It’s Quiet Out There…

I know you must all be wondering…

Why hasn’t @ BroadwayBill947 tweeted since February 21st?  Wouldn’t Bill Schmalfeldt – OF ALL PEOPLE! – recognize what an INDISPENSIBLE tool Twitter is for building an audience and a BRAND (or a REBRAND)?

He’s already attracted a midget terrorist and a pedophile poodle! Why isn’t he tossing content out there for the good folks in the MaC94.7 listening audience to see? How will they get to know him?

And love him the way we do?

Anyone who has ever listened to Schmalfeldt knows that self-promotion is key in the world of internet radio.  Self-promotion and useless public domain commercials.

And really terrible voices.

And eight minute self-produced skits that are seven minutes and forty-five seconds too long.

And an incomprehensible format (but thankfully that’s not a problem anymore).

And political commentary guaranteed to alienate at least half your listeners.

Like his most recent tweet:

Hey, maybe that’s it…

Perhaps the KMCN program director saw that tweet and ordered him to


and stick to playing music?

I think someone’s got their new pet idiot on a very short leash.

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2 Responses to It’s Quiet Out There…

  1. agiledog says:

    I don’t think it is a leash. Think of it more like a noose – he will hang himself with it eventually.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Why do these loons tweet their hateful creed to the POTUS he doesn’t even read hem

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