Well Now! That Was An Interesting Second “Vacation”

If you call what turned out to be a surprise “Vacation” that meant working your little zombie ass to the bone to get your own projects complete as well as a super special project done in a HUGELY compressed schedule. All while holding down your regular day job. And dealing with your clowder. And its new denizens. Oh my!

And boy oh boy was there an EXTRA tidbit that I got to deal with/observed. And who pray tell would that be with? None other than our good ol’ William Matthew Schmalfeldt. Isn’t that special?

I didn’t think so.

Turns out neither do some OTHER people out there. Other people who don’t like their lawful orders being disobeyed.

Oopsie Poopsie.

Stupidest Man in the World. He really owns that one, doesn’t he? lol

More on this later.


About The Dread Pirate Zombie

Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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13 Responses to Well Now! That Was An Interesting Second “Vacation”

  1. one handle and stick to it says:

    Maybe the JWR has something to do with it…

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  2. I had to look it up. Good luck with your clowder. Let us know about the other stuff when you can.

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  3. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Now, now how can it be that “William Matthew Schmalfeldt” disobeyed a TRO. After all we have his word–filed under oath–that he obeys all orders of the court.

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  4. Mr Minority says:

    I had to look up “clowder”, I have a couple of those.

    As for DF Bwilly, his uber-stupidity has stopped surprising me years ago, but I thought by now he would at least bottom out on the Stupid Scale. Nope, he keeps pushing down on it.
    In fact DF Bwilly has pushed the Stupid scale sooooo far down, it now is the Logarithmic Stupid Scale!

    PS: I am an Engineer, if you need an explanation on what a Logarithmic scale, I will be happy to explain.

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  5. Tell folks that some eejit is asking everyone he’s ever sued and anyone who’s ever gotten a restraining order against him to add him to their LinkedIn networks so he can claim they are stalking him, and listen to the howls of laughter.

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  6. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I’m torn between him being incredibly stupid or incredibly drunk when he thought it would be a good idea to send an email to someone with an active restraining order against him. Of course this is probably a time when I should be embracing the power of AND.

    Still the World’s Stupidest Man™

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    • I’m sure he’ll claim that he didn’t know that LinkedIn would send an email notification.

      Although I’m pretty sure even if the request had stayed on the website it would still count as contact as far as the restraining order is concerned.

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      • Dianna says:

        And I still would have blocked this identity as soon as it showed up in my inbox on the site, too.

        The man’s an idiot.

        Home, laptop. The week between Christmas and New Year – it’s kind of traditional to close offices.

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