That Green Monster

You can always tell when Bill Schmalfeldt is jealous of someone’s success. Especially when that someone doesn’t even mention him in passing any longer and is living a good life far, far away from Bill.

Our case study: Lee Stranahan.

Say what you want about Lee Stranahan. I’m certain there is good and bad to be said about the man. Seeing as how I don’t personally know him or his family, I only know what has been posted online by Lee and others – including Bill Schmalfeldt – regarding the situation that caused Bill to harass Lee.

Kinda funny how it all leads back to Brett Kimberlin, isn’t it? But, I digress.

I mean, Bill is a guy who went as far as to post a Lee’s address on Twitter (in response to a suggestion that people should go there and rape his wife because he wasn’t at home at the time, natch!) as well as post a video from announcing that it’s one that was done on Lee’s house and performing a creepy voice-over on it. It’s hard not to look at that and say that Bill Schmalfeldt hasn’t directly tried to harass Lee and his family. Because he has.

Bill loooves to call Lee a “grifter.” I find that infinitely laughable considering the GoFundMe Bill recently started. Talk about a grift! lol Anyway…

Lee has had the good fortune to be in the White House Press Room. Multiple times. As a legitimate reporter. Now Lee’s no longer at that job, but still. For an “investigative” jourminalist like Bill Schmalfeldt, to have someone you’ve decried at every opportunity actually make it to the WHPR? Yeah, that had to have chapped Bill’s hide. Big time.

But Lee got himself another job. And guess where it is.

In RADIO. You know, just like the job that Bill Schmalfeldt got right-sized from recently. Except Lee’s job is actually better and probably pays a whole lot more. Plus no weather and traffic to give. This, of course, made Bill froth at the mouth.

Oh look! Bill’s calling Lee a pimp. Yet again. How many years ago did he make his “parody” about Lee, going so far as to claim he was selling his daughters as well?  And coming from someone who says they had sex in public on a revolving stage? And that they kissed someone who wasn’t a girl? Oh, that doesn’t look pretty, now does it?

I must admit, that I am puzzled. How on earth can someone sell out their country merely by working for another country? Last time I checked, treason involved telling secrets, giving critical information, working towards undermining your own country.

And a RADIO STATION does all this? Seems to me that Bill Schmalfeldt has gone from harassment straight into libel. Because accusing someone of treason is, well, accusing them of a crime. That they didn’t commit.

But saying it once wasn’t enough for Bill. It never, ever is, unfortunately.

Oh Bill. Whenever he lashes out like this, it is so obvious. Why does it matter in the great scheme of life if someone goes to be a radio host for a Russian radio station? Of course it makes no matter.

Except it goes to show that Bill Schmalfeldt, the poor victim of Fakin-Parkinsons Disease that robbed him of his ability to do radio multiple times (I can count at least five times, possibly more) – well, that is until he got better enough to do it again but before he got right-sized – just can’t stand to see anyone he dislikes actually do good. He’s jealous of Lee’s success in life and has to try and drag him down in any way he possibly can.

Bill of course has continued his rants about Lee. *yawn*

Nothing of substance, of course. Except stupidity. Typical Bill.

Like I said – say what you will about Lee. He may very well be a scurvy knave. But whenever Bill Schmalfeldt attempts to tar and feather Lee, it really just shows how Lee heaps the coals on Bill’s head just by living life and being successful.



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6 Responses to That Green Monster

  1. crawford421 says:

    I’d suggest Bill slice open his own neck, but I suspect he couldn’t find it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gmhowell says:

    I’m no Stranahan fan, but compared to Bill, he’s a saint.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Schmalfeldt wishes he could 1% as successful as Lee
    I just got hired by Ukrainian TV to do human interest pieces on Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in NC I guess I’m also now a traitor.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. If Bill really believed Lee was working for the Russian government, he wouldn’t be publishing it. Stolen valor Schmalfeldt knows the Russians deal differently with people are a thorn in their sides than here in the West.


  5. JeffM says:

    It’s simple: Stranahan has a pretty wife. Bill doesn’t. Explains it all.


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