These are His Methods. These are His Tactics.

This is the article I wanted to write over the weekend, but preparations for #WAR and being sick took precedence. And while #WAR preparations continue, as does the sick (filling a new prescription today – ugh!), Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t stop doing his particular brand of nastiness – that of insinuation that just because you don’t deny something means that why YES! YES YOU ARE!

Ugliness lies beyond the jump. You’ve been warned.


Bill Schmalfeldt has sued Eric for defamation several times. The last time was with me. For Eric saying that BILL was a child pornographer for producing the skits about boy scouts and anal sex. Bill Schmalfeldt ever-so-helpfully provided transcripts of those skits into the legal record. They can be found HERE and HERE. Oh, and that case and other ones against Eric? Dismissed.

So when you put together the tweet above, and the transcripts of those skits Bill wrote, produced and voiced, ask yourself if that would give even the most naive person on the earth an idea of what child pornographers do.


What Eric unfortunately knows about is what he thinks are the motivations of Bill Schmalfeldt, who he thinks is a child pornographer. Again, you can acquaint yourself with the transcripts Bill Schmalfeldt handily provided the world in the links above.


Why should anyone, who has never been accused by someone claiming to be victimized by them or who has read/seen/heard/etc. anything by them that resembles child pornography or could be thought of as child pornography have to DENY that they are a child molester or a child pornographer.

Then again, this is a man who decided that I had been molested by my father based on no evidence whatsoever.


This tweet was in response to a post I wrote here last year, poking FUN at Bill’s typical lament of “if only you meanies didn’t MAKE me do these icky things!”

These are his methods: If you don’t deny something, then you did it. Even if you were never accused of it.

These are his tactics: You will be embarrassed with insinuations of awful things.

Forewarned is forearmed.


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4 Responses to These are His Methods. These are His Tactics.

  1. Jane says:

    There was a third bit of depravity about cub scouts engaged in sex acts with each other and probably the scout master, and that libeled “Texas Governor Rick Perry” filed with that case.

    By no means are those the only revolting writings by the putrid pervert, nor the only ones referring to children forced into sex acts or being urinated on. For example, here’s what the repulsive reprobate claims is satire, but reads like a rape confession. Hmmmm… that reminds me… didn’t Cousin Roy accuse the depraved and dementia-addled DUMBF5CK of rape?

    Makes the following look like another confession, doesn’t it?

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  2. JeffM says:

    I doubt that people should be embarrassed by anything Witless Willie says about them (which is different from saying that they are not embarrassed). I have a comment over at the Artisan Blog on what statements from Witless are worth.

    Not denying his charges is an obvious demonstration of contempt, which is exactly why lack of a denial bothers him so. Except for his handful of cronies and those who wish to expose him as the sea slug that he is, his voice is not heard. And except for his cronies, his words are not believed. He is unworthy of any response other than contemptuous laughter and mockery.

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    • Oh, I agree with you about the embarassment. However, that doesn’t negate that he uses this particular method to try and get what he wants or to try and smear you should not not give him what he wants.

      And yes. Not answering to his charges is truly an act of contempt. No normal human being should have to stoop so low to defend themselves against someone who writes the things that he does. Normal people realize that he is a muckraking jourminalist who is suffering from admitted dementia that he himself said renders him incapable of trusting his own judgment when it came to writing his “articles.”

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  3. Neal N. Bob says:

    It should be remembered that unemployed and unemployable journalist Bill Schmalfeldt heavily qualified his denial that produces child pornography to Tennessee law enforcement. He merely stated that he probably doesn’t do that.

    On the other hand, he spelled his name correctly that time, so it sort of came out in the wash.

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