Saying it Never Makes it So

But of course, this is DUMBFUCK we are talking about, so, obviously, *he* thinks it makes it so.

Once more, for the lolcow in the audience:

When you put your shit (figurative and literal) out there in public, and yes, Twitter is oh so very public, then don’t be surprised when people notice. And keep track of your comments. Especially when you have made a habit of suing people for non-existent violations of the law. Unlike the people who are currently suing you for actual violations of law.

It is not, and never has been, stalking.

But the lolcow knows that, seeing as how several courts across several states have slapped him with restraining orders for that kind of behavior. It so… queer how they all came to the same conclusions.

Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t realize that the only solution to his problems, his vexations, and his “distress” lies in front of him when he looks in the mirror. I guess maybe he’s having a problem because the red wig is so distracting.


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12 Responses to Saying it Never Makes it So

  1. Techno Jinxx says:

    first rule of keeping people out of your business is to not post your business online in public forums for other people to see/notice/comment on in the first place.

    Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    So so very typical…thes crybullies feel they have every right to samer lie and try to destroy someone for disagreeing with them. But simply point out their PUBLY POSTED screed and it is “staking!” cry me river losers!

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  3. So, I read something Biwwy put out on Twitter and snicker about it and I’m stalking, but Biwwy digs up a 10 year old photobucket account and uses photos of my kids to accuse me of child abuse and that’s just journalism. Even though Biwwy hasn’t done any real journalism in his entire damn life and wouldn’t know it if it jumped up and bit him on his really ample posterior (though he might enjoy that, mightn’t he).

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  4. LurkyLou says:

    It’s queer that Bill doesn’t remember he was never invited to this party. Many of us were interested in the antics of Brett Kimberlin when this “clown” showed up. We didn’t know about his Daily Kos and XMFan and other crash and burns.

    But we know about him now, because he came into our view and shat on the furniture. Of course we noticed. So, Pointing, Laughing and Mocking the stupid things he does, and POSTS ON LINE is stalking?


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    • Yeah, I kind of could have cared less about him. A serial bomber? Oh heck, yeah! That’s gripping. But this clown? Meh.

      Until he started photoshopping women to appear as if they were riding giant penises. And haunting a mother over the untimely death of one of her twins, accusing her of killing the babe through neglect. That’s when my blood boiled, and the pointing and mocking began.

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  6. Damn you Lickspittles!! Mock me more, and I shall cut and paste ye!

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