Billy Sez


Not if the stalker doing the calling out was already known as one of biggest plagiarists on the web, with a persecution complex as large as his credibility is small.

What William M. Schmalfeldt of Aunt Edna’s Basement Apartment Under the Porch doesn’t understand (and never will) is that once one has been caught out lying about suffering a progressive neurological disorder (a charge he has now stopped denying),  one’s personal credibility is forever destroyed as if it hadn’t been smashed to bits already.

All his holier-than-thou projections are good for now is as a target for pointage, laughery and mockification.


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12 Responses to Billy Sez

  1. That’s rich for someone who plagerized an entire book to get bent out of shape over someone else allegedly doing the same thing (though we all know that with Unca Biwwy “proven” means it never happened, and is in all likelihood an impossibility).

    Projection: the other river in Egypt. In Unca Biwwy’s case they’re so entwined they might as well be one and the same.

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    • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

      He did not “plagerized an entire book” he stole it like a common thief.
      Bill Schmalfeldt–or as auto correct like to call him “Schmaltzy”–by his own admissions is nothing more than a common thief.

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  2. What the fat Pedoketeer doesn’t understand can fill a 50 terabyte hard drive. He saw people effectively using the term “plagiarism” against him and his hero Joseph Biden and decided he could use it against people he hates (honorable people) just as effectively. Except plagiarism has an actual definition.

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  3. gmhowell says:

    I gotta give him credit: he stuck to the Parkinson’s lie longer than he’s stuck to anything in life: jobs, children, non caregiver wives.

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    • JeffM says:

      Real life has been overwhelming me now for months. I stop by for a brief visit and gather from various comments that Wailing Willie:

      (1) is no longer with the nuns, but has moved (voluntarily or involuntarily) hundreds of miles away from them and his beloved sister, and

      (2) has admitted (implicitly or explicitly) the falsity of his claim to suffer from Parkinson’s.

      I am amazed. Can I possibly be reading correctly? He sounded so sincere about his desire to recline in the bosom of church and family, and he grew so irate over doubts about his diagnosis. Please tell me that I have misread.

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      • gmhowell says:

        Unless he denies it by 2342 GMT, he admits these claims.

        Whether or not he denies it, I’m pretty sure they’re a close approximation of the truth.

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      • theman9876 says:

        Hey has known for years that he did NOT have PD. But he kept up the lie because so much of his identity was tied up in Parkinson’s Disease. He used it in almost every court filing during his successful pro-se career. Ha Ha

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        • This Other Latin F*cker says:

          He also used his claim of having PD to gain financial benefits he wasn’t entitled to. I guess him getting to lay about the house like a lazy sack of shit was much more important than that money going to someone who really needed and deserved it.

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          • And yet, there are those people who find it unthinkable that there are those of us who want to return the US back to its Constitutional moorings of NOT GIVING MONEY TO CITIZENS.


  4. cgable63 says:

    How was it found out that he’s been lying?
    I’m not doubting the veracity of your words – far from it. Just curious.


    • Paul Krendler says:

      Mostly it comes down to the fact that you can safely assume that Bill Schmalfeldt is lying in any circumstance where Bill Schmalfeldt speaks or posts anything on the Internet.

      Plus, the little birdies are everywhere.

      As far as the Parkinson’s disease specifically, after his beloved slave escaped into the sweet hereafter and there was no longer an audience to keep up appearances for, he suddenly stopped talking about it, moved to Wisconsin and was cured by sniffing that fresh dairy air (think about it).

      Got himself a drivers license and a car and everything because that incurable progressive neurological disorder just…went away.

      I would have thought the Pontiff would have been notified of this miracle, but no.


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