Makes You Wonder

Has Bill Schmalfeldt bothered to go and do what Judge Hecker *told* him to do? Namely, to get a hold of a copy of the Maryland Local Rules? And read them thoroughly and pondered their meaning?

Somehow I don’t think he has. Because if he had pondered what we all had pondered, well, I don’t think he would be posting things like this:

If it failed on the law, how come the judge IMMEDIATELY granted the request in stunningly swift fashion, hmmmm?

How very…. queer.

Somehow, I don’t think that that’s what was going on at all.

June 28th y’all! It’s gonna be *quite* a day!


This, as they say, is irony.

Someone should take their own advice.


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10 Responses to Makes You Wonder

  1. Freedom Costs says:

    hahahaha as if he would take his own advice, or that of the Judge even….I don’t think he is capable of rational thought, but I do get lulz reading about his antics.

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  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    There are two bald pussies inhabiting the Schmaleldt flophouse.


  3. gmhowell says:

    He has probably convinced himself that the judge is so pissed at Hoge for filing this case and this motion that he is holding a hearing. The judge obviously requires Shakey’s presence to limit Hoge’s ability to appeal when the judge calls John to the carpet.

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  4. Kmbuchanan says:

    Very sad. You just know that Blobbosaurus Vex(the blowup clown ain’t real folks!) got that poor hairless cat for the sole purpose of making sophomoric remarks about bald pussy.


  5. Paul Krendler says:

    You know, you can always tell when John Hoge is panicking about a lawsuit when he fires up a brand new blog to explain how impenetrably perfect his complaint is, how all the defendants need to lawyer up (as long as they don’t lawyer up with the Worst Lawyer in the World) and prepare to let she houses, cars, wives and such…

    Only to delete that blog when the inevitable dismissal on some trivial technicality like “lack of personal jurisdiction” for the fifth time is ordered by some stupid, senile, goo-goo-eyed Luddite red state, no justice for the Hoges of the world Federal judge who know nothing about the law.

    That’s a sure sign of panic.

    And failure.

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