Times, They are a’ cha-a-angin’!

November 5th? That was then:

Oh, wait, no. My mistake!

October 10th. THAT was then:

And only after THAT was then, THEN this was then:

But all of this was THEN.


It’s a peculiar (one might even call it “queer”) definition that Bill Schmalfeldt has for “good boy.”

It’s apparently enough for him to perceive himself as being a fraction less than a COMPLETE JACKWAGON to make him a “good boy.”


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Gotta Love Convenient PD Dementia

Truly amazing is what it is. The things that idiot Bill Schmalfeldt can retain in memory, and the things he can’t.

He can remember years and years of butthurt, the fruit borne of decades spent behaving online like the south end of a northbound horse…
…cursed with dysentery.

But of course he can’t remember the behavior. Oh no he can’t. Not possible.

He’s kept everything he’s ever written, if you can believe a word this liar says…

…he just can’t find it when required to produce it in discovery.
…or recognize when his own idiocy is thrown back in his face.

It occurs to me that this may be the reason he foolishly continues to believe his infinite loop of doomed federal LOLsuits will eventually lead to a victory.
…or at least, a trial.
…or perhaps even a preliminary hearing of some kind.
…or an occasion to see one of his many bêtes noires actually appear in court on a date when DUMBFUCK has not pissed his own skirts and run for the hills like the coward he is.
…or a dismissal for some reason other than failure to demonstrate personal jurisdiction.
…or his own personal decision to aver to all the things he claims are defamatory by voluntarily dismissing with prejudice and thus branding himself forever a rapist.

So I find it amusing that he cannot remember just two short months ago when he tweeted that it didn’t matter that Patrick Grady had not been served by the U.S. Marshals:

Almost all of that is exactly what happened to Patrick Grady.

They sent him certified mail.

Well, who would go to pick up certified mail when they have a stalker with a restraining order who has tried to sue him before? That’s just stupid.

Then they knocked on his door. (Consults calendar…)

Looks like 9/27/17 was a Wednesday. And at 12:20 pm most respectable people would be at work. Can’t imagine why no one would answer the door.

Then they called him on the phone OVER 10 TIMES!!!.

Speaking for myself, I don’t answer numbers I don’t know. My voicemail greeting says I do, thanks to telemarketers and identity thieves. It says, if you are a real person and this call is important, you’ll leave a message, and I’ll call you back. And I add those important people to my contacts, so I know to answer the call next time.

Why is the voicemail box on that number full? Who knows?

Finally, they knock-knock-knocked again. (Now where’s that calendar…?)

Oh, look! 10/24/17 was a Tuesday, another day when the average knock on the door of a man with a job who lives alone would go unanswered. Oh noes! To the fainting couch!

But to the DUMBFUCK under the South Carolina porch who TWICE refused to obey the order of a Maryland judge and appear for a show cause hearing, this is his definition of cowardice.


To return to my point though, ALL OF THESE PROCEDURES followed by the U.S. Marshals with Patrick Grady are exactly what the coward Bill Schmalfeldt LIED ABOUT UNDER OATH when he came to North Carolina to admit to harassing me and to garner his 12th restraining order.


And what did that oh-so-forgetful cowardly, lying piece of filth have to say next?

He reiterated what he has apparently now forgotten: that by virtue of Mr. Nettles’ filing notice of appearance on behalf of all four defendants, Grady had waived service.

Which makes DUMBFUCK’S little end zone dance yesterday afternoon even more pathetic, pointless and stupid than it already was. Especially in light of the weakness of both his complaint and his nonexistent argument for personal jurisdiction. He says he has “learned from his previous pro se mistakes,” but apparently all he has learned is how to make new and more LULZY pro se mistakes. Because it’s all retread. With a ton of theatrics that have no basis in law.

Even better is what followed: DUMBFUCK pro se Bill Schmalfeldt decided he would burn all the comity and goodwill he had built between himself and our “capable attorney” by dropping him a “friendly note” insulting all of his clients.

Which turned out as predictably as you might imagine. In a flash, Louis Nettles, Esquire went from a capable and genteel country lawyer to a “Hoge fanboy” when it turned out that our lawyer is under no obligation to be friends with a poor, pitiful pro se idiot who never fails to choke to death the screaming voice in his head that tells him this might be a good time to keep his fucking gob shut for once.

But that’s why we love him!

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Reading Comprehension #FAIL


Someone really really needs to go look at the actual certificate submitted to the docket.


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Chickens Come Home to Roost?

Bill Schmalfeldt is a HUGE fan of taking/gathering information on people (or what he *thinks* is information about them), drawing his own conclusions about it, and then reporting said people to the authorities, suggesting that they get investigated, that their children possibly be taken away from them, that they be sanctioned by the bar… You know, things that can affect their ability to earn a living, support their family, keep their kids under their roof, stay out of jail. That sort of thing.

It seems that someone out there has decided the sauce is good for the gander if it’s good for the goose.

There he goes again. Which fedruhl crahm is it this time? He doesn’t say.

D’oh! Somebody reported Bill for… something. And it was apparently enough to get them to actually act on the suspicions given to them supposedly. Somehow I don’t think they do that just on the basis of a lolrandumb complaint that comes in. Seems to me the VA would be complicit in negligence if they didn’t look into something and just pressed the “zap” button.

Then again, this is the federal government, so who knows.


Wait. What? Bill’s BANK ACCOUNT was frozen? *snort* And he can’t access his money or online account? Perhaps he tried to log into it a couple of times and screwed up the password. Could happen to anyone. Especially someone with Parkinson’s Dementia, you know.

Oh wait. That was apparently quickly resolved, despite his bitching about it. But it HAS to be someone else’s fault. Not him playing fumble fingers or something. And they are gonna PAY!!!! Here we go!

Oh yes! Someone’s gonna come knocking. Like that Postal Service Inspector that was promised. How many years has that been? Like the Kops that were koming to arrest Krendler for supposed vandalism? That’s been a year there.

Does he EVER get tired of making empty threats like that?

Survey says “BZZZZZT!”

Good thing we all know by now to just hold our sides or strategically apply duct tape or a corset so we don’t burst from laughing too much.

And of course, Bill Schmalfeldt has to posture while trying to save face when someone pokes fun at him with logic. Because that really burns him hard.

Since Bill Schmalfeldt can’t read what he writes, he actually did say that they *did* freeze his bank account. It was that tweet #7 up above. Oopsie Poopsie.

Our good friend over at Sonoran Conservative also had his take on this.

You gotta love it when a single lolcow provides grist for more than one mill. Excellent!


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Compare and Contrast

Bill Schmalfeldt, in his continued attempts to belittle Patrick Grady (who hasn’t said boo about Bill in public in, what… two years? Something like that.), has decided that it’s a really good thing to try and highlight what Bill thinks are shameful things.

As per usual, doesn’t quite turn out as Bill thinks it will.

Continue reading

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Ah, NOW Comes the Tarring and the Feathering

One of the hallmarks of the modern day Social Justice Warrior (and the classic narcissist – but I repeat myself) is that they cannot see criticism of themselves as anything but an attack on their identity, rather than who they actually are and what they actually do. Their identity within social groups and the supposed virtue signaling it conveys means more to them than what they have actually done.

Conversely, they believe that if they attack the perceived identity of their foes, they are actually attacking a real person rather than a strawman. In today’s political climate, the use of this tactic has successfully driven people from public for completely invalid reasons, because when a mob is called down on you because of whatever flavor of the month outrage, the mob doesn’t stop to ask questions, they just like to mow you over.

This is why, after a multi-year, drawn out internet slap fight with people over his own personal behavior, rather than the identity he claims, Bill Schmalfeldt is once again trying to associate identity politics with very, very personal mockification of his online antics. Continue reading

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In Case You Wondered As You Go Through Life

Today is Thursday November 16, 2017.

At 21 minutes past the hour, this was the top front page of the US Edition of CNN.com:

There is only one reason this post exists, and why it is post-dated by two months:

Don Wright is a fake.

This post sits here at 16 September 2017 so that it can later be linked, proving that DUMBFUCK swallowed the bait like a tube steak on a shipboard shower.

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