I Just Can’t Even

The sheer amount of re-writing of his personal history that had to take place for this tweet to be posted is absolutely stunning.


Never change, Bill Schmalfeldt. Never change!


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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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5 Responses to I Just Can’t Even

  1. paralleldino says:

    The beautiful thing about standards is how many are available to choose from!

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  2. I literally laughed out loud.

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  3. Tier 3 irony: Firehouse Burns to the Ground, Police Chief Arrested, and Bill Schmalfeldt asks for more proof before publishing.

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  4. Mr Minority says:

    Since when has “proof” or “sources” ever stopped the Fat Fuck from writing lies and trash before?

    I know! Donald Trump has been elected to be our President, and the Fat Fuck has decided to turn over a new leaf and be responsible. Yeah, that’s it!!


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