play well for him in the end.

Oh, and there’s the little issue of the matter being debunked by the Lonely Conservative herself way back when. And Stacey blogged about it today. So did WJJH over at Hogewash.

Guess Bill Schmalfeldt’s got himself a REAL story now! Just not the one he thought he had, seeing as how he was bucked off that horse before it even left the gate.

But there’s a silver lining in this for Bill. Can you say “possible involvement in a criminal conspiracy to commit online fraud,” boys and girls? I knew you could!


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7 Responses to Muckraking Jourminalist Seeks “News,” Finds Land Mine Instead

  1. Neal N. Bob says:


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  2. Russ says:

    Well, this ought to have him crapping his pants.

    More than usual, I mean.

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  3. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Stupid is as stupid does

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  4. agiledog says:

    When Bill Schmalfeldt reads that something he did is the stupidest thing ever, he takes that as a challenge.

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