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Ah, NOW Comes the Tarring and the Feathering

One of the hallmarks of the modern day Social Justice Warrior (and the classic narcissist – but I repeat myself) is that they cannot see criticism of themselves as anything but an attack on their identity, rather than who they … Continue reading

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In Case You Wondered As You Go Through Life

Today is Thursday November 16, 2017. At 21 minutes past the hour, this was the top front page of the US Edition of There is only one reason this post exists, and why it is post-dated by two months: … Continue reading

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So, Why Does He?

Motivation. Why do we do the things that we do? Bill Schmalfeldt seems to think that people don’t understand his motivations. And that people are incorrect when the say that he projects his motivations onto others. But, is that the … Continue reading

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It Is A Puzzlement

You think that people tend to learn as they grow older from experience. That if they just think things through, they will come to at least a semi-logical conclusion about a state of affairs even if they don’t or never will … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Even

What’s with this “we” shit, paleface? I think the voices in his head have gotten to be too much. All that PD Dementia, yannow.

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The Delusion is Stunning

Bill Schmalfeldt has sued Eric Johnson several times. The results of those suits? Either dismissed with prejudice by Bill himself, or dismissed by the courts because Bill fails to make a case properly. BUT! THIS TIME! IS! DIFFERENT, DAMMIT! In … Continue reading

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How Interesting

Says the man who has more banned Twitter accounts than any one person can possibly remember without a spreadsheet.

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