The Dumbfuck Playbook

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt feels humiliated because he screws something up/somebody says something he doesn’t like.
  2. Bill Schmalfeldt starts REEEEEEEEEEEE-ing about the indignities he suffers on the blog of the week with epic  TL/DR diatribes.
  3. Bill Schmalfeldt starts tweeting out multi-tweet screeds where he proves how much of a dumbfuck he is and everybody points and laughs at him. Because TL/DR and Dumbfuck.
  4. Goto 1

Today’s best beclowning tweet so far:

Pro-tip: It’s not defamation per se to notice that someone’s very public behavior is in direct opposition to the self-stated level of illness one supposedly has. Based on that, no. Bill Schmalfeldt does not have Parkinson’s disease and has been using it as a prop and sob-story for ass-pats and potential sympathy.

Plus the bar for proving any such claim as defamation in court just got, oh, just that much harder for Bill. But I won’t tell him why. *snort*

Dumbfuck has got to dumbfuck!


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2 Responses to The Dumbfuck Playbook

  1. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Remember he is a fully trained Navy Hospital Corpsman, and a Fleet Marine Corpsman at that.

    Navy corpsmen are expected to have the same combat knowledge and skills as Marines. Navy boot camp is different from Marine boot camp, which focuses heavily on infantry and weapon skills. Navy corpsmen must attend a seven-week course at the Marine boot camp at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to qualify to work as Marine Force Fleet corpsmen. This training is a shorter version of standard Marine boot camp.

    It is wise to take threats form him seriously.

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  2. JeffM says:

    Actually, it may be a subtle question whether an accusation that Whimpering Willie does not have Parkinson’s Disease is defamation per se.

    I skip over the obvious defenses that might be raised, e.g that Wailing Will is a public figure or at least a limited-purpose public figure. Let’s go to the essence of the charge. Clearly accusing someone of having a loathsome disease is defamation per se if it is defamation at all. But is falsely saying that someone is NOT diseased by something that is not loathsome defamatory. Can I be charged with defamation by X for saying that he does not have a cold when he does. This may be a case of first impression, but somehow Blubbering Bill has not overwhelmed the courts with his legal acumen so he is not likely to create innovative precedent.

    That does not finish the analysis. To accuse someone of incapacity to carry on his or her profession is also defamation per se if it is defamation at all. Can someone have a profession of being a patient with Parkinson’s Disease? What if money is made from claiming to be such a patient? Does that create a “profession”? Clearly there is no necessity to have a disease in order to claim to have it. But perhaps making money from the claim is impaired if the claim is false or exaggerated. That claiming to be diseased to a certain degreeis a profession only if actually diseased to that degree is a more promising line of argument (assuming, that is, that Wailing Willie can form a coherent argument).

    In any case, I await the upcoming complaint. I wonder if he can find the proper court this time.

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