Of Lawyers and Common Sense

Apparently there appears to be an equal dearth of both with Bill Schmalfeldt recently (always?).

  1. The last time Bill Schmalfeldt sued people, he got a lawyer paid for by the State of Illinois. After the consultation, the case was summarily dismissed. This new suit of Bill’s has essentially the same charges. Yet Bill scoffs and thinks “real lawyers” won’t defend those he is in opposition to?
  2. No more freebie amendments allowed. Somehow I know that all defendants will vigorously oppose any such amendment, seeing as how summonses have supposedly gone out.
  3. Seeing as how the “charges” against Eric have all been recycled from past butthurt lawsuits – and we all know how those went – I think it doesn’t take a genius to figure out just whose case is “doomed” or not.

It seems that Bill Schmalfeldt is impersonating a lawyer with his supposedly keen legal acumen. At least if you compare him to this:

Lawyers are like rhinoceroses: thick skinned, short-sighted, and always ready to charge.

David Mellor (b. 1949), British Conservative politician

Well, two out of three points isn’t all that bad. lol


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17 Responses to Of Lawyers and Common Sense

  1. MJ says:

    Obviously, all the lawyers that don’t agree with him are unreasonable and insane.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Delusions of competence and adequacy

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  3. Russ says:

    Dunning and Kruger would have a field day with this guy.

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  4. I can see the hanger marks on Shakey’s head. Right next to the dick dents.

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  5. JeffM says:

    I fear Diseased Willy does not understand lawyers. (1) When the court assigns a case to a lawyer at less than the normal billing rate and the lawyer is not overwhelmed by the equities, the lawyer will dump the case as soon is possible. (2) When a lawyer is getting the normal billing rate or above, the case will go on so long as the client will pay the freight. (3) If the lawyer is emotionally invested in the client’s case, it may go on longer than Jarndyce v. Jarndyce, regardless of fees.

    If someone got kicked to the curb by a conscripted attorney, that someone may not realize that lawyers do not typically abandon paying clients.

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  6. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Hooweee!!! Lookee that thur, he dun made a dick joke!!! That must some kine of sub-geeenyuss.

    Hoo ever wud think ov makin a dick joke their!!!woot!

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  7. Dianna says:

    I am not a lawyer, and I can see that this suit is doomed. He really needs to talk to a lawyer.

    Oh, well.

    Phone, pedicure chair.


  8. agiledog says:

    He showed the lolsuit to a real lawyer, and he had to render first-aid for sprained lulz muscles.

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  9. Mr E says:

    From his latest twitter rant:

    1) “God knows my heart.” Assuming he exists. And if he does? Pretty sure Bill’s fooked!
    2) “… with as little notice as I received …” As if Sarah wasn’t going to seek a restraining order/peace order/whatever the fuck they call it in NC.
    3) “… people … who take advantage of my status and my illness …” Too funny!

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    • JeffM says:

      First, some people do not believe that Diseased Willy has ANY physical illness except obesity; others do not believe that his physical illness is serious.

      Second, being physically ill, even seriously ill, is not a legal or moral excuse.

      Third, by Diseased Willy’s status, he likely means his alleged pauperism. Guess what, cupcake, when someone elects to fight with people, they will seize any advantage they can. If people are sued, they are very likely to hire attorneys to humiliate pro se litigants in court. In Willy’s case, he once got a free, court-appointed attorney (in light of his alleged status), who promptly told the court that Willy had no case. If by some chance, Willy meant his status as a persistent loser, again people who are provoked tend to fight back, which proceeds (as everyone except a persistent loser foresees) to another loss by the loser.

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  10. JeffM says:

    Oh and best of luck Ash.

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  11. Juiceman says:

    What he said!


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