The Past is Always Prologue

Was perusing old files to make sure everything was in its correct place. Came across some old things Bill Schmalfeldt has said. And thought to myself, “Self? If only Bill Schmalfeldt could look at himself, truly truly look at himself in the mirror, perhaps he might see why we get so aggrieved at the things he does.”


Ah yes! Saying that questioning what he’s done to elicit information out of others – and having that information – is stalking him. What a familiar refrain…

Whenever someone calls Bill out for his disgusting behavior – and yes, threatening a woman with reporting her to CPS because she wouldn’t tell you who someone on freaking FACEBOOK was is disgusting behavior – he gets all indignant. It tarnishes his image, you see. He’s a reporter, by God, and he just did what he needed to do to get the story.

Except he *didn’t* get the story he was after, now did he? Instead, the story became all about how he treated this woman.

Listen to Bill Schmalfeldt’s words as he tries to say that people shouldn’t have an opinion about his tactics and his methods. Pay attention to them. They show you who he is.



To sum up what Bill is saying in these tweets:

  • So, because the woman was allegedly a drunk who screwed around on her husband in front of her kids ( I believe that like anything else Bill Schmalfeldt says about his victims), and you’re not related to her, that doesn’t mean that you can be outraged that she was subjected to my particular type of “journalistic sourcing.”
  • He did what it took to try and get the story. And who cares, because he doesn’t even remember her name.
  • And YOU can’t even remember her name, but it was MY JOB and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Quit raking me over the coals for it!!!
  • It was a job I was doing. You finding out how I did my job, despite how nasty and bullying and ridiculous it was, is you just being nosy.
  • I don’t have to explain because it wasn’t your business.
  • While I may not do that stuff anymore, my methods are tried and true. And of course, none of your business.
  • And if you even have a job, I don’t bother you about how you do your job, now doI? Plus, not your business so go away.

Boiled down and distilled, according to Bill Schmalfeldt nobody should be questioning Bill Schmalfeldt about how he did stuff when it becomes revealed how he did it. That when it involves him, it’s nobody else’s business. Even if they are researching story.

That explains why he’s gone into paroxysms of indignation now that those of us who he’s sued or who are currently suing him have found out that he’s been telling tales to the courts about several things. Krendler was just researching a story that puts paid to those tales. And found interesting things. That Bill Schmalfeldt thinks are only *his* business.

Wonder what’s going to happen when that story and the information that was obtained as well as the confirmations after the fact are received by the appropriate people.

Stay tuned. There are many Bat Times. There are several Bat Channels. Lots of LULZ for all.



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20 Responses to The Past is Always Prologue

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    “For ME it was a job I was getting paid to do.”

    I wonder if the Social Security Administration knows about that unreported income?

    Of course, this one is my new favorite,

    If only Oliver Wendell Jones had heard of things like cross-examination. Were he capable of crafting a suit that could survive a Motion to Dismiss, he would have already.

    Not that it matters, since both the dismissal of the original copyright suit, the statute of limitations and res judicata make it meaningless.

    Have I mentioned lately that I’m a foreigner and know more about US law than Drunkenstein does?

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    • crawford421 says:

      That’s not saying much — I just scraped something off my shoe that knows more about the law than Schmalfeldt does.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      What is “urine wanted on children hubris?”

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    • fred.bloggs says:

      I originally wrote the following as a comment for the 25 Oct TKPOD, but I suspect I was so late to the party, that no-one noticed. Since I’m SURE (well, my opinion) that it is relevant, I’m posting it here again:

      * * * * * *

      While typos are rife on the Internet, and especially on teh Twitterz, as you get to more long-lived formats, such as blog posts, moving up through the Fifth Estate (e.g. journalism) and up to legal forums (e.g. motion practice in lawsuits), the quality of writing is expected to conform to higher standards.

      So, given that this is a Twitter post, I’d normally cut the author a huge amount of slack. However, given the acrimony present in this comment, I’ve decided to lash out, get out my Oxford dictionary, and investigate the word “uinwarranted”.

      No such word.

      In fact, my dictionary (not a *complete* Oxford dictionary set, but fairly comprehensive at over 1500 large pages, hard cover) has only ONE word starting with “uin”:

      uintathere n. an early fossil hoofed mammal of the Eocene epoch, with a heavy rhinoceros-like body and a grotesque head with several bony horn-like swellings and long canine teeth. [ORIGIN: modern Latin Uintatherium, from Uinta(h), the name of a mountain range in Utah, US (where remains were found), + Greek therion `wild beast’.]

      (Sorry for not typing the “macron” diacritical mark above the e in “therion” above; my wordpress/HTML/Unicode-fu is not all that good.)

      ((Just checked in my dictionary: -fu is not listed as an official entry in my Oxford as a mainstream suffix… START NOMINATING IT NOW FOR THE NEXT (2020?) EDITION!))

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  2. one handle and stick to it says:

    With vulgar psychotic tweets like that, is it any wonder LiberalLad on OurTime has having trouble charming the ladies? LOL 😀

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      To name Bill Schmalfeldt is to make it easier to Google Bill Schmalfeldt.

      In case anyone wanted to come to this site and see past statements made by William Schmalfeldt.

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  3. Loren says:

    But he sure want’s to call employers about other people and what they do. Once again, self-recognition fail.

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  4. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    This old post of mine never needs to be updated were Bill is concerned.

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    • I have yet to decide if you repeating that over and over again is absolutely brilliant or absolutely pathetic. It’s brilliant in that you condensed things that precisely. It’s pathetic that Bill hasn’t recognized his behavior and made corrections towards normalcy which would necessitate you changing the comment.

      Guess I need to embrace the power, right?

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      • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

        If you break enough base bats over it’s head, even a mule will learn.

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        • Paul Krendler says:

          Why do you hate mules?

          What do you have against mules that you would compare them to Bill Schmalfeldt? Even if the mule comes off looking smarter, it’s still an insult.

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        • samk says:

          Wait! Regular bats or hollowed-out and lead-filled? Asking for a friend.

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          • gmhowell says:

            With a certain mule, I suggest first one, then the other. And then Lucille.

            On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 1:59 PM, BILLY SEZ – The Muckraking Jourminalist (Errorist?) Bill Schmalfeldt Feldtdown Observer wrote:

            > samk commented: “Wait! Regular bats or hollowed-out and lead-filled? > Asking for a friend.” >


  5. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I just love it when someone who has been a cry bully all their lives runs up against a group that refuses to back down and turns his own tactics against him. Wells most of them, there are some lines decent people won’t cross unlike the Cry bully William Schmalfeldt who sinks gleefully into evil whenever he gets the chance.

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  6. Pablo says:

    How a man does his job is nobody’s business! Like Pa Schmalfeldt sucking dicks two for a quarter, first one free.

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