I will explain my reasoning to the judge

There are reasons I am very reluctant to give my personal home address to William Schmalfeldt Sr. of Woodbridge Suites on Whitty Drive in Myrtle Beach, SC. They revolve around issues of personal security and safety based on the fact that each time I have never revealed my home address, Schmalfeldt has promulgated that address to his network of slime-covered operatives who use the information to stalk me and endanger my life and safety.


Schmalfeldt has previously posted pictures of my residence in Reidsville, as well as pictures of other people’s residences such as Dave Alexander, Agile Dog, Patrick Grady, Lynn Thomas and various and assorted sundry other people, all while claiming that he has a right to ANSWERS! AND ANSWERS RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE YOU WILL PAY!!!

Schmalfeldt posts these pictures, which are publicly available, true, and says that he wants people’s neighbors to investigate these people so that they can find out “what sort of a person” they are. As if salving Bill Schmalfeldt’s butthurt is the most important thing on the planet, ever.

And who can forget that time when Bill Schmalfeldt posted not only a picture of the outside, but the homeowner’s tour of the INSIDE of Lee Stranahan’s house, complete with creepy voice-over. This on top of posting the address while someone was tweeting that since Lee was out of town, someone should just go to his house and rape his wife, Lauren.


Oh, wait. I’ve never actually given Bill Schmalfeldt my address.


As an UNSERVED party in Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest LULZsuit, I do not as of yet have any responsibility to the court to keep them appraised of my current address. And for that matter, I don’t have any responsibility to a vexatious litigant like Bill Schmalfeldt (this is his fourth time suing me for butthurt) to provide them with my address. And even if I did provide Bill with my address, I am in no ways required to tell him when I moved.

Because it’s none of his business.

P.S. There’s this little thing at the top of the application for the 50C. You know, the complaint I filled out against Bill Schmalfeldt the last time he started contacting me and demanding things from me? It says, “Address of Plaintiff/Victim (Use Alternative Address if Afraid To Give Physical Address).”

Dumbfuck gotta dumbfuck!



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  1. lorddewclaw says:


    Fucking tool.

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  2. MJ says:

    I always love it when someone misrepresents themselves as an officer of the court.

    I bet the South Carolina District Court will love to hear about that.

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  3. gmhowell says:

    Bill posted pictures of my house. I think it’s out of jealousy. It doesn’t (and never did) have wheels attached. It has four walls not attached to a neighbor’s dwelling. It has enough land to bury his dick dented skull. What’s not to love?

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  4. WWFD says:

    So your saying Twitter Court does not have a right to your home address. This is my shocked face. Im wondering if the dumbfuck has done his due diligence required when suing a person with an active restraining order against them. Then again he is a dumb fuck so I would hazard a guess to say he hasn’t.

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  5. JeffM says:

    There is no point getting riled up because Diseased Willie’s latest LOLsuit will be dismissed in a few weeks just like all his others. He doesn’t take them seriously so none of us should (if by any chance he does take them seriously, then he is way stupider than I believe). Although I do not expect it to happen, the results will be spectacular if one of the as-yet-unserved defendants waives jurisdiction and counter-sues.

    My advice to Ash:

    (1) Get a new peace order, this time against both your former husband and Diseased Willy, the latter of whom is an associate of a convicted bomber.

    (2) Point at, laugh about, and mock Diseased Willy’s incompetence, both legal and general. But don’t waste the time getting angry: he is about as terrifying as a petunia.

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    • Oh he was. Petunia-like, that is. But since he revealed that he was lying about the extent, or existence, of his disability, he is revealed as someone far more capable of doing harm. To a toddler, or woman, or possibly a genuinely disabled person.

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      • Dr_Mike says:

        He swore he couldn’t drive. Then he could suddenly drive. Now he swears he can’t drive. But just two months ago? Maybe 2.5? He drove from Iowa, to South Carolina, and back. Then he moved to South Carolina. Do you believe that he honestly can’t drive today? Park along a curb, sure, but drive in general?

        And no word if he still has the AR-15. He’s certainly demonstrated horrible trigger discipline.

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  6. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews
    Replying to @breitbitnews @SheepleRage

    Her resume on Indeed shows she started working In Greensboro ALSO in November 2015./4
    8:52 AM – 5 Jul 2017

    . The only acceptable use of the IRP is for you to contact a Resume Owner through Indeed regarding a Job Listing or potential employment. No other uses of the IRP are permitted. Scraping the Indeed Resume database or using the Indeed Resume database for any other purpose except as allowed will result in legal action being taken against you.

    So he submitted false information to Indeed to get Ash resume, bill i need your phone #/ address in order to send that info to Indeed legal.

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  7. lorddewclaw says:

    Weapons free, motherfucker…

    People are SO done with your bullshit.

    You are about to get what you have been attempting to dish out…

    Times infinity.

    Enjoy, you fat POS.

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  8. onlooker says:

    He’s not an officer of the court UNLESS he is licensed counsel. No Pro-se exception. The officer part comes from passing the bar and being admitted to practice in the court.

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  9. onlooker says:

    Also that Fedrahl Case he keeps going on about – the only significance he even hopes for is that it will insulate him from sanctions for a frivolous claims barred by CDA sec 230 (which he has enough experience with to make him have to be making the frivolous claim on purpose). It doesn’t though, because that case doesn’t have anything to do with the one he filed.

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  10. Dr_Mike says:

    OK, this involves disclosing a bit of info, but here’s a plan:

    Get drunk. Write a letter to the court, stating that you are intoxicated.

    If you are both in the State of Intoxication, diversity issues ensue. And based on Bill’s writings…

    Oh, and IANAL.

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  11. Jeanette Victoria says:

    I’m going to state the obvious William Schmalfeldt is exceedingly creepy. I have this overwhelming need to shower just reading about him stalking. Just eww!

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  12. Mr E says:

    Someone help me out here…

    Reidsville: First Seen Jul 2015 Last Seen Nov 2015

    Greensboro: First Seen Jan 2016 Last Seen Jun 2017

    So, I need an answer, preferably before the heat death of the universe: Where, pray tell, was our hostess in December 2015? Why it’s almost as though these websites don’t actually know everything about everybody. It’s either that or Kyle gave her the use of the time machine for …purposes.

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  13. JeffM says:

    I do enjoy Diseased Willy going on about people needing to fear law enforcement because he, Willie the Witless, has reported himself to be a victim of a crime to the LAW and has legally compelling evidence of who was the perpetrator. I have not yet had a Postal Inspector show up at my door.

    No one cares about Wailing Willy’s threats of the police. They are laughable.

    First, few believe him. Based on his record of Internet statements, the probability that there was a crime of which he could possibly be the victim or for which he could possibly have any relevant evidence against anyone is very low. I seem to remember a time not so long ago when he identified someone as a child rapist. I believe the latest twist is that he knew that identification was untrue but said it any because … reasons.

    Second, if a crime was committed, the perpetrator knows who he or she was and is the only one who may worry whether the police give a rat’s ass or have any credible evidence. No one else at all cares what the police may or may not do.

    I am going to get Ash prosecuted for perjury because her current address differs from the address she gave when she and her grandson each got peace orders against me. That proves perjury. The state troopers will be after her in no time, and she will be terrified because I know more about where she lived than she does.

    DUMBFUCK does not begin to do justice to the pathetic failure that is Blustering Bill. The police will not care. He has a wish that Ash committed perjury and calls it evidence. And, as anyone with more than three firing neurons grasps, no one hauls ass off to go to court a different county when they can go to court in the county they actually live in.

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    • agiledog says:

      Bill Schmalfeldt tried to report me to my local Chief of Police for the crimes of Criminal Stalking and Harassment. He offered no actual proof other than his word. The Chief told him not to bother me any more. I also reported Bill to the Chief, for Harassment – I brought him copies of the emails Bill sent to me and my wife, and copies of the voicemails Bill left at my house. The Chief did nothing – needless to say, I was underwhelmed by the Chief’s actions.
      BTW, that Chief is about to lose his job for failure to follow town policies. I deny I had anything to do with that.

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      • My local police merely told me to get off the internet completely. I guess they don’t realize or care that some of us work or study or job hunt online and really can’t just get rid of our computers. Of course that particular officer also had only figured out the previous year that emails show the name the sender signed up with, not just their email address. /facepalm

        It’s really sad when I know more about basic technology then folks young enough to be my kids.

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  14. Worn out tires, a letter written years ago regarding another case, did our Zombie hostess lie about her address when she applied for a Peace Order nearly two years ago? These are the things which are occupying his time?

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  15. We’re gonna need a bigger urn clock.

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  16. Bill Schmalfeldt is one of the reasons the internet can’t be a nice place.

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  17. Monkeytoe says:

    Even if someone lies on such an application about their address – law enforcement and DAs are unlikely to spend any time pursuing it. It’s just not a “crime” they care about.

    Even more importantly, despite what the form says, for a statement to constitute perjury, it has to be a material statement. I.e., it has to be testimony under oath relating to the substance of the issue. It is highly unlikely that someone’s address would constitute a “material” fact.

    And, the form itself allows the person to use an alternate address if they are afraid. That is entirely subjective – it doesn’t state “if you are reasonably afraid” or some such, which would require an objective fear (i.e., you’d have to prove your fear was reasonable), it just says “Use Alternative Address if Afraid To Give Physical Address”, which leaves it entirely to the applicant’s subjective decision whether they are afraid. It is near impossible to prove what someone’s subjective emotional state was. Thus, it would be impossible to prove perjury even were the address considered “material”.

    So, not only is this so low down the totem pole of crimes that DAs or law enforcement care about that it is unlikely they would ever pursue it, it is also unlikely using the wrong address constitutes perjury even if Ash wasn’t really scarred and even if it were – it is near impossible to prove Ash’s subjective emotional state (i.e., prove that she was not really afraid).

    so, I’d put it at a less than 1% chance that law enforcement or any DA take any interest in this no matter how much Mr. Schmalfeldt screams.

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