Fat Shaming

If there is one thing Bill Schmalfeldt can’t seem to handle, it’s women who have greater accomplishments than himself. So what does he have to do to attempt to bring them down to his level?

He tries to fat shame them.

Gosh. Let’s see. She’s the wife of a Supreme Court Justice. She actually has a career of her own, having received a bachelor of arts degree in Political Science and Business Communication and a law degree, founded the advocacy group Liberty Central, is a columnist for The Daily Caller and previously worked at The Heritage Foundation.

But no, for Bill, it boils down to one thing. That she isn’t a size two.

“Big Old Ginny”

“Put down the Turkey Leg”

“Pushes Herself Away from the Dinner Table”

Let’s make a reality check-in with the writer of this article, shall we?

 I beg my reader’s pardon, but it was necessary to give you the comparison.

These comments, coming from someone who is a whole lot worse off on the BMI scale than Mrs. Thomas, reek of jealousy and misogyny. He envies her success, and because of her conservative politics thinks that it makes her a target for his brand of ick.

In this instance, whether or not you agree with Mrs. Thomas’s viewpoints, Bill’s the one who is posting stupid shit on the internet. There are better ways to counter a political article than to attack someone’s size especially when you yourself are larger. Doing it that way simply invalidates any real substantial weight you might have had.

While some of us are not as accomplished as Mrs. Thomas, Bill also likes to do the same sort of fat shaming because he doesn’t like them for whatever reason.

Why yes, my Zeus has actually gained weight, how horrid of Bill to notice! I mean, it’s a small picture and it’s really only his face, but still. Zeus is so sensitive about those things, you know? To be fair, he’s just achieved his full adult stature and he now weighs in at a good 9 pounds. Not too bad for a Scottish Kilt, but he does keep those extra calories from appearing on his thighs by chasing all of his lovely ladies around the house. So at least he gets in his exercise and I haven’t had to put him on a diet yet. I guess I’ll have to cut back on his snacks though. Poor Zeusie! Whatever did he do to Bill? *sadz*


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16 Responses to Fat Shaming

  1. If I were Bill I would let some air out of the inflate-a-mate. She’s looky a tad puffy. And remember that Bill apparently likes his women to drop huge amounts of weight quickly. It would make it easier to collect the life insurance, wouldn’t it?

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  2. Indeed. It’s not like his,new soul mate is exactly svelt, or even zaftig.

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  3. popcornseller says:

    Hard to tell who or what it is with that fuchsia bar across its face.

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  4. JeffM says:

    Some people are able to counter arguments with arguments. Others simply resort to insults.

    Wailing Willie was not able to prevail in litigation with a three-year old because, if my recollection is correct, Willie did not even show up to argue. (I believe his excuse was that he could not afford to get from Wisconsin to North Carolina, but he could afford to move from Wisconsin to SOUTH Carolina by an apparently somewhat indirect route through Iowa. Odd that if correct.) That default seems to me to demonstrate a severe lack of confidence in his ability to win an argument against even a toddler.

    By the way, just how many LOLsuits has he now failed to win against adults? That relies not on my personal opinion, but on a matter of juridical fact. I admit, however, his record against adults represents a much more severe challenge than does trying to outwit someone who is less than a year from being potty trained. Oh wait… is Willie potty trained himself?

    Nevertheless, Woeful Willie seems to think himself to be the MAN (potty trained or not) when it comes to insults, “poop flakes,” “dim girls,” “calloused clitorises,” and now fat shaming. Yep, the slug without a neck believes others should push themselves away from the table although his inability to pick his probiscus out of the trough is apparent in each of the frequent selfies that he imposes on the public. And he does like to insult women: I shall leave it to the reader to ponder why intelligent, successful, or attractive women seem to evoke Willie’s particular ire. I have my own guesses. He might be better off with a blow-up doll (of any imaginable gender) than with an actual human female with teeth and neurons.

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    • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

      Doc No./Seq No.: 165/0
      File Date: 06/02/2017Entered Date:06/05/2017Decision:
      Party Type: DefendantParty No.:4
      Document Name: Return of Service – Served
      CV-Writ of Summons – Be and Appear/U463 served 05/24/17

      Well we know where he should be on later this month.

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    • JeffM says:

      Someone has kindly pointed out a flaw in my logic. A female human with neither teeth nor neurons may equal or even surpass a blow-up doll of at least some types of diverse gender. I apologize for and acknowledge my mistake.


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  5. So Biwwy tries to fat shame people, when he and his … friend … are both as fat or fatter than his victim. Just as Biwwy tries to tooth same people, when his … friend … has far worse teeth than any of those he’s gone after. Their excuse? His insurance will fix it all up as soon as their married!

    She better read the pre-existing clauses on that insurance, as well as the maximum annual expenditure they’ll do. Because with two concurrent insurances, one from my work and one from my husbands, both of them the same coverage as the plan as available to retired military, I still couldn’t afford a bridge. A four tooth bridge will set you back around $4k, and most insurance will only a) pay 50% and b) pay a maximum of $1000 per annum (and that includes the costs of checkups). Also, most insurances won’t pay for restorative work until you’ve been on the plan for at least a year.

    Either Biwwy is a lot better off than he’s admitted, or he better stop going after people for their dental work.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I’m rather enjoying the idea that the Inflatable soulmate will get hitched to the first crazed, drunk and dumb pauper that’ll stand the sight of her because his magical welfare will get her purty new teefuses.

      If she wants to have the world see her as something not unlike the crew slut for a jug band, she couldn’t be doing a better job of it.

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  6. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Fat shaming from a HUGE man with no neck who has fat “girlfriend” with no neck! Calling him a hypocrite is not adequate

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