Oh Lordy. He’s Catfishing.

Bill just wants contact. Remember not too long ago when he wanted GMHowell to contact him?

Now he’s doing it to MJ/Sonoranconserv.

This begs the question:

What on earth did he “have” on Pinkie Pie to make xer contact him?

I’m getting Buffalo Bill vibes here. No seriously. It puts the lotion on its skin and everything.



And now Bill has doubled down on stupid.

  1. What federal suit? You mean the one that has yet to be green-lit? The one that he will have to ask the court permission to amend? The one he has been promising (again) to add the whole known world to? You mean that one? *snort*
  2. Butthurt is not a tort and not a reason to sue someone. Then again, that’s never stopped Bill before, now has it. Just check over on my scoreboard on the side if you want to see how well Bill has fared at that with me. Bill’s the one with bupkiss.
  3. People who have dismissed with prejudice their lawsuits against other people who called THEM a rapist shouldn’t be throwing stones at someone they think is a convicted rapist. Because calling the first person a rapist isn’t out of the realm of possibility because res judicata and all that.
  4. One cannot reap what one sews. One can, however, either ruch what one sews or reap what one sows. Both involve gathering.Your choice.

tl;dr Bill is an idiot. But we already knew that.

Keep it up, DUMBFUCK! Keep it up! MOAR POPCORN!


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34 Responses to Oh Lordy. He’s Catfishing.

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Although, I don’t know why he would want another vest with tits on it…

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  3. BadgerBob says:

    That tweet is demonstrably “legal bad faith” in any process he would have to take to add a new defendant. He will not be adding MJ now. He couldn’t have anyways, but that tweet just shut the door to any one in a million chance he had at it now.

    + as Ukulele Dave site indicates, it’s a fail doxx.

    ++ I’m sure John already foresaw that Bill would spend his time on everything but his June 28th defense and Maryland trial later in the summer.

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    • crawford421 says:

      There are easily a dozen statements from Bill showing the case was filed in bad faith, that his intention is to use the courts to harass. This is just another one for the file.

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  4. JeffM says:

    Hey, “ruch” is a new word for me. I am being educated. (My wife says that happens very slowly, but it does happen.)

    And just what is the tort that Willie Scheissfeldt is now alleging, showing a previously published photo?

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  5. Dianne Preston.
    Just to prove one again that there isn’t a fucking thing Shakes the clown can do about it.

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  6. All this faildoxxing is just Bill is trying to distract himself from having to think about how he is going to end up in jail.

    The inflate-a-mate should start thinking about what her finances will be like when he is on the inside.

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  7. JeffM says:

    Has the DOOM CLOCK expired yet?

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  8. JeffM says:

    I see. Did he share ANYTHING at 7 pm? Was it WORTH anything? Or was it another empty threat, a cry for help from the inffective?

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    • JeffM says:

      Ineffective. I cant blame anything on spellcheck because I have disabled it as a symbol of solidarity with Willie.

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    • bystander says:

      In a post somewhere, MJ stated he started high school in Carter’s last year, and Sonora Union high school has a “Mike Jackson” graduating in 1984.


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      • JeffM says:

        Well you can see the Billogic.

        Normal logic: A started at some unspecified high school in 1980. (That cuts it down to a few million.) A claims some current association with the Southwest and the Sonoran Desert. (That cuts it down to a few million if we leave out Texas and California.) But pulling out my handy collapsible Venn set, I can see that the intersection may be in the hundred thousand range. (We are doing Fermi estimates here, people.) A sometimes uses the on-line handle MJ, which means with high probability that A’s first and last initials are M and J. What are common first names that start with M in the Southwest? (Michael, Miguel, Mathew, Mateo, Mark. Marco) What are common names last names that start with J in the Southwest? (Johnson, Jackson, Jiminez). I am counting at least 9 likely combinations. Maybe that gets us down below 500 possibilities. Now that means a wild guess will have a 0.5% probability of being right.

        Billogic: A started some unspecified high school in 1980 and calls himself Sonoran Conservative. AHA. That means that he went to a high school with the word Sonoran in it and graduated from the same high school in 1984. (I’d rate that about 0% probability because most people have more important things to put on their resume than where they went to high school.) And apparently only one person graduated from that high school in that year with the initials MJ, a Michael Jackson. So A is Michael Jackson.


  9. Onlooker says:

    He might be infective, at least now after extended stay in the Woodland Stings roach motel.

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  10. Onlooker says:

    Although it looked to me like they might have moved again.

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  11. Onlooker says:

    Some one said something about cactuses, which aren’t where he thinks they are. I didn’t tune in to the podfail, but it wouldn’t surprise me he was too lazy to Wiki a climate.

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  12. sam says:

    I can’t say for sure that Bill was drunk when he made that podcast but for his sake I sure HOPE he was drunk. The contrast in speech between him live and him in his recorded “comedy” bits is startling.

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