The Schmycle Continues

I’ve been playing catchup reading a bunch of the blogs of TFS and finding out what our boy Bill Schmalfeldt has been up to. It’s hard when you are creating a successful REBRANDING of yourself and how you bring home the Benjamins. Doesn’t leave much time for pointing, mocking and laughing, but a girl has got to let her brain decompress sometimes.

Obviously Bill is marching down his “I’m gonna sue YOU and YOU and I HAVE FIGURED THIS LOLSUIT FILING CRAP OUT and you are going to go DOWN!” road and we shall see what we shall see as the fallout from that. No matter what, lulz will be harvested and the proper exercises must be undertaken to avoid the cry of “MEDIC!”

Two posts that have stood out to me recently have come from Krendler HERE (a parody post of what Bill Schmalfeldt posted HERE) and from John Hoge HERE. Between these posts, there is something that can be gleaned. Something that proves, yet again, that the Schmycle of Fail is still alive and well.

Bill is posturing, and saying that he has FINALLY figured out what he needs to do to properly file a lawsuit against those who have committed butthurt against him. That he KNOWS WHERE HE HAS TO FILE! Finally!

While this sends me into giggles because it’s gonna be funny no matter where he files, there’s something Bill has forgotten.

That 2014 lawsuit? The one that started us down the path of lolsuits full of fail? It’s chock full of goodies that Bill Schmalfeldt has failed to learn from that are even farther reaching than mere jurisdiction and filing in the correct court.

Sandwiched in between the frequent refrains of “Hoge is only doing this to make sure that I end up dead or even more disabled than my current worstest of the worst stage Parkinsons!” there is this little gem in the section where he is detailing the butthurt Stacy McCain has done him:

Bill Schmalfeldt has claimed since at least 2014 that he has been unemployable because employers do a Google search before hiring. Back then he was blaming someone else for it. But now someone else is responsible?

That’s gonna be a stone cold bitch for him to overcome in a new lolsuit. Here’s to watching Bill try!

Keep up with your stretching routines everone. This blog doesn’t pay for physical therapy after strained muscles.


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15 Responses to The Schmycle Continues

  1. It shall continue, evergreen, until the cure is taken.

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  2. Russ says:

    “… history with Parkinson’s disease [sic] research and fundraising….”

    That right there is some comedy gold.

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  3. Dianna says:

    Even if he does find a job, he gets himself fired in short order. No one else has to lift a finger.

    Phone, train.

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  4. w says:

    Doesn’t Kyle (still) have the time machine?

    Perhaps he could go back and grab a screen cap wherein Schmalfeldt declares his intentions post-LOLSuit VIII. Win or lose.

    Bill can’t stick to a plan, any plan including his own, much less a identity over any length of time. Maybe there IS something to that Parkinsons-thing. But, nah. More likely just pure dumbfuckery.

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  5. Kyle Kiernan says:

    “…still having skill as a writer…”
    How can he get away with such blatant perjury in a legal document?
    The sentence itself condemns his having skills as a lie.

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  6. agiledog says:

    The more important question is: how come he is seeking employment of any kind after leaving said employment with a disability that prevented him from doing such work? Either he really is ill, and is lying to potential employers about his ability to perform the job they are looking to fill, or he was lying when he said he was too ill to perform it so many years ago (and was defrauding the taxpayers for taking disability all these years).

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  7. JeffM says:

    It is always interesting to see what new theory Willie dreams up. It’s not that his legal theories are well grounded: I seem to remember that he tried to sue in Wisconsin for a tort that is not recognized there. (I hope someone will correct me if I have remembered incorrectly.) No. It’s just the opposite. His theories are so absurd that one is placed in awe of incompetence of such magnificence. And is it not true that he dismissed with prejudice his own claim that he had been defamed by an accusation of rape?

    I may well not remember details so implausible, but did he not try to assert jurisdiction in South Carolina for acts alleged to have happened outside of South Carolina before he lived in South Carolina and allegedly committed by people who did not live in South Carolina on the basis of a case that was moved to South Carolina because both plaintiff and defendant did live in that state?

    I cannot wait to see how saying that X does not have a particular disease can be defamatory at all. It may be incorrect, but no one’s reputation is damaged by being declared healthy.

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