Amending Into the Void, Part Deux

There’s a prayer that goes a little something like this:

Lord, thank you for the stupidity of mine adversaries, for they bind themselves up with thorns of their own making.

That’s my loose interpretation of it, anyway.

And boy, oh boy, must John Hoge be ever so glad that his adversaries are as blind stupid as Bill Schmalfeldt. And so are we zombies because, you know, we get to point and laugh. It makes the world go round.

In his attempt to extricate himself from a snare of his own making, Bill is trying to paint himself as someone who is hounded by The World’s Biggest Meaniepants. And what makes it oh so funny is that what Bill says WJJH is doing is EXACTLY what BILL has been doing to other people. Only now Bill doesn’t like it and thinks that the court actually gives a crap about Bill’s hurt feefees. The court does for the court and no one else. They call the tune, Bill has to dance to it. And it doesn’t like it, not one little bit.

Hmmm. How many times has Bill crowed that he was going to make people he sued bear the expense of defending themselves, wanting them to come halfway across the country, hmmm? More times than I could count. So pardon me if I give zero fucks for his “pain” whether physical or monetary.

But this time, he can’t blame John. Bill is the one who did something that the court doesn’t like. It’s the COURT calling him up on the carpet – which is what a show cause hearing is about. WJJH has no power to actually call a show cause hearing. He can only present evidence and ask that the court do so.

And guess what? The court did so. Oopsie poopsie. Betcha Bill didn’t forsee THAT one coming, eh?

Yeah, somehow I don’t think the court is going to cancel the hearing. And somehow I don’t think they will allow Skype. Because this has to deal with Bill’s shenanigans with Skype that brought about the whole show cause hearing.

This is a situation entirely of Bill’s own making. He sought to attempt to embarass WJJH with whatever he thought he had recorded. He used portions of that recording in his podcast skits. It goes against the rules of the court.

So yeah, Bill’s gonna have to drag his ass 900 miles round trip. It should be an easy one considering that he drove over 1,000 miles one way BY HIMSELF for a hot date with his blow-up dollie. And then 1,000 miles back. And then 1,000 miles again to move to South Carolina. He doesn’t need a damn caregiver. It’s so precious that he thinks that those of us who know who he is and what he does will actually buy this. But of course he’ll try to make himself as sympathetic to the court as possible. Too bad he published all these things publicly, eh?

And since the COURT is the one that is calling him, he won’t get reimbursed. Bill is a party to a lawsuit. Parties bear their own costs unless those costs are awarded to them in a judgment. Judgment has yet to be determined. Too bad, so sad.

I imagine that it’s possible the court won’t deign to bother to respond to Bill’s plea. Well, at least until the day of the hearing comes when it will either deliver a well-needed bench slap or it won’t. Because, Maryland. Now, I’d love to see the look the judge’s face if Bill attempts to demand reimbursement of expenses from the court for appearing. That would be priceless! And let’s not forget that this is a duplicate plea because he already answered the darned thing, but Bill is so special that he thinks he gets to keep having do-overs.

Stupid is as stupid does.





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10 Responses to Amending Into the Void, Part Deux

  1. Gus Bailey says:


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  2. JeffM says:

    Maybe Willie should not have sued you, Ash. It is like Luxembourg declaring war on Russia.

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  3. WWFD says:

    So let me see if got this correct. DF is demanding the right to Skype a show cause hearing, the court ordered him to personally appear at, because of how he conducted him self during a hearing he attended via Skype. Yeah thats not how that works. The court was already being generous with the DF when they gave him the privilege of appearing at the previous hearing via Skype. Breaking a standing rule of the court , is one clear way of having the generous privilege taken away. I do think DF will just be given slap on the wrist because “Maryland” but I do think they will deny him the right to Skype this and future hearings.

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  4. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Billy started this nonsense he needs to butch up. He can fly rent a hotel room overnight and eat for under 500. I bet it cost him more than that to drive back and forth to South Carolina

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  5. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Doc No./Seq No.: 165/0
    File Date: 06/02/2017Entered Date:06/05/2017Decision:
    Party Type: DefendantParty No.:4
    Document Name: Return of Service – Served
    CV-Writ of Summons – Be and Appear/U463 served 05/24/17

    That says to “Be and Appear”, which in dumb F@%k language means haul your sorry ass to the court room.

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  6. agiledog says:

    You just don’t understand Baldrick’s Bill’s cunning plan: Bill is so tired of being eviscerated by John’s filings that Bill is going to file so many bullshit motions that the Judge will order him to stop, and to appear fair, the Judge will extend it to all parties. John Hoge will comply, being an honorable person. Brett will immediate file two more motions, one for him and one for by Tetyana just because he is Brett. It will work, I tell ya!

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  7. Kyle Kiernan says:

    “cause physical pain” and “financially bleed defendant dry” sound a lot like justice to me.

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