Painted Into A Corner

Gosh, it really helps if when you FAILDoxx somebody that you make sure that yeah, you got things completely correct. Because if you really doxed somebody, you would probably know – they would be cursing you out, flailing about online like most of the SJW-types that I’ve observed.

But when your target does something like, oh, I don’t know, ignores you, or flat out laughs at you and trolls you, that bit of doubt starts to seep in, doesn’t it?

Bill Schmalfeldt is only coming to the realization that he skipped Step 2 in the process of determining who somebody was – i.e. actually matching up details correctly and logically without making wild leaps of assumption that can be broken with the slightest puff of air. You know, actually doing it properly instead of being under the influence of his good friend Johnny Walker. Because DAMN, that was some serious drunk rambling last night.

Instead of going back to the drawing board and making things concrete, he’s doubling down. He attempts to extort the intended victim into doxing HIMSELF! Hostage-taking of the victim. It always works! Right? Right?

Yeah, no.

The first few times Bill Schmalfeldt FAILDoxxed me, all I did was laugh. And point fingers. And laugh some more. And then worry that he was going to sue somebody that really wasn’t me. Because Bill Schmalfeldt is evil that way.

Paul Krendler laughs and laughs at Bill for all the times he’s supposedly been “nailed” by Bill’s awesome and astounding proof. And then Bill turns to make him into someone else. Very amusing.

And now there is MJ. Who is laughing at Bill. Tweeting Bill “confirmation” that his call actually went through! ZOMG! HIS FAX RANG!!!! If he only had a fax. *snort*

Bill can’t figure out if he really got it right or not. And it’s driving him crazy.

MJ doesn’t have to provide Bill a damn thing. And Bill knows it.

MJ is telling Bill Schmalfeldt to fuck off and die in the best way possible. And it’s ever so amusing to watch the monkey dance.

Flail, monkey, Flail! June 28 is coming up quick. Wouldn’t want you to miss your court date.


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13 Responses to Painted Into A Corner

  1. William Milkshakesphere says:

    Oh god, I’ve been getting phone calls from an 843 number. When I answer the phone, I hear heavy breathing from a single or multiple person and a bunch of slapping sounds. It’s like the 10th time so far. I think someone’s buttdialing me literally or perhaps falling on their phone?


    No one cares and won’t bother! That’s why we’re mocking you because you think you won the jackpot, Dumbfuck. Feel free to harass a sex offender and drag him into court in a separate suit. The judge is going to have fun with you and will rip up your “evidence” to shreds. If you want to believe that MJ = Krendler = Michael David Jackson, have at it. Again, that’s your problem, not ours. No one is required to prove you wrong contrary to what you think.

    Keep it up!

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    • William Milkshakesphere says:

      I think we can all rest easy that MJ will have to do neither. Good luck with your fail argument.

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      • gmhowell says:

        Maybe he’s getting confused with the case that required his pedo master (Brett Kimberlin) to prove that he (Brett) is not a pedo.

        It would take very little to explain to Billo the Clown why the situations are different, but the safe money is that he would either ignore it or not understand it.

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    • Boston Bob says:

      Denials don’t require proof. If the subject denies a story, then it is on you to show your evidence.

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      • JeffM says:

        Woeful Willie is not owed a personal response at all. No one has to deny to Willie what Willie says.

        In terms of mitigation of damages, a mere denial is sufficient. Of course, in a case of defamation per se, mitigation of damages may not even be relevant.


  2. gb420 says:

    Isn’t MJ also shorthand for marijuana? I’ve seen it used that way a lot.

    I don’t think its initials of a name at all.


  3. gb420 says:

    Two days he wasted faildoxing when he should have been preparing for the 28th.

    May younger raped in court harder than the cub scouts you fantasise about, you fat, Parkinson’s faking disgrace to any military uniform piece of.shit.

    May you lose weigh “the old fashioned way” hopefully for years before Satan finally calls you to hell, shitbag.


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