Shock! Anger!

Somehow I don’t think it came about *quite* the way Bill Schmalfeldt thought it would.



I thought it was pretty damn funny myself. Some people just have NO sense of humor. *gigglesnort*



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19 Responses to Shock! Anger!

  1. Paul Krendler says:








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    • Lulz. Time for a little diddy, ’bout Hack and Dianne…

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      • Two American slobs, bein’ the worst they can
        Hackie’s gonna be, a legal star-ar
        Dianne’s the blow-up doll, in the trunk of his car
        Suckin’ on a mayo dog, stole it from the Tastee-Freeze
        Dianne’s sittin’ at her pc
        Surfin’ porn and smellin’ pee
        Hack he says
        Hey Dianne, go grab that cub scout hidin’ behind them trees
        Pull off them little blue shorts, let me do as I please
        Sayin’ oh yeah
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        Sayin’ oh yeah
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        Now scoot on
        Hack he passed gas
        Collects his thoughts for a moment
        Scratches his head, and thinks about Kimberlin
        Well, now then, there, Diane, we ought to scoot off to the cuorthouse
        Dianne says:
        Blobby, you ain’t filin’ a thing
        But Hack he says:
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        Oh yeah
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        Oh, let us scoot, let us roll
        Let your leather belt come and save my soul
        Holdin’ on to sixty as long as you can
        Change is coming ’round real soon
        Make you a woman not man
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        Sayin’ oh yeah
        Oh yeah, suits go on, long after the thrill of suing is gone
        A little ditty ’bout Hack and Dianne
        Two American slobs doin’ the worst they can

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Crybaby, doesn’t like it when the favor returned, well Bill (and the #VeroBeachCrybully) you get what you dish out except you (and my barnacle Thomas A Mix) get truth in a huge dump truck back at you.
    Now put your big boy pants on and butch up #loser!

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  3. Gee, how much work did Biwwy have to do to find the picture of my kid?

    Since it took at least as much work as finding his … friend’s … fraudulent GoFundMe for an unneeded scooter, I guess he’s a stalker too, no?

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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      You have to remember, in Schmaltlandia everything he does is OK, people doing the same things to him is stalking, defamation, libel, death threats, etc. Of course the fact that he is a mewling little pussy factors in there too.

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    • Jeanette Victoria says:

      Did the Creeper buy himself a scooter a few years back? What happened to it?


  4. agiledog says:

    The indignation from a fool who spent DAYS trying to figure out who I was, and mis-identified others TWICE before finally nut-stumbling on the truth, when someone does a single search and finds their latest scam is just priceless. And for them to be begging for the money for a fat-cart for him, when he just ditched a brand new one (paid for with the proceeds of Soul Mate 1.0’s life insurance – nice way to honor her memory, asshole) less than a year after getting it? And let’s add in that this was suppose to be a surprise? The two of them live in a cheap-ass motel room, neither of them work or drive, so it’s not like either one is alone in that room for long – how was this suppose to be a surprise? It was just another scam, and people are mocking it – rightly so. Man, it sure sucks to be them.

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  5. Kyle Kiernan says:

    If he objects to stalking, I’d like to invite him to discuss it down in Tampa with me and “real” me he spent so much effort trying to discover. Alternately we could go to his kennel and discuss it directly.

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  6. Mr Minority says:

    Krendler’s mockery was tamed compared to some of the vile and cruel stuff he has written about other people (and children).

    And Paul’s mockery was actually funny, where Sir Big Pussy Baby’s is vicious and just plain mean.

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  7. JeffM says:

    A purported act of kindness that depends on someone else paying for it is worthy of mockery. Whee, look at my act of kindness that X paid for.

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  8. Well, we found out what we were supposed to be shocked and angered by. His DMCA takedown demands of WordPress that WordPress said “nah” to. Among the great many things the fat Pedoketeer doesn’t understand, Copyright Law is one of them. But, to his shock and anger, WordPress does understand Copyright Law.

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