When Bill Steps on His Crank…

Never let it be said that he doesn’t do it whole-heartedly. And with a huge helping of playing the blame game.

In Bill’s umpteenth zillionth time “proving” that he isn’t guilty like he admits he is because, reasons, Bill Schmalfeldt is saying that it was over a year after the copyright settlement agreement with WJJ Hoge was reached before he even breached it.

Ummm, Bullshit. It was TEN DAYS. TEN DAYS from the agreement was made until Bill Schmalfeldt published his short-lived book Animus Nocendi and broke it. A discussion of the situation can be found at Hogewash! HERE. Just because that initial date wasn’t brought up in the lawsuit doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means that Bill isn’t being sued for it. Mainly because John Hoge understands how to craft a lawsuit that actually lasts further than motions to dismiss. Because details matter.

Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to understand the differences between Twitter TOS and a breach of contract and the responsibilities that lie with both. This is not surprising to most of us in the horde, because we have come to understand that Bill only understands what he thinks he needs to understand.

He has posted a video HERE where he crows that HONEST and TRUE and AWESOME SPARKLY SHINEY!!!11!!1! websites embed tweets. As if this is the only way that is allowed to reproduce Twitter content. And as if this even bears slightly upon Bill Schmalfeldt’s responsibility to not break a settlement agreement.

Well guess what? People used to simply embed Bill Schmalfeldt’s tweets. Until he started deleting them. Now people post screenshots because he will delete them all the time, or they will be deleted when his accounts get deep-sixed. It’s called archiving. And honest, true and awesome sparkley shiney websites do that as well with content that they know might disappear into the ephemeris.

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that cases get tried in the court of public opinion, like that will actually matter. It won’t. All it does it provide those of us on the sidelines more reasons to go buy popcorn.

Stock up. The flailing as June 28 approaches is going to be EPIC.



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22 Responses to When Bill Steps on His Crank…

  1. wjjhoge says:

    Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  2. MJ says:

    So in the video, Bill freely admits that he broke the settlement agreement. He admits to the existence of a twitter account. You know when Bill tells everyone they should keep quiet when they are being sued? He’s just a walking admission against interest.

    Way to go, Fatboi.

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  3. crawford421 says:

    Twitter’ s TOS requires you give Twitter and *everyone else* permission to copy what you send via Twitter in order to protect Twitter, their users, and authors of 3rd party Twitter clients.

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    • But of course it does. lol

      Unfortunately for Bill, he wants to move the goalposts and it’s just not going to fly before the judge he will find. This is not a lawsuit about Twitter. This is a lawsuit about a contract – at least in part.

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      • MJ says:

        His argument, the contract is not legal – because he doesn’t understand contract law. If it is legal, then Hoge broke it first by copying tweets because Bill doesn’t understand Twitter’s TOS or contract law.

        I expect another video/podcast filled with doom music and SCHMALFELDT AM LAW to clarify these discrepancies.

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      • Jeanette Victoria says:

        These STUPID whingeing “adults” Schmalfeldt and Thomas A Mix believe quoting the vile, hateful screed they publity post is striking them and defamatory. Of course is neither.
        But as the saying goes stupid is as stupid does these these two poor excuses for men re shocking stupid without an ounce of insight as to how it is their behavior that brings the attention they don’t want.

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  4. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    Heavens, he’s dumb.

    Take the cure, Shaky – the world’s average IQ will thank you for it.

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  5. Paul Krendler says:

    I must disagree with the following statement:

    This is not surprising to most of us in the horde, because we have come to understand that Bill only understands what he thinks he needs to understand.

    When you say “…Bill only understands what he thinks he needs to understand,” you make an erroneous assumption that Bill ACTUALLY understands something, whether he thinks he needs to understand it or not.

    I have never seen any evidence that Bill ACTUALLY understands anything that isn’t controlled by his autonomic nervous system (by which I mean the ability to breathe and react to stimuli). I would in fact feel obligated to watch a video of Bill eating an entire meal to satisfy myself that he doesn’t still try to stuff corn up his nose.

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  6. Dr_Mike says:

    August 2014. Nearly three years.

    They say the wheels of justice grind slowly. I’m still waiting for the “but they grind exceedingly fine.” part.

    Godspeed, Mr. Hoge.

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  7. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    All that needs to be said is

    World’s Stupidest Man™

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  8. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    My recommendation is everyone go to Hogewash and read the fine print.

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  9. gb420 says:

    I take it someone archived the video for when it gets memory holed?

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  10. JeffM says:

    My there are so many captions that could be put on that photo.

    I don’t always step on my crank,
    But when I do, I use cleats.


    I don’t always litigate,
    But when I do, I lose.


    I don’t always write about gay sex,
    But when I do, I restrict it to boys under 12.

    This could be an ongoing feature.

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