Rubicon Rising

Oh, so NOW we have reached the level of the Rubicon. I see. Literally shaking RN.

Let me put up a little bit of commentary about this:

  1. Let’s see. Harm. Contacting my ex-husband. Writing untrue/speculatory and defamatory things about myself, my daughter, my grandson, my boyfriend. Copyright infringement/theft. Suing me four separate times in four separate jurisdictions. Because I point and laugh at him.
  2. I don’t contact Bill Schmalfeldt. Unless it’s by accident. I leave him alone. I DO point and laugh at his public statements. In public.
  3. Bill has no clue what it actually takes to “cross the Rubicon”, let alone has probably never set foot near the Rubicon. I used to have as my daily driver a vehicle that crossed the Rubicon for breakfast (yes, all of the trail, no not a Humvee) and Bill wouldn’t know how to handle it. Like, ever. Metaphor FAIL.
  4. Just what, precisely, does Bill Schmalfeldt define as his “Rubicon”? Helpfully, he gave a nice Feltdown last night that might provide some clues. You can read it HERE if you don’t have a Twitter account/don’t want to bother looking up his Twitter stream.
  5. Yes, it is too late to stop. At least for Bill Schmalfeldt. A classic narcissist like him has to keep on trying to appear as if he is WINNING!!! even though the hole he keeps digging for himself keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
  6. He’ll lose.
  7. I’ll believe the “fight” when I see it.
  8. He won’t like what I’ll do if this latest LOLSuit actually gets served on me.

This week is going to be an excellent opportunity for much laughing and pointage. I will be busy during a lot of it, as I have a business trip to take in the middle of things, but I’m sure we can all manage to keep ourselves amused through it all.

Viva la mockificacion!


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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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31 Responses to Rubicon Rising

  1. gb420 says:

    He talks how he is willing to fight in one breath but I will bet whatever you want that the sand packed Parkinson’s FAKING valor STEALING pussy has an excuse why he can’t go to MD to fight in the next.

    Be cause lifelong pathetic societal leech who needs to take the cure. Desperately.

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  2. wjjhoge says:

    Alea iacta est.

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  3. Kyle Kiernan says:

    He doesn’t get that his basic shutuppery is the one of his most egregious harms he has tried to perform on lots of people. To tell me and threaten me and direct what I may or may not talk about in any way I please is an execrable act that attempts to deprive me of one of my most basic human rights and the perpetrator of such an attempt should be shunned and driven from the forum.

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  4. popcornseller says:

    With apologies in advance for the length of this comment –

    Bill Schmalfeldt:

    1. Cannot spell.
    2. Child pr0nographer.
    3. FAT! Very, very FAT!…bwahahahahaha!
    4. Parkinsons’ FAKER!
    5. “Certified forger?” Answer: YES!
    6. History of faking documents.
    7. Rapist, per comment by Roy Schmaldfeldt and proven by dismissal of LOLsuit WITH PREJUDICE (where he was charged with libel for saying same).

    NOT stalking behavior:
    1. Stealing a SSN that was never stolen.
    2. Photographing a vehicle in a parking lot.
    3. Asking readers to send PII that you publish yourself every day on the internet.

    NOT harassing behavior:
    1. Sending tweets to a general non-specific audience after you tell them to stop sending them to you. Did you notice no “@” in the comment?
    2. Threatening comments on your blog submitted by you, NOT by us.
    3. Sending yourself horseshit.
    4. Sending yourself a jail uniform.
    5. Running 5 public blogs for PLM when you do stupid DUMBF5CK things. Also NOT conspiracy.
    6. Telling the truth to get 9 restraining orders/harassment prevention orders in 5 different states by 5 different judges. And NO, a wink and a nod are NOT enough to make that happen.
    7. Pictures of Gail sent by you to your enemies. (Who does that, anyway? Good lord how stupid!)
    8. “Vandalism” to the tires on your vehicle that was actually due to your poor driving against the curb.

    Bill Schmalfeldt everyday behavior:
    1. Trying to get his enemies fired.
    2. Trying to get his enemies intimidated or to rollover by publishing PII.
    3. Trying to get his enemies humiliated by publishing true “embarassing” information.
    4. Trying to get his enemies humiliated by publishing false “embarassing” information.
    5. Trying to get his enemies humiliated by contacting their local media.
    6. Trying to get his enemies in trouble with Child Protective Services by filing false claims.
    7. Trying to get his enemies in trouble with local law enforcement by filing false claims.
    8. Trying to get his enemies “exposed” to their spouse, children, parents, family and friends in a futile effort to drive them away.
    9. Trying to get his enemy’s spouse raped by publishing their address and a video showing their house.
    10. Trying to get into his enemies personal lives by publishing true/false information about their financial history, about their divorce proceedings, about their children and about their spouses. All of which was previously *NOT* self-disclosed.
    11. Trying to get his enemies to give up additional PII by calling them and threatening them with additional “exposure.”
    12. Trying to get his enemies to give up additional PII by including them in ridiculous frivolous LOLsuits.
    13. Trying to get his enemies to give up additional PII by calling them under false pretenses, pretending to be someone else and/or by pretending to be a news reporter.
    14. Trying to get his enemies to give up by posting “anonymous” defamatory comments/photoshopped homoerotic pictures on their blogs – we know you’re the one doing this.

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  5. Toastrider says:

    Bill, the Steam Summer Sale is going on NOW.

    There are thousands of games, many of which are now for sale at prices cheaper than a bottle of JWR and will supply many hours of entertainment.

    Trust me. You’ll find more fun fighting digital hobgoblins than trying to fight the very real ones you’ve conjured with your real world antics.

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    • crawford421 says:

      “Oxygen Not Included” is fun for an early release, even if the outcome is foreordained. Bill could also try “Hunny Cam Studio”, though I don’t know if it has a more catering to his tastes.

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    • crawford421 says:

      Oh, and one that would be just up Bill’s, um, aisle: “Conan: Exiles”. Check out some of the YouTube videos to see why!

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  6. JeffM says:

    You remind me again that much of Wailing Willie’s problem is his refusal to distinguish between comments to him and comments about him, his refusal to distinguish between unfavorable and defamatory comments, and his refusal to distinguish between comments that purport to be factual and those that do not so purport. Comments that are not sent to him cannot be harassment. Comments that are facts or opinions about him cannot be defamatory no matter how unfavorable. Comments that are clearly not purporting to be factual (such as comments from a self-described zombie) cannot be defamatory.

    It is not that Woeful Willie is mentally incapable of making such distinctions. He just does not want to make them unless he finds it convenient to do so. He claims that it is not defamatory for him to call a certain man a pimp (though the man has never been convicted or even indicted for that) because Willie supplies factual information to justify his opinion.He also claims that it is defamatory for a different person to call Willie a child pornographer (because Willie has never been convicted or even indicted for that) though that person supplies factual information to justify his opinion.

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  7. Goalposts move around this guy. I watch this guy NOT because he has harmed me, but because he continues to hurt others. This “how have I hurt you” crap is silly.

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  8. paralleldino says:

    Correction: you misspelled “malignant” as “classic”.

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  9. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Lets see, he dragged me into to his drama by accusing me of being “Grace” then defamed me by claiming I was harassing him. He then lied and said I was talking to him and spilling the beans! He even lied and claimed my sister was talking to him. Further he contacted my local police. Not to mention all his harassing and unwanted emails, AFTER I told him to stop

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  10. LurkyLou says:

    I think the most succinct way of explaining Bill Schmalfeldt is that he is an Attention Whore. He constantly publishes blogs, books, podcasts and recordings that obviously nobody wants. He discovered (or was directed to find) a group of people online who were interested in the antics of Brett Kimberlin. He inserted himself into the group and turned his Asshole Troll levels up to max. He has had a few years of constant Attention now, and he is happy.

    He has no plan. He has no exit strategy. And his flameout is already in progress. He started with a lovely wife in a nice trailer in Maryland. Now, he’s in a fleabag motel, living with…something.

    You still have our Attention, Bill. Pointing, laughing and mocking every single day, with no foreseeable end in sight. I doubt this is how you thought this would all turn out.

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