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Rubicon Rising

Oh, so NOW we have reached the level of the Rubicon. I see. Literally shaking RN. Let me put up a little bit of commentary about this: Let’s see. Harm. Contacting my ex-husband. Writing untrue/speculatory and defamatory things about myself, … Continue reading

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Bill Schmalfeldt, Casual Racist

The minute Bill Schmalfeldt decided MJ was a real, honest-to-God, dyed-in-the-wool Hispanic, his racist tendencies crept out. (Yes, yes, I know Hispanic is not a race. But Bill doesn’t.) If Bill Schmalfeldt thinks you’re white, you get called “white” terms. … Continue reading

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Don’t Think This Was The Response Bill Thought He’d Get

But then again, Bill Schmalfeldt is a DUMBFUCK who can’t be arsed to learn from history. Our good friend MJ has this response to being FAILDoxxed by Bill. It can be found in all it’s glory HERE. Seriously, go read … Continue reading

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Painted Into A Corner

Gosh, it really helps if when you FAILDoxx somebody that you make sure that yeah, you got things completely correct. Because if you really doxed somebody, you would probably know – they would be cursing you out, flailing about online … Continue reading

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The FAILDOXX is Strong with This One

Oh noes! Bill Schmalfeldt got himself another scalp! It’s going to be just AWFUL! Pfffft! Who am I kidding. No, it’s just going to be more LULZ for us! Based on three little pieces of information – a year someone … Continue reading

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Because seeing the “proof” of how Bill Schmalfeldt got his latest faildoxx is going to be popcorn-worthy. I wait with baited breath to see the “proof.” Because it will be ever so awesome. Just like the “records” of the non-existant … Continue reading

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When Bill Steps on His Crank…

Never let it be said that he doesn’t do it whole-heartedly. And with a huge helping of playing the blame game. In Bill’s umpteenth zillionth time “proving” that he isn’t guilty like he admits he is because, reasons, Bill Schmalfeldt … Continue reading

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