Slow in the Thinking Department

Defendant: Mrs. Palmer, how much fear did these emails inspire in you. These contacts inspire in you.

Judge: Please answer the question, ma’am. What exactly did those emails have on you.

Petitioner: They began the minute I saw his name pop up. Instant tremors, cold sweat, umm, thinking Oh my GOD, he’s contacting me AGAIN. What on earth did he think that he has the right to do this.

Judge: Okay. Next question?

Defendant: Mrs. Palmer, do you see my name pop up on your internet screen every day?

Petitioner: Not as personal contact, No.

Defendant: Mrs. Palmer, do you believe that writing what I consider a hate blog directed at a person, a private citizen, a person whose life is of no concern to you, as being something that the person has no right to respond to?

Petitioner: I do not believe you have the right to personal contact, especially when *I* have not made personal contact.

Defendant: Mrs. Palmer, your blog has a comment section. I have tried contacting you through the comments

Judge: Was there a question here, sir?

Defendant: There’s going to be at the end. How is contacting you in your comments section any different than contacting you in any other way where you refuse to answer a simple question.

Petitioner: It is personal contact and I have requested before that you not contact myself or my family members personally. It is my blog. You are not allowed to comment on it due to circumstances where you were abusive to my other posters and where you attempted to post personal information…

Defendant: Entering facts not in evidence.

Judge: Is there another question, sir?

Defendant: Ah, um, ah, your honor, please give me a moment, I’ve, I don’t want to use this as a crutch, but I’m a little bit slow in the thinking department after almost 20 years of Parkinson’s Disease, Ahhh, which is a topic of discussion on Mrs. Palmers blog, whether or not I actually have it.


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40 Responses to Slow in the Thinking Department

  1. And poor in the preparation department, and in the empathy division, as well as the logic division.

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    • Toastrider says:

      His mind is like an empty mall, full of echoes and decay. Nothing in any of the departments or stores.

      The transcript amuses me, as Bill DEFINITELY did not want the judge to hear about our hostess’s decision to lock him out of the comments for abusive behavior and doxxing. Definitely NOT the kind of behavior you want paraded around when you’re trying to dodge a restraining order.

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    • I thought it was an extremely poor play on his part considering the presentation he gave at the beginning. He had already lost with the Judge and this was a pathetic attempt to get the judge to loosen up on him.

      His strategy was contingent on getting the blog on trial, had it actually been germane to the proceedings – almost as if he was using this opportunity to be the pro-se prosecutor for a case that will never make it to trial.

      Which is really the point in all this. His butthurt drives his thinking. He’s just slow in realizing it.

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  2. Lauren says:

    Ah, yes … playing the poor pitiful, feeble card. Right on time.

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  3. JeffM says:

    “A little bit” is a subjective measure, a matter of opinion. What are the objective possibilities about the degree of Willy’s stupidity?

    (1) He was lying (under oath) and uses his alleged stupidity as an excuse.

    (2) He is correct in his self-assessment that his stupidity is not extreme.

    (3) He is a victim of Dunning-Kruger Effect and truly is a DUMBFUCK.

    The evidence available to me for number 2 seems slim.

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    • onlooker says:

      Its just kind of amazing how he does not grasp he does not have a right to personally contact someone because they refuse to answer a question he has posed.
      If he is angry Sarah monitors what he says in public and quotes it, he can just write his query in his own little screeds. He can pound sand waiting for a reply.

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      • onlooker says:

        I mean, he is testifying she writes about what he publishes. Why should he have to make the effort to contact her personally in that case? Answer: he believes in the power of pestering, in ways the law will restrain.

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  4. gb420 says:

    I really, REALLY hope this BS about Parkinson’s gets called out once and for all. I for one am sick of his “selective stage eleventh when it suits him to play the card” crap.

    Seriously, we need to stop this scumbag before “parkinsons” becomes the new “lower back pain”.

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    • Toastrider says:

      The neighbor across the street has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). It’s heartrending to watch him slowly eroding the way he is.

      Bill should thank the creatures that exist between the stars that I do not have the power to wrench whatever life remains out of his flabby carcass and gift it to someone more deserving of it.

      It’s for the best that I’m mortal and human. I’d be a really crappy god.

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  5. sam says:

    “a little bit slow in the thinking department”

    Truer words were never spoken by Bill Schmalfeldt. People should feel free to use that phrase as often as possible.

    Sure he’ll whine “That’s being quoted out of context!” and one should then respond with “True. Please keep in mind the context: he said it while single handedly looking like a fool in front of a judge while in the process of talking himself into the latest of his double digits worth of restraining orders. Happy now, slappy?”

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  6. JeffM says:

    I am trying to think of a context that would make a difference.

    Maybe: “Of course, Hawking, I am a little bit slow in the thinking department today.”

    Unfortunately for Willy, the actual context is him losing a case to a “dim girl.”

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  7. Paul Krendler says:
  8. Grace says:

    “Defendant: Entering facts not in evidence.”

    Oh… blow it out your fat ass, Blob.

    However, note how the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt did refer to Ash’s brutal and true depiction of events as FACTS.

    I wonder if the fat freak has offered to urinate on any children lately.

    Sick bastard.

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  9. gb420 says:

    Victim: …You are not allowed to comment on [my blog] due to circumstances where you were abusive to my other posters and where you attempted to post personal information…
    Fakinsons: Entering facts not in evidence.

    LOL!! You fucktard!! This isn’t a trial with discovery. This is a hearing to defend why you think its okay to stalk people.

    Please take the cure before your delusions of legal grandeur come back to haunt you.

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  10. BusPassOffice says:

    hmmm perjury on the 17th…… hmmmmm

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  11. crawford421 says:

    When has he ever not used his “Parkinson’s” as a crutch? Hell, he used it as a feather bed!

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  12. Russ says:

    Rather than quote myself extensively, I’ll just point to my previous comment,
    comment at the Artisan Craft Blog, which concluded:

    “Short version: I think Bill is full of shit, based on my own experience with neurological Unpleasantness.”

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  13. I’ll help you out, Shakes. You’re a fucking idiot.

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  14. Pablo says:

    Defendant: Entering facts not in evidence.

    That why you ask questions, DUMBFUCK. To get stuff into evidence. You asked her a question and she answered it. There’s a lawyering rule about asking questions. I’ll bet someone over at AVVO could tell you about it.

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