But it’s Good and Righteous When HE Does It

It seems that someone went and tried to notify Bill Schmalfeldt’s workplace about what a piece of work he is. You know. That he volunteers to urinate on small children. (And just remember. I *do* have the original screenshot of what was posted. Plus an automated email. But who’s counting, right?)


Oh! So he admits it now! Just awesome!



Let me see. He’s contacted I don’t know HOW MANY employers of people that he feels are his enemies. To tell them that so and so made his butt hurt. Not that they were known to offer to urinate on small children, which is sick and nasty and, just ew, mind you. But that his fee-fees were hurt because people were mean to him on the internet and he just doesn’t know how to put on his big boy panties and deal with it.

Oh, and can’t forget that he’s done it to the WRONG PEOPLE every now and again. But that was fine, just FINE!. Because Bill Schmalfeldt ALWAYS has might and right on his side, dontchaknow?

Funny, how when someone decides that an employer should be notified about a possibly concerning matter that because it’s about Bill Schmalfeldt, suddenly it’s frivolous and worthy of documentation for prosecution. But not by Bill, mind you, but the radio station that uses him as an unpaid intern.

I’d love to be the police officer that has to take that report. Because I just might need the giggle that it would provide me.

“They are claiming that he offered to urinate on small children?…. And he agreed that yes he had? ….. And you were okay with it?….. Something about putting down a plastic tarp first?….. Okay….. And you want us to…. do something about Bill? …… No? ……. The person who reported it to you? …… Okay then. …… Alright, thank you for your time. Bye-bye now!”



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13 Responses to But it’s Good and Righteous When HE Does It

  1. So they haven’t received any of the restraining orders, especially the one a toddler got against him.

    But then again Bill did nothing wrong any of those times, so they wouldn’t examine this matter much more seriously anyway, right?

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  2. Unpaid intern? He’s not getting paid?

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  3. Dianna says:

    Let us not forget trying to sue my employer and me. Incompetently. So that he had to dismiss me and the Foundation *with prejudice*, which means – ta-da! – that nothing he said about us was true! (Those are just layman’s terms, of course. Lawyers have much more interesting ways of phrasing it.)

    I have the suit and I have the motion dismissing us with prejudice. Worse, my lawyers have them, too, as do the Foundation’s lawyers. Please let me know if Bill’s employers would like to see those items. I can definitely supply copies.

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    • Which makes me wonder. Part of his complaints were, I believe, that I was lying about him when I accused him of falsely accusing me of child abuse. So does his dismissal with prejudice mean that he admitted that he falsely accused me of child abuse?

      Christians say that anyone can repent and change, but they still need to atone for their actions. I honestly don’t see Bill ever having enough humility to even consider the possibility that he did something wrong.

      Bill gets bent out of shape by folks who identify as practicing Christians going after him by claiming that what we are doing isn’t Christian. As others have said “When asked ‘What would Jesus do?’, remind [the questioner] that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities”. Being a Christian does not mean being a doormat for every evil that comes after you, your family, your friends, or your neighbors. I do believe that what Bill does is evil, and he’s running out of time to put his soul right.

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  4. Mr Minority says:

    It may be a waste of time to contact the radio station management, but maybe it would be worth while to take a newspaper ad informing the people of Clinton, IA as to what kind of person they have on their local station.

    Just saying.

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  5. Paul Krendler says:

    You know, I think the 5th word of the first tweet above might have a typo.

    It would explain why he’s so well loved…birds of a feather and all that.

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  6. Hey, anybody interested in compiling a list of WTOPs advertisers? I bet they would be interested in who they are allowing to broadcast from that station . . .

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      It’s a proven method of the Democrats. There is no way that Bill could object to using that tactic against him. Well, he could object, but he’d be a hypocrite. Like that would come as a shock to anyone.

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