Does He HAVE to Hand Me the Clue-By-Four?

It’s almost as if Bill Schmalfeldt just looooves getting hit over the head with things that he, himself has done. He must really love the pain of blunt, heavy objects crushing his skull. Such a shame.

Over at Billy Boy Unread (have a SAFE LINK) The World’s Most Journalistic Integrity Reporter (I just made that title up for shits and giggles) is raising his skirts about one news reporting agency having issues with the tactics used by another news reporting agency to get to a story.

Wait. You mean journalists don’t have the objective of tormenting, harassing and slut-shaming the victim? Unlike that time when Bill Schmalfeldt tried to torment, harass and slut-shame the lady whose kids he threatened to call CPS on? If I remember correctly, he said she was a slut who he thought had sex in front of her children and he was GOING TO TELL THE WORLD unless she gave him WHAT HE WANTED.

Oh wait! Not that time?

How about the many times when Bill Schmalfeldt tried to torment, harass and slut-shame many of the victims of his own, persistent, vicious, harassing, and yes, libellous lawfare all in the name of his particular brand of JOURMINALISM? Like saying I’m a promiscuous slut, that my father molested me, that Eric’s done unthinkable things with his daughters, photoshopping John into gay porn, and many, many other sickening things?

You mean those just don’t count? You don’t say. Color me surprised.

Oh! And that shot about real reporters not sitting on their well-fed heineys? Waiting for juicy things to come to them? Who was he more accurately describing? The person in the mirror or the one at the actual journalism website?

Do we know any “real” jourminalists like that? Hmmmm.

Bill Schmalfeldt does exactly what he claims others do. And does it in even nastier ways. And for more prolonged periods of times.

He is no journalist.

He should stop trying to claim their mantle of ethics. And stop criticizing things that he does himself. It would be a better look for him.



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5 Responses to Does He HAVE to Hand Me the Clue-By-Four?

  1. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    Ash, that was an appropriately brutal and true depiction of events.

    Liked by 11 people

  2. BusPassOffice says:

    What he did to Lynn, Lauren, Nancy, Dee, Grace, as well. He’s a big fucking man picking on small children and women, advocating rape and child porn……

    Liked by 3 people

  3. How much can one reporter accomplish on a single charge of the scooty puff?

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  4. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Has bill shmalfeldt ever in his life done any real reporting i.e. gone out and found people to interview then verified their accounts? All the real reporter I know started out on the police beat going to crime scenes.

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