Misunderstanding the Purpose

Billy Sez was never begun to catalog the things that Bill Schmalfeldt did to me personally.

It is true that yes, I have highlighted his actions towards myself and my family members. After all, the tactics that he used on me to try and get his way are the same that he has been trying to use on various people throughout the recorded history of his time on the Internet. And it probably extends much further back than that because people don’t change that much over time.

Thankfully, Bill Schmalfeldt has been leaving me alone personally. But just because he is leaving me alone, doesn’t mean that he isn’t leaving others alone. See what happened when Dave Alexander over at the Artisnal Craft Blog contacted Bill about what Krendler and his birdies dug up.

Dave asked for a simple confirmation that Bill has a driver’s license and a car. Bill responded thusly:


Oy vey.

In the short little blog entry, Bill tries to marginalize Dave by calling him a “penny-ante small market traffic reporter and special ed teacher.” He also insinuates that he would be happy to entertain thoughts of a liaison because Dave is “kinda cute in the lumberjack hat.”

Marginalize accomplishments/job. Attempt to insult someone’s sexuality/manhood. We’ve seen this so many times from Bill. It’s so trite it’s tiresome.

Bill is perfectly allowed to not answer Dave’s question. But if we apply Bill’s type of logic, then Bill is hiding something. And OF COURSE he had something to hide from at least those whom he has sued/is being sued by – the inconvenient fact that he’s not as housebound and decrepit as he would like everyone to think that he is. Oopsie poopsie.

Bill did come out and admit that yes, he had a car and a driver’s license and that he DROVE TO ILLINOIS for a nice day trip to do some stalky-type things to someone who has a no-contact order against him.

In the great scheme of life, making a daytrip someplace isn’t a big thing. Unless you’ve said that people are literally making you die sooner by forcing you to attend things that you don’t wanna go to.

Because you can’t drive.

Because you can’t go outside your precious life alert button’s range.

Because Parkinson’s disease NEVER GETS BETTER and ONLY GETS WORSE.


The veneer (if there ever was one) surrounding Bill Schmalfeldt that says he is a poor, pitiful disabled/veteran/widowed person who is being hounded to death by his “enemies” has been cracked. Fatally so.


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15 Responses to Misunderstanding the Purpose

  1. Without question,. those who write about him are more successful, happier and more accomplished in their fields than Bill has ever been. We’re better parents, keep our jobs longer and our colleagues appreciate us more. No doubt at all.

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  2. Dianna says:

    Given his lack of judgment, I expect to read how his Parkinson’s is crippling him, and… when the evidence to the contrary is presented, the spittle-flecked rants will plumb new depths of vile, obscene insult.

    Phone, train.

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  3. theman9876 says:

    I think the idea to file a ‘Fact Sheet’ with every State & Federal Court where Bill Schmalfeldt has lied about the severity of the symptoms of his Parkinson’s Disease, [REDACTED] and his inability to travel. If drafted correctly and filed within the Court’s rules, we could be quite successful getting these ‘Bill Schmalfeldt Fact Sheets’ in the case files. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]

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  4. Grace says:

    Remember when the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt raged and whined for weeks in his blog posts and all over his Twitter timeline that attending a hearing when it was cold in Maryland (BRRR!) could kill him? And, if it didn’t kill him, but he slipped on ice and fell or got hurt or something, it was going to be all WJJH’s fault?

    Good times. Good times.

    Oh. And, lest we forget… *then* the Adjudicated Cyberharasser and Adjudicated Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt voluntarily moved to WISCONSIN.

    I simply cannot comprehend how anyone could be so deceitful and cruel as to lie about a disease and their physical abilities and/or limitations… especially to the one person they claim is the best person they have ever known, and the one person they claim was their soulmate.

    Just evil.

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  5. agiledog says:

    that says he is a poor, pitiful disabled/veteran/widowed person who is being hounded to death by his “enemies”

    Now, to be fair, he actually is a veteran, and he is widowed. Those things are true. The admitted facts that he has a driver license and a car, and actually drives around disproves the lies he has told. I will make sure I tell the judge that when I renew my harassment protection order against him.

    In his self-centered view of the world, of course you started this blog to talk about the wrongs done to you – that is what Bill does, so naturally, that is what he attributes to the motives of everyone else. He just can’t comprehend any other reason, because he can’t think of one. (I know – that sentence was two words too long.)

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    • This is true. But the dissolution of the first portion of the description (poor, pitiful disabled) modifies the sympathy one feels for a veteran/widower. He relies on the combination of everything to garner sympathy points. Take away one, or show that one is not as valid as he would like it to be, and the whole collapses, much like a stool with a missing leg.

      And we will pardon your two word too long sentence. It’s an understandable mistake. 😉

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  6. Paul Krendler says:

    Point of Order, Mister Chairperson!! POINT OF ORDER!!

    He may not be as housebound as he has said, but I have no doubt personally, and I think that a majority would agree, that he is as decrepit as anyone could imagine, and likely far more so.

    I yield the remainder of my time.

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  7. one handle and stick to it says:

    This is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who is REJECTED and REJECTED trying to score a date on OurTime as LiberalLad (because of his rotten teeth or 9 restraining orders or googleable history of pedophilia-fantasies)? THAT Bill Schmalfeldt? And he’s trying to diminish OTHER PEOPLE’s accomplishments?! LOL

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  8. Kyle Kiernan says:

    The dating profile useful visual aid for his habits, ie: he lies. Badly, Weakly. All the time. Even when he doesn’t have to. Even when it is against his own best interests.

    Lied about his education, appearance, work history, smoking habits. Moreover he lied on a document which he was using to try and make contact with potential long term companions. How dumbfuck do you have to be to put a ton of lies up front. Lies that cannot withstand the first contact event for people that you are trying to establish a long term relationship with? Lies that are certain to poison entire enterprise as soon as they are revealed? Why did he even bother in the first place? I’d have to conclude that it was only to show the world that he was trying to establish a new relationship and was therefore capable of doing so and therefore the whole exercise was a lie from its very beginning, aka lies all the time.

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