Ah, NOW Comes the Tarring and the Feathering

One of the hallmarks of the modern day Social Justice Warrior (and the classic narcissist – but I repeat myself) is that they cannot see criticism of themselves as anything but an attack on their identity, rather than who they actually are and what they actually do. Their identity within social groups and the supposed virtue signaling it conveys means more to them than what they have actually done.

Conversely, they believe that if they attack the perceived identity of their foes, they are actually attacking a real person rather than a strawman. In today’s political climate, the use of this tactic has successfully driven people from public for completely invalid reasons, because when a mob is called down on you because of whatever flavor of the month outrage, the mob doesn’t stop to ask questions, they just like to mow you over.

This is why, after a multi-year, drawn out internet slap fight with people over his own personal behavior, rather than the identity he claims, Bill Schmalfeldt is once again trying to associate identity politics with very, very personal mockification of his online antics.

Sorry, not #hateforthedisabled. A more appropriate hashtag would have been #mockificationofperpetualoversharer. But that just doesn’t carry the same level of malevolence, does it?

Considering he is being mocked by fellow veterans, people who have retired from careers just as awesome as being a journalist, people who have careers just as good as being a writer/editor for the NIH… so fucking what?

Ahhh! Now we see it. Because *some* of us hold conservative beliefs (actually, we are quite the rainbow around here and we all manage to get along quite nicely), we are now Alt-Right. And because the Orange One is in office, that means that “we” are coming to “get your healthcare.” The proof of this is because we love to mock Bill Schmalfeldt. Alrightey then!

Bill Schmalfeldt says that *WE* are the dimwits? Now who is self-described as “slow in the thinking department?” Hmmmm…

And there it is. I’m supposedly a neo-Nazi who is going to take away healthcare from everyone. Why? Because I believe that Bill Schmalfeldt is eminently mockable out of all the people in this country for his personal actions. That Bill Schmalfeldt should be called out for his abuse of his “symptoms” of supposed Parkinson’s disease based on his very public sharing of information that tends to make someone think that maybe he doesn’t actually have the disease.

Riiiiight. Okay then.

You can’t make this shit up.


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48 Responses to Ah, NOW Comes the Tarring and the Feathering

  1. theman9876 says:

    This reads of desperation, did someone get some bad news about a certain legal matter? Hum. What is his target audience for this idiotic crap?

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  2. The two people who met him did so during Peace Order hearings which he lost! It’s not as if any one of us voluntarily met the guy.

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  3. Does this seem normal to anyone? Exhibits 1-4: I want it all Doug, the Daily Kos essay, and two different cub scout comedy recordings…
    Anyone? Anyone? Does this seem normal?

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  4. I’m not alt-right if I’m anti-Schmalfeldt. Most everyone who knows this guy is anti-Schmalfeldt. Just ask Ken White (not a conservative) and members of Daily Kos. There are people from all spectrums he’s pissed off and he deserves ridicule and mockery 24/7.

    Schmalfeldt is just an evil idiot. He created his own reputation and calling out others using progressive pejoratives does nothing to rehabilitate his reputation.

    He is just another con-artist appropriating liberal culture.

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  5. The Shoveler says:

    The grifters are trying to attract more suckers to their con. It is failing abysmally as usual.

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  6. crawford421 says:

    I don’t deny the existence of Parkinson’s. I doubt Schmalfeldt has it, or at least has it to the degree he claims, because those claims come and go as convenient.

    Actual illness isn’t convenient.

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  7. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Ok a piece of advice freely offered. IF you do not want people to comment on your life style, cheap objects you acquire, or stupid things*** that you do then do not post it on the web for the whole world to know about.

    ***you know malicious law suits, bad books, pictures of so called loved one not at their best.

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  8. gmhowell says:

    Bill chooses to live off of my generosity. That gives me the right to be circumspect.

    And conservative? Please, classical liberal, as embodied by the Enlightenment, not Chairman Mao’s little red book.

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  9. popcornseller says:

    Keep monsters like these obsessed neo-Nazis…
    Only two in this Klan have met me.

    Let’s see, we have neo-Nazi and Klan, but the lying, racist, misogynist coward Bill Schmalfeldt forgot Hitler and white supremacist.

    Let’s see, did I miss a few? Oh yeah, going for the Google bomb, the stolen valor, Parkinson’s faking rapist Bill Schmalfeldt.

    As Grace would say:


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  10. Is that how google bombs work? You repeated how Bill has been accused of stolen valor based on documentation, accused of rape and then dismissed that lawsuit with prejudice, and appears to be faking Parkinson’s; and if sone enough times goes to top of google search results?

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  11. Boston Bob says:

    It’s funny that he says these things like everything just happened, completely out of the blue, and he did nothing. He was just sitting at his computer one day and suddenly people hated him! For no reason! By golly, he can’t think of a single reason why anyone would say a bad word about him!

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    • Golly gee whilliker! That was just awful, Bob, how those mean people up and started hating on him! Why, it couldn’t have been because they didn’t like how he threatened that one lady with CPS if she didn’t tell him what he wanted her to. It CERTAINLY couldn’t have been because he photoshopped that lady as being on top of a penis. It DEFINITELY couldn’t have been because he tormented a mother over the stillbirth of her child. Oh no, it couldn’t have been, now could it?

      Nope. It’s all because he’s disabled. That must be it.

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  13. Mr Minority says:

    We don’t hate the Fidiot because he has “PD”, we hate him because he is vile human being!

    He cyberstalks children!

    He faked his PD to get his deceased wife do all the work he was too lazy to do, and to try and win sympathy from the Courts and the internet. That alone is worthy of our loathing of him!

    He lies about everything, service medals unearned, his so called accomplishments in journalism, his PD, his slashed tires…..!

    He has written homoerotic stories about minor children, and he has stated publicly he wants to pee on them!

    This list is long, but using his fake PD to win sympathy is disgusting!!!

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  14. w says:

    Never having met the DumbF5ck, I dislike Schmalfeldt intensely.

    It’s not his childish politics. It’s not his oversharing. It’s not Bill Schmalfeldt’s whining, poor fashion sense or (even-) poorer judgement that bothers me. I can even overlook the criminal cohort he claims as friends.

    It’s Bill Schmalfeldt’s doxxing. Not enough to engage in a stupid internet slap fight and enjoy the bon mots along with the insults… When Bill Schmalfeldt doxxes anybody he uses the personal info to reach out to spouses, family and employers with deliberate intent to cause personal harm. People who aren’t involved in the fight. That’s reprehensible. It’s evil.

    Smacks of being a tattle tale: http://chicagoboyz.net/archives/55973.html#more-55973

    It’s a personal failure and show’s what a truly miserable person Bill Schmalfeldt is.

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    • Russ says:

      The doxxing, and the “I’ll get Child Protective Services interested in you” schtick he’s tried. For that by itself, may he die slowly, painfully, and alone.

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      • Mr Minority says:

        “…may he die slowly, painfully, and alone.”

        How did you know what I wished for before I blew out my Birthday candles?

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      • Grace says:

        “The doxxing, and the “I’ll get Child Protective Services interested in you” schtick he’s tried. For that by itself, may he die slowly, painfully, and alone.”

        Exactly, Russ. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempts to have numerous children removed from their homes, and taken away from their parents, is pure evil beyond all measure. If he had been successful, the emotional and mental fallout for these children would have been horrific – not to mention the unfortunate possibility that exists for children to endure physical and sexual abuse in some foster home settings… trauma they would carry with them for the entirety of their lives.

        Bill Schmalfeldt tried like hell to break up families. Bill Schmalfeldt tried like hell to put parents in a position where they would have to fight a very fucked-up system to regain custody of their children. Bill Schmalfeldt tried like hell to have children’s lives destroyed.

        Speaking of Hell… the evil monster that is Bill Schmalfeldt is living his pathetic and worthless and hate-filled life trying like hell to reserve a seat for himself. May he burn for the abuse he has tirelessly heaped onto good-and-decent people – and their children, their parents, their friends, and their livelihoods.

        Bill Schmalfeldt is nothing more than pure, unadulterated EVIL and HATE. The world will be a far, far better place the very day this malevolent creature ceases to exist.

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        • Toastrider says:

          The way I hear it, Lucifer has a special place all lined up for Bill.

          Looks kind of like a hazmat crate, or the containers they use to transport plutonium.

          After all, even Satan can’t have Bill stinking up the place with his body odor. There’s some decorum to be maintained, even in Hell.

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