It Is A Puzzlement

You think that people tend to learn as they grow older from experience. That if they just think things through, they will come to at least a semi-logical conclusion about a state of affairs even if they don’t or never will have all of the facts.

But not with Bill Schmalfeldt.

Last night, in a Feltdown ™ of epic proportions, Bill has read between the lines and decided that he knows things that he just knows and has decided to DO THINGS to PROVE that … well… see for yourself:


(Pssst! I think a lawyer understands completely the costs associated collecting on debts as well as the costs associated with an appeal. They’re kind of normal to him. You see, he’s a LAWYER, you know.)

Bill goes on in this vein for a while. Because really, this is all a fit of jealousy Bill is having – a lawyer will represent us for free but not him – and it’s just not fair! Wah!

But then, THEN he reveals his BRILLIAN IDEA! He’s gonna tattle on John Hoge!  And then he (and by extension me and the others as well) won’t have a lawyer no more! You’ll see! *insert evil twirl of moustache*

There’s a problem with everything that Bill is asserting. Well, more than one, but I get exhausted thinking about how many problems I could point out about the whole thing, so I won’t. But first and foremost, is his assumption that Mr. Nettles is entirely unfamiliar with the actions John Hoge takes in regards to the lawsuit in Maryland.

In fast, last night in a post over on Sonoran Conservative, John let a little tidbit drop.

You see, Mr. Nettles is a regular reader of Hogewash.

Wait, what? You don’t say!

Well, yes, I do say, and yes, I already knew about that. As well as a lot of other things that one knows when one is in a client/lawyer relationship. It goes with the territory.

And as for the rest of the things Bill thinks he gets to know about? Yeah, he doesn’t get to. Because it’s none of his business. Just like it was none of his business when I moved. And we all know what happened when he pressed me trying to figure that out.

This time the information is also completely, utterly BARRED from his knowledge by a little thing known as PRIVELEGE.

So he can fume and fuss and stomp his feet as hard as he wants. He won’t get the answers he thinks he should.

Isn’t is just terrible?

Makes you wonder what the repercussions of Bill sending that silly little jealousy-laden email will be. Somehow I think that some of his costs are going to go up. Ooopsie poopsie!




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21 Responses to It Is A Puzzlement

  1. Juiceman says:

    Oh My!

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  2. At the very least, the email will reinforce the idea that Bill Schmalfeldt is a talented pro se, mature individual, and a force to be reckoned with. Nothing says “impressive” like tattling.

    Oh crap. Now I’m gonna be on report.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Bill is just blowing smoke. Even he wouldn’t be dumb enough to send an email like that to opposing counsel. The ramifications would be…… interesting.

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  4. “…he wouldn’t be dumb enough…”

    TOLF, you’re just plain funny.

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  5. Russ says:

    Even a pro bono attorney is going to track his billable hours.

    Congrats, Dumbfuck – you just added to the bill you’re going to owe after the countersuit.

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  7. Mr Minority says:

    I can just imagine the Fat Fuck TeeHeeHeeing as he wrote that lame ass dumbfuck screed.
    He thinks he has pulled a fast one on John and the rest with this Acme Law Legal maneuvering. Little does he know that Mr Nettles is PLMing him with the rest of us.

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  8. IIRC Bill once said that Bobber was the retarded one.

    I think Bill got it wrong. (as per usual)

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  9. The Shoveler says:

    Its all projection. Since Cabin Boy is a grifter deadbeat, he thinks everyone is.

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  10. Dr_Mike says:

    Oh, I suspect your attorney expects to be paid…

    When All the Cool Lawyers are sitting around the bar, drinking fairly topish shelf single malt, I expect him to say “well that’s all well and good but let me tell you about this one pro-se dumbfuck I opposed pro-bono. I’d already been following the blog, I was in before anyone even asked Ken for a Popehat…”

    OK, I can dream… The point being, honor (and honor “you owe me a beer”) is a powerful motivator for/that people that Bill does not understand.

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