If/Then Statements

Whenever Bill Schmalfeldt tries to explain why he’s done something, he never takes personal responsibility. It’s quite strange.

To wit:

If Lee would have answered me, Then I would not have harassed him. (See HERE.)

If Sarah would have answered me, Then I would not have harassed her. (See HERE.)

If Hoge would have shut up, Then I would not have added Doe defendants to my court case without a shred of allegation against them, then named them on my blog, still with nary a shred of allegations against them but promises that DOOM is coming. (See HERE.)

How about this instead.

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that he has the right to ask people questions that they have no obligation to answer. He thinks that he has the right to sue over butthurt. That’s all fine and dandy. (I mean, not really, but, you know. Work with me here!)

The problem is that it is BILL SCHMALFELDT who is doing these things.

Not Lee. He wasn’t doing anything. He just wasn’t answering Bill’s questions.

Not myself. I wasn’t answering questions either.

Not Hoge. He was just… well, commenting on the pickle Bill had gotten himself into naming Does in a Federal Lawsuit and being told by the Magistrate Judge that no, he had to have real names and addresses. Hoge didn’t walk over to Bill Schmalfeldt and say, “YOU MUST NAME NAMES NOW, MISTER!”

Bill Schmalfeldt does these things. And then he blames them on everybody else.

It’s the same problem happening over and over again. And he wonders why things just don’t get better for him. Perhaps if he took personal stock of himself, they would.

Here’s hoping!


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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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4 Responses to If/Then Statements

  1. “If only you hadn’t made me mad, sugar…none of this would have happened. Now get yourself some ice, and make me a sammich.”

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  2. Last I checked, I still have my wife, my home, and my job.

    “I couldn’t bring the doom today.. you know.. because of Parkinson’s.”

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  3. paralleldino says:

    False hope.

    Self awareness is what, fundamentally, malignant Narcissists fear the most. It’s so terrifying that they suppress and deny anything that threatens to draw their attention to their own behavior, character and personal responsibility.

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  4. Curiouser says:

    He has never taken responsibility for anything that he has ever done. I doubt he ever will.


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