Nobody Can Be This Stupid. Right? Right??!!?!

I’m really and truly trying to have faith in humanity here, people. But when you have this kind of idiocy running rampant in the world, the idea that the example the behavior exhibited sets is one that others may follow thinking it’s the way to do things is just horrifying.


Remember this tweet from January? I’m sure you do.

At the time it was posted, Bill Schmalfeldt was being the usual Bill Schmalfeldt – vague-tweeting, attempting to taunt someone with… something. I mean, okay, it’s a nice house. He’d already said that he was moving to Palatine, Illinois to get better acquainted with the man who had a two-year No-Contact order against him. Could this have been a house there?

Eh. It’s Bill Schmalfeldt. He’s always doing stupid things. And why would he move? In the dead of Winter? When he’s told us it is DEATH for him to go out in the cold? Pssssht, he’s just being stupid Bill. Ignore him. It’ll eventually stop. He’s raving about politics. Let him.


Then Bill actually *did* move. To Clinton, Iowa. And got a job. A temporary one, mind you, that he was either right-sized from or that he quit in a pique of rage because “NO ONE MUZZLES ME!”

But he didn’t update his address with the court in which he is being sued. And he doesn’t have a lawyer of record (which would satisfy that requirement and make it so that he doesn’t *have* to provide his true address. I think. Maryland, you know.)

And that made the tweet he posted back in January very…. pertinent.

John Hoge posted about the interesting interest that he – and the court for that matter – might have in that tweet from January. Seeing as how someone didn’t do as they are required to by law.

And of COURSE this means that John is now STALKING Bill Schmalfeldt in Bill’s world. Because Bill didn’t follow the law and posted something that could have been his house. Nevermind that Bill keeps telling John to ask him for his address.

Bill. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill.

SRSLY? Is he THAT stupid? He didn’t provide the court with a change of address. That makes it in John’s best interest to try and find where Bill lives so that he can ensure that things are served on Bill properly. That’s not stalking. And the judge will LAUGH him out of court with that accusation. It’ll be cute.

Plus, last night I did an experiment. I did a Google reverse picture search on that photo. Guess what I found?

Oopsie poopsie.

Now, as for actions that a judge might not like and have something to say about? I think that something like what Bill posted next would fall into that category.

Try explaining that kind of oblique threat to a judge. It’ll be FUN! And all we have is FUN!


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19 Responses to Nobody Can Be This Stupid. Right? Right??!!?!

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    “I’m moving to Palentine. I’m right next door. I’m going to ‘say hi’ to your wife.

    You know where I live? STALKER!!!! I’m telling the judge!”

    Dishonest, drunk and stupid is so much more entertaining that people give it credit for being.

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  2. Mr Minority says:

    Ya know Sir Shit Stain was a nobody until he starting getting into other peoples business and lives.

    Now the whole Internet know that he is a STALKER Supremo, a FAILED journalist with Homo-erotic fantasies, and FAILURE at life.

    I don’t scratch my head at his antics any more, I just enjoy watching him ride the Crazy Train in his Clown Suit.

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  3. Not true – I *ALWAYS* knew who he was…

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  4. Dianna says:

    I stopped thinking that he could not be that stupid back in December of 2015.

    Phone, train.

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  5. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

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  6. wpdavidd says:

    What happened to the tree?

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  8. Grace says:


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