Existential Bliss

I don’t think I have laughed so long and so hard in a very long time. Check it out over at Hogewash HERE and HERE.

Why? Because Bill Schmalfeldt actually forsaw something!

Yes, he is so stupid. And yes, he stumbled, figuratively, into the courtroom and fucked himself over.

I haven’t seen something this GLORIOUS in a long, long time. *snort*


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11 Responses to Existential Bliss

  1. wjjhoge says:

    Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    Is anybody actually surprised, other than by the extent that he’s fucked himself over this time?

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    • MJ says:

      Only from the standpoint that he doesn’t think the hole he’s in is deep enough.

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    • Honestly, it’s the extent that surprised me. I know he was going to be his normal self, but to go completely overboard in this manner? Wow. Just… wow!

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        He’s great at the show-stoppers. You really have to give him that.

        See what happens when a lawsuit involving Schmaleldt isn’t dismissed for incompetence? It’s really too bad that summary judgement is going to be granted soon. I’d like to see this go on forever.

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      • In salad bars and lawsuits, sometimes the “Go big or go home” rule applies. He will leave nothing on the table this time.

        There will be Billogical Motions, improper filings, evidence which is not evidence, conclusions which can’t be supported by evidence, accusations of malfeasance against people who are not even subjects of the lawsuit, accusations that Paul Krendler IS in fact a single individual with multiple personalities and multiple online persona, simultaneous accusations that Paul Krendler IS in fact multiple individuals with a single online persona, photographic evidence which doesn’t show what the scribbles on the back describe, physical evidence which will need DNA testing, forged documents which are in fact genuine as evidenced by signatures which are not similar, genuine documents which are asserted to be forgeries based upon the similarities of the signatures, citations of laws which have been overturned, criminal deflation of tires and/or loved ones, accidental forwarding of previously lost documents, citations of cases which were not in this jurisdiction and/or country, confusion over civil, criminal and proctological procedures, requests for accommodations of disabilities which no longer exist, Latin legal terms mistranslated to mean things which they don’t actually mean, lost documents through sudden failure of hard drives, actual appeals filed twice because the plaintiff “forgot” he recieved and then already responded to motions, a series of changes of address, appeals to the International Court in the Hague…

        If this story needed to be simplified for a TV movie, this case would be the focus, because this is the one with everything. (Jeesh. I gotta get a blog.)

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