The Return of FEEBLE BILL

Oh, that wily Bill Schmalfeldt. Now that his feet are getting ever closer to the fire in the lawsuit against him in Maryland, he’s starting to flip, flop and flail like the beached fail whale that he is.

Oh look! The return of wheelchair Bill! Been a while, hasn’t it? Guess he really can pull up things from several years ago, now can’t he? How very…. interesting. And how feeble he looks, with the head on a stake…

And in one of his recent pleadings to the court we find this little snippet:

A miscarriage of justice and a violation of the ADA. Wow. That’s…. not how the ADA works, DUMBFUCK. Lawsuits don’t give a rat’s ass about your disability. You have the ability to call a lawyer on the phone and hire him if you can’t manage your case. Heck, everybody has the ability, just perhaps not the wherewithal. And frankly justice doesn’t give a crap about that part and neither does the law.

You do not get to ring the “disabled” bell whenever it is convenient for you. It’s called being a scam artist. A grifter. Something Bill Schmalfeldt just loooves to call other people. But apparently he doesn’t have an issue being the same thing. The old rules for thee but not for me!

And then, early this morning, we had this:

Bill *DOES* know that normal people with no disability have dreams of this nature, doesn’t he? I remember sporting a black eye once because my ex-husband elbowed me in a particularly violent dream the first year we were married, not to mention the numerous times he fell out of bed himself. He doesn’t have Parkinsons. Or Fakinsons for that matter.

Try again, Fail Whale Schmalrus!

Oh, a hoax? You mean like the one he tried to pull on the cops, claiming that the Slovenian Poop caper caused him to fall down, go boom? Remember that one?

Yeah. Right. Except it was originally “petting the dog” that caused that. Oopsie. The devil only knows a few simple tricks. And we’ve seen them all.

Feeble Bill, how we have missed you! Enjoy your trip to Westminster!



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20 Responses to The Return of FEEBLE BILL

  1. Onlooker says:

    Yeesh. Why would he publish such a photo. But now that I’ve seen what can’t be unseen, I have to say the pattern of erythema which look like nail scratches from some sort of beast, in the center resembles a bite mark- but marks in the of the scrape would have to be a creature with very odd, even broken, teeth.

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  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    maybe he should do a little light exercise/housework

    it worked wonders for his Parkinsons before didnt it?
    It enabled him to travel to another state to file one of the former lulsuits, and to move to a new residence with no help, and even begin driving again, leading to 2 roundtrips to SC, where he eventually moved to just 3 weeks ago, by himself!

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  3. gb420 says:

    Any GS 13 editor with integrity would know everything he wrote required no quotation marks whatsoever.

    Oh wait… Integrity… Nevermind

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  4. What bruise on his face? I don’t see any in the photos of his arm injury.

    Make sure to wash it well; if it’s a cat scratch, those can turn nasty.

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  5. He got scratched? That’s it? Scratched. We have people who regularly read these blogs who are in fact suffering from incurable, chronic diseases. What they don’t have is a sense of victimhood and entitlement. Put your tears in your cubby and come back to class.

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  6. WWFD says:

    I didn’t think I could despise the dumbfuck any more then I all ready did but he managed to make me hate him even more.

    It is people like him that truly hurt the disabled with there actions. The ADA purpose is to allow participation in society by those disabled by allowing reasonable accommodation. When dumb fucks just throw around unfounded and illogical request and invoking the ADA it hurts the disabled that it was design to help.

    Then his disability is only an issue when it convenient for him. People that are truly disabled can’t pick when there disability effects them. Most people with late stage Parkinsons, like the dumbfuck claims to have, would love if they could drive them selfs across multiple states, hold down a job and travel around. All thing Dumbfuck has done. His misrepresentations hurts those that truly are afflicted with late stake parkinson’s

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    • JeffM says:

      You are forgetting that Willie has admitted to loss of memory. For example, he did not remember that he had received a document that he had written about on his own blog. So he may have forgotten how he cured himself of Parkinson’s, or that he ever was in Wisconsin or Iowa or even Maryland, or that he was driving a car just a few weeks ago. Little things like that can slip your memory.

      In any case, after a fall that left such awful injuries, he may be suffering a concussion or the vapors or a hangover.

      A bit off track, those Motel 6’s must be better built than I ever imagined to still be standing after Willie fell on one.

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    • I have to agree with you. It’s a shame that he tars those who truly suffer with this kind of a brush.

      You know, I could have dealt with the whole “Parkinsons” thing. It’s always been a fine, whatever sort of deal for me. But the whole “I’m so horribly afflicted! But now I can do this! And That! And THE OTHER! Oh but wait, now I can’t” when the disease never, EVER gets better, especially according to him.

      I don’t put up with that crap. I mock it instead. Too bad if he doesn’t like it. Perhaps he should instead stop OVERSHARING HIS NAKED LANDWHALE BODY and instead get over the cat spazzing out and scratching him. Put some bactene on that shit or something. It looks bad. Could get infected.

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    • Russ says:

      I’ve been in a wheelchair for three years; I have never invoked the ADA. Never needed to. What I do, though, is make simple preparations before I have to go anywhere new or do anything – a phone call to confirm accessibility is easy, for instance. And if I ever need help with anything, it’s not hard to come by.

      (And contrary to popular belief, disabled people were able to thrive even before the ADA.)

      Oh, and I continue to work full time. Not sucking off the Disability teat. Y’see, I like what I do, and (if I do say so myself) I’m pretty damn good at it. 20 years’ experience in my chosen field tends to do that.

      Sure, if I had been, say, a construction worker, then I’d have had to give it up, but a desk job? Yeah, I’m at it five days a week (golly, I coulda been a GS-13!) and not living in a fleabag motel.

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  8. Paul Krendler says:

    I’ll bet he’s even lying about the dream. Someone started a fight by throwing a plate at him?

    I suggest it was a six year old kid and DUMBFUCK stole all the cookies off the plate first.

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  9. Jeanette Victoria says:

    A feeble person doesn’t post a GoFundMe account to pay for his DRIVING trip to see all 50 staes. So guy but you are busted

    Funny how the #VeroBeachCrybully claimed I gave him “panic attacks” except he posted publicly on twitter hat he suffers for anxiety and panic attacks, he even wrote an editorial claiming he needed to be under the care of a specialist (Psychiatrist perhaps?) so he need subsidized health carrel.

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  10. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Who admits that they dreamed they were getting their ass kicked and fell out of bed?
    My dreams usually involve me and a room full of naked women.


  11. agiledog says:

    Those are cat scratches – not an injury from bashing into a chair. That causes bruising.

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  12. Dr_Mike says:

    I met a friend once, and his inner forearms were cut to crap. I asked what happened, he said, he attempted “suicide by cat.”

    He had scooped his 10 lb cat up in his arms, hugged him to his chest, like he does EVERY DAY, and his wife dropped a pot lid in the kitchen.

    Vastly worse than Bill’s “issues.” I hardly count them as a notable injury. How’d you get those scratches? Dunno, life? Yardwork certainly, gardening maybe, working on Japanese machinery with Anglo wrists doesn’t help? I scratch, I bleed, if non-arterial I move on.

    It is life.

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