Same Old Song. Same Old Dance.

My lord, doesn’t he get so damn TIRED of saying the same things? The same threats of ominous DOOOOOOM that he will rain from the heavens unless you apologize/retract/follow him/DM him/crawl on your belly and beg for forgiveness.

Nope. Not our Bill Schmalfeldt.

Same old tired song and dance. It never, ever changes.

Let’s list for Bill Schmalfeldt the points that myself, MJ, Paul Krendler and many, MANY others have used to inform our belief that Bill Schmalfeldt does NOT have Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt claims to have a progressive, neurological disease that IN HIS OWN WORDS as well as in the medical texts, NEVER GETS BETTER. EVER!
  2. Bill Schmalfeldt has a typical surgery done earlier than normal in Parkinson’s patients.
  3. During said surgery, according to Bill Schmalfeldt’s own account, he had higher than normal responses to certain stimuli and that the doctors were slightly amazed. (Hmmm.)
  4. At least two years after he has this groundbreaking surgery that requires adjustments in the sensors that were implanted in his brain, Bill Schmalfeldt, over-sharer extraordinaire, stops mentioning that he’s being monitored and/or adjusted. Then he reports that it’s turned off entirely. (Hmmmm.)
  5. In 2015 Bill Schmalfeldt self reports that he is SO DISABLED by his progressive neurological disease that he is confined to a wheel chair and that possibly going out of doors will KILL HIM!!! And says so to a judge. (Interesting. Let’s put a pin in this, shall we?)
  6. Bill Schmalfeldt proceeds to get better, does things like move halfway across the country, move to multiple states, start driving again (something that he gave up because his Parkinson’s had gotten too bad to allow him to do any longer according to him). (Hmmmmmmmm.)
  7. Bill Schmalfeldt claims, YET AGAIN, that he has gotten terribly awfully bad, that he can’t sit up, that he has to be in bed, that you are KILLING HIM by making him appear in court. (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)
  8. Bill Schmalfeldt recovers enough to travel more than half way across the United States, by BUS, at least once if not twice, and then again to travel to several other states to GET PAYING JOBS. (Oh, now you are just really fucking with us, right?)

Now. Based on this chain of events, all from Bill Schmalfeldt’s mouth – some of which is documented in the courts of several states, others of which is documented in his self-published books, others in his multitude of Twitter accounts and blogs – any rational human being has to COME TO A FULL STOP and ask themselves a question:

Does Bill Schmalfeldt actually have Parkinson’s disease? And one that came on suddenly and is currently at STAGE FOUR. The stage where one needs a constant caretaker according to medical books.

Logic says OH HELL FUCK NO. Now, Bill Schmalfeldt DOES have something wrong with him, but it sure as hell isn’t Parkinson’s Disease.

But you know what? I’m not a doctor. And neither is Bill Schmalfeldt. And the ONLY way to actually prove that Bill Schmalfeldt has Parkinson’s Disease is for him to die and his brain to be examined.

So yeah. Good luck with getting MJ to retract his belief that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have Parkinson’s Disease. Ain’t happening. And on top of it? It’s not actionable in a court of law and Bill Schmalfeldt knows it.

P.S. Where is Onyx, Bill?

P.P.S Doom clocks are just so passe.

P.P.P.S. I totally agree with Krendler and his sentiments HERE.


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10 Responses to Same Old Song. Same Old Dance.

  1. Kyle Kiernan says:

    What kind of dipshit thinks that pictures of him in a room full of people is some kind of proof he has a disease he is obviously faking?

    Maybe he thinks that because they were not visibly repulsed by him that it counts.

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  2. This time, he’s really going to push that boulder up the mountain with his face, HONEST!

    While observing his epic failures with a grin as wide as Texas may not be the most worthwhile of pursuits, it is ENTERTAINING AS FUCK.

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  3. The Shoveler says:

    Its no surprise that his “proof” is ….. not proof of anything at all particularly.

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  4. One day, I’m going to marry you.

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  6. Same old song, same old dance, did Billy Boy just shit his pants- (again)?

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  7. Pablo says:

    Logic says OH HELL FUCK NO. Now, Bill Schmalfeldt DOES have something wrong with him, but it sure as hell isn’t Parkinson’s Disease.


    Fortunately, it’s terminal.

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