Well, well, well, well!

Lookie what today is. Today is the anniversary of the day Brave, Brave Sir William, who Bravely Ran Away from the mean, icky, awful Patrick Grady.

Bill Schmalfeldt had filed a Peace Order petition against Grady, over a nothingburger – typical of Schmalfeldt’s suits in this arena. And instead of meeting his horrendous foe, Brave Sir William Bravely Ran Away, while Grady flew in from Chicago to attend the hearing and got the damn thing thrown out. On it’s ass. John Hoge wrote about it this morning as well HERE.

And just WHAT does Our Boy Bill think of people that are cowardly? Why he wants them to come out from under the porch!

And when someone actually *does* just that and boards an airplane to face him and his fucking  lies down? Bill Schmalfeldt cowers like the pussy he is.

Always has. Always will.


I absolutely adore how Bill whines about meeeeean Grady in his tweets about this reminiscing. Who would have thought that actual follow through on an actual real harassment claim would get you a real live peace order. But because Grady considered getting one in Maryland as well, apparently that’s too much and just cowardly too. *snort*

Bill Schmalfeldt is the coward he calls other people. Always has been. Always will be.


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14 Responses to Well, well, well, well!

  1. He sure does run away a lot. Ran away from Wisconsin. Couldn’t get out of Iowa fast enough. Moved five times in the 6 months he’s been in South Carolina.

    Wonder why?

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  3. He can run far and fast for a man with no kneecap.

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  4. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    cross posted at TMZ
    So 3 years ago bill had Patrick Grady in a courtroom were if he had just showed up he could have asked him under oath if he was Krendler. This is proof that all bill is interested in is harassment.

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    • John “Minemyown” Doe says:

      Just think about that for a moment. If Patrick Grady is not Krendler–the odds are that he is not–means that Grady has a pretty much open and shut counter claim against bill in a law suit that bill has already paid the fees* for.

      *See FRCP 54

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  5. Mr Minority says:

    No one takes Bwilly “I like to Pee on Children” Scham(whatever) seriously. He is a blow-hard, we know it, and he knows it deep down inside. We Point, Laugh and Mock him because he is a menace to society, if he wasn’t, we would just ignore him like week old road kill on the side of the super highway of life.

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  6. Russ says:

    True story…. When I was stationed in Korea back from ’88 through ’90, we spent a lot of time roaming the countryside near the DMZ in our Humvees, familiarizing ourselves with the terrain which we might have had to defend. Being an assistant team leader at the time, I was often tasked go off with one of my troops and a map, and look for good locations we might in future need for deploying our electronic warfare teams.

    (I have a point, just bear with me here.)

    On one of these expeditions, we were trying to find a way up a promising-looking hill that would be navigable by vehicle. Now, the Humvee was (and is) an extremely capable hill climber, but we were just not finding a way up the hill. Eventually, we decided to take a break for lunch, and drove to the farm village at the foot of the hill, where we could break out our MREs and maybe trade them with the locals for some *real* food. (The Korean villagers *loved* MREs – high caloric value, and they keep for years.)

    Seeing a likely looking spot, I told the driver to pull off the side of the dirt road onto what looked like a shoulder. As we did so, the Humvee took on a distinct list to starboard. I looked out the window, and saw our wheels were up to the axles in what looked like mud. Well, we were already muddy from having hiked around a bit earlier in the day, so without excess worry, I got out of the vehicle, and was up to my knees in goop.

    (I’m getting to the point. Trust me.)

    It was then that the smell hit me.

    You see, in Korea, one’s nose gets used to filtering out a lot of the smells. It was, at the time (and may still be, for all I know) a place where the workers in the rice paddies didn’t have outhouses to go to… they would just drop trou and do their business right there in the paddy. So, you eventually just sort of tune it out.

    But what hit me at that moment was like nothing else I’d experienced. It was like a brick made of pure stink hit me in the head. As I looked around, I saw that where we had pulled over was in fact a chicken farm or ranch or whatever you call it. And what we had parked in, and what I was up to my knees in, was the output of thousands of chickens. The “shoulder” of the road we had pulled off onto was a collection point… look, my grandfather raised chickens, hundreds of them, but I had never ever seen so much chicken shit in my life.

    I thought that was the damned gold standard for chicken shit.

    Until I heard about Bill Schmalfeldt. The biggest chicken shit of them all.

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  7. Mr Minority says:

    The Atomic Clock in Colorado is the Standard in which all time measuring devices are calibrated to. The NIST has gold standards for all physical measuring devices, and NOW! Myrtle Beach, SC has the Chicken Shit Gold Standard in one Bwilly Schmal(whatever).

    Question of the Day: How many Chicken Shits equals a Cowardly Pussy?

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  8. agiledog says:

    An anonymous handle? How about:

    John Hoge
    Dave Alexander
    David Edgren
    George Howell
    Sarah Palmer
    Robert Stacey McCain
    Ken White
    Scott Hinckley
    Micheal Rodriguez (sp? Sorry MJ)
    Mike Moore
    Jeanette Runyon

    That’s at least a dozen people who are known who have called out Bill Schmalfeldt as being one of the biggest asshole in the world. And when you have both Ken White AND Robert Stacey McCain calling you out, you pretty much know that you are a complete turd.

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