The Plot is Laid Out, the Trap is Set

And now that he has said something about it…. he really can’t sue for it. At least not without looking like a bad actor to the court, now can he?

*EDIT – These next tweets are in response to some unrelated tweets by @truth_partner, Bill’s new sock, Hence the discombobulation you are finding. It’s all quite mad when you think about it.*

Besides, it’s his sockpuppet/blowup doll. He can change the name to anything he wants. Neither of of those have standing anyway. Oopsie.



Because of course. Nevermind it’s not defamation. And “costly”? Oh boy. Bwahahahahaaaaa!

DUMBFUCKs gotta dumbfuck. This is priceless.


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19 Responses to The Plot is Laid Out, the Trap is Set

  1. gmhowell says:

    What was this in response to?

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    • That’s the funny part. He’s responding to his sockpuppet. Really, he’s just talking to himself and trying to occasionally tag in Hoge and Ay-Ay-Ron. And then he’s talking to people who don’t even have a Twitter account.

      So, really, your guess is as good as mine.


  2. crawford421 says:

    He’s wondering how “truth partner” can find xer way out of a bathroom?

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  3. Techno Jinxx says:

    Damn, if Shakey really wants anyone to take his sock seriously as being someone other than himself, couldn’t he at least make more than a half-assed effort to tweet differently than he does and has done for the last few years???

    seriously, just because the voices in your head and the tweets you send to yourself say you are in the right, doesn’t make it so Dumbfuck.

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  4. JeffM says:

    Mentioning someone’s name who posts in public is now a tort?

    Does it make any difference if the person named actually exists? These are new and exciting days in the field of torts.

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  5. Pablo says:

    DUMBFUCK can’t get his bloated ass off the legal mat. Come and get me, Shakey. I’ll just hire Marc Randazza and you’ll once again piss yourself while you run off into the sunset.

    Or, you could just do yourself the ultimate favor and take THE CURE.

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  6. Pablo says:

    Explain how you got better from a disease that never lets you do that, DUMBFUCK.

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    • crawford421 says:

      “And to think, [just] a year ago, I was seeing a neurologist who stated that I did not have Parkinson’s”

      Huh. Better be able to name that doctor if you try to sue anyone over their doubts of your illness, Shakes, because his expert opinion and your actions are more consistent than your suddenly-resurgent claims to be ill.

      I mean, you said you couldn’t drive because of how advanced your Parkinson’s was — but then got a license and bought a really, really big vehicle! Of course, you couldn’t drive it without destroying the tires on the curb, but I think we can blame that on ethanol or just being a dumbfuck.

      You said you couldn’t travel because of your illness — then relocate three times and make a solo (driving!) trip half way across the country! You claim to need assistance and have trouble moving, but move into a multi-level home all on your own! Then you move into an extended-stay no-tell motel! Does Motel 6 have on-duty nurses?

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      • MJ says:

        What? He doesn’t even have the documentation to back up what he claims?
        Makes you wonder.

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        • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

          Does the doctor who did his brain surgery know he claims that the doctor violated sterile protocols during his operation to take a picture with a cell phone. Does Vanderbilt University Medical Center know this, better question does Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s insurance company know.

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          • crawford421 says:

            The doctor was just documenting the first middle-aged anencephalic known to science.

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          • Kyle Kiernan says:

            When you crack a coconut and find it completely empty, everyone in the operating theater crowds around to get a snap. Probably while the doctors are conferring about “now where the hell do we stick the electrodes?”


          • Kyle Kiernan says:

            I would like to know how an electrode picked up the sound of him talking?
            Now I like the idea that something in this universe can make him shut up but an electrode detects and registers electrical charge and or current not audio. So what gives?


  7. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    So he has the money to hire a lawyer.

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    • So by simply typing the name Diane Kelley here, I’m now going to be jointly sued by them in a Federal suit over nothing? It’s not like it’s the most uncommon name out there.

      All of my research indicates that it is possible to have social security payments garnished for civil judgements.

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  8. Looks like someone has taken advantage of the holiday weekend liquor sales.

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  9. JeffM says:

    Willie seems to believe that saying he does NOT have a disease is defamation per se if he does have it. Wrong. Saying someone has a loathsome disease if said someone does not is defamation per se. You need to read carefully to act as a pro se.

    Willie seems to believe that the publisher of a blog is legally responsible for comments on that blog. I’ll bet a statute that Willie is wrong again.

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