Be Excellent to Each Other

I can’t help but notice in Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest leap off the reality cliff the way he styles himself as author of his lolrant.

Did you see that?

A little closer.

Dude. He should have just gone with Bill S. Preston, Esq. Just flip the two names already. It would have been a better way to cue us into what he was really on about. Because obviously HOGE AM NOT LAW! WYLD STALLYNS AM LAW!!!!

Oh, and BTW?

San Dimas RAWKS!


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18 Responses to Be Excellent to Each Other

  1. Paul Krendler says:

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  2. Please tell me that actually is a part of his name, and that he is not hyphenating a name with his new girlfriend.

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  3. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Bill really needs to follow the judge’s order and read the rules and follow them.

    (i) Except with the express permission of the presiding
    judge or as otherwise permitted by this Rule, Rule 16-109, Rule
    16-405, or Rule 16-504, all electronic devices inside a courtroom
    shall remain off and no electronic device may be used to receive,
    transmit, or record sound, visual images, data, or other

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      Im just hoping the judge does, IYKWIMAITYD

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I like that word “AND”

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    • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

      Link to the rule
      Sections of the rule we are concerned with are:
      Note: bill is probably misreading rule (b)(2)(E)(ii).

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      So… if I appeared in court via Skype… and had an old, hand cranked, rotating wax cylinder, audio recording system… that I later read back with a frickin laser on the head of a fricken shark… and I posted that audio to YouTube… I’d be just fine!

      I’m sure an iPhone works just as well as a non-electronic recording device. Surely the judge will have forgotten by now that (a) Bill swore he couldn’t drive a car, and was tied to his medi-lert button or he would DIE, so he couldn’t appear in Maryland, so had to appear by Skype. (b) Got permission to appear by Skype a while ago. (c) Bought a car. (d) Drove it to Chicago. Or that might have been a rental. But I think we’re on record as two trips to Chicago, plus one by train, all without medilert or ninjanuns. (e) moved himself, by driving all the property he cared about (anyone seen the clock?) to Iowa. Got a “job” and a two story house, with stairs. Laundry in the basement. (f) filed a beef with the court (not clear on this, Hoge never confirmed that what Bill emailed Hoge is what Bill filed with the court) showing his vehicle (that he swore he couldn’t drive) with major curb damage, and claiming some third uninvolved party, who has a restraining order against him, drove five hours round trip to punch holes in two tires that had bloody little sidewall left, from abuse, presumably by the guy who, in his words, “couldn’t drive.” Oh, and (g) moved to Iowa without giving the Court his new address.

      Now it gets interesting. Bill has demonstrated, of his own free (but intellectually impaired) will that he can drive. He can live on his own outside the sanctuary of the NinjaNuns. He can pose for the camera in front of concrete steps, no walker required. The healing power of Wisconsin and Iowa, smell that Dairy Air.

      So what does Bill do next? After Hoge has the local cops serve him papers in Iowa, he drives to South Carolina, and back, and forth again. Mind you, in anotehr restraining order case he told a North Carolina court he couldn’t drive, so couldn’t harass our hostes in that state. Interesting….

      So, TL:DR; UP TO TODAY:

      Bill has sworn that he must appear by Skype, he can’t drive. He since bought a car, and used it to move out of state. Then moved again, across like 5 states. But he still appeared by Skype, because, can’t drive, impaired. He showed the court pictures of his car, the court didn’t clue in.

      So he’s still appearing via Skype, because of permission the court gave that HE HIMSELF told the court he has abused, namely can’t possibly drive to Maryland. He ABUSED that freedom to illegally record the court hearings, and then posted it on YouTube. And the twat twitted about it.

      Yeah, I think the court will care. Because, even in Maryland.

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  4. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I notice the Bill is too much of a chicken shit to post what he THINKS gets him off the hook here. Maybe he’s finally figured out he sucks at interpreting rules and knows he will get a intellectual beat down yet again?

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    • Boston Bob says:

      Or he’s hopeful someone will post something say, “You think this gets you out of trouble?!” so he can use it.

      Frankly, I’ve got no faith tha tthe court will do a damn thing. I predict they will give BS a warning, and nothing more. It’s like pissing off the UN and you get a strongly worded letter. You do it again and you get an even more strongly worded letter.

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  5. Onlooker says:

    Hall the mor reason to suspect he did not hand over any of his driver’s licenses to gain a Carolina ID.

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