How Interesting

Says the man who has more banned Twitter accounts than any one person can possibly remember without a spreadsheet.

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You mean the Tracey L. Grady Bill Schmalfeldt has attempted to [REDACTED] previously? That one? And her son?

Remember. Bill is a guy who thought that it would be an AWESOME thing to post this lovely Photoshop rendition of the lady and child in question:

Stellar work, AMIRITE? Only the best pro-se prosecutors use these tactics!

And when deposition time comes? Well, first there’s the [REDACTED – no edjumicating the monkey Morgana! – PK]  And we all know he doesn’t have any of that. He’s said so multiple times after all.

Oopsie Poopsie!

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So, What Do You Call One That Was Granted?

I guess you would need to check with someone who has had them granted against him.

The only problem here is that portions of that petition? Found to have knowing lies. As well as things that the petitioners could not have truly believed to have been true. That tips the scale over into false territory.

Now, when someone walks into court to defend themselves against a peace order petition/restraining order and they confirm all evidence that was submitted against them as part of the complaint? Not lies. Or false.

Amazing how that works!

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What Is He Gonna Do?

Wail about him and shake his fist at him on the internet? Cuz he already burned his freebie addition. D’oh!

Bill Schmalfeldt. Paper Tiger. Rowr, rowr!

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Standing Athwart … Something

The legal skilz of Bill Schmalfeldt, pro-se prosecutor-general, seem to have taken a turn towards the surreal in the case currently at trial in Westminster, MD. You can check out the enormous flame gout that he created as he lit up everything he had – gloriously immolating himself in a default for the ages – in the document he tried to get submitted into evidence HERE.

Bill seems to have set himself up as the lone wolf in the night, standing athwart the horrible horribles of  WJJ Hoge. But I don’t think any of those of us who have been observing and commenting on Bill’s inanities could possibly believe that he would do what he did today.

I won’t pick apart the whole thing. That would be about a gazillion pages long and no one wants to read that. Well, maybe you do, but I unfortunately do not have the time to do it. Too busy eating cake, you know. Nom.

But here are my highlights from the Schmalfeldt Self-Immolation Wicker Man-esque Prison Pyre:

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Let’s Talk “Progressive”

While we wait to find out if Bill Schmalfeldt is actually going to show up in Westminster, I thought this subject would be apropos. One of the topics Bill keeps harping on is that all this lawsuit stuff – whether it be myself seeking a restraining order against him, or John Hoge suing him – is that he either doesn’t fit the requirement of what is being sought or that it’s just so awful and mean to him, personally because he is the victim of a progressive, debilitating disease – Parkinsons.

Now, I’m not here to say whether or not he has Parkinsons. I’m not a doctor, and the only definitive way to diagnose Parkinsons is after death when you sample the brain matter and perform particular tests on it.


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Come Again?

So he says he’s appearing by Skype you say?

Doc No./Seq No.: 193/0
File Date: 08/18/2017Entered Date:08/18/2017Decision:
Document Name: Order of Court: Motion for Reconsideration is denied
Copies to Hoge/Kimberlin/Kimberlin/Osborne/Schmalfeldt/Breitbart Unmasked/Almighty Media

Yeah, that would be a NOPE. It’s Westminster or bust! Better start now if he’s going by bus.

Or, you know, there’s always the choice of default/sanctions/fines/jail time for contempt of court.

Such a quandry! Perhaps with proper preparation time this could have been avoided.

As for me? I’ll be getting my hair did. While eating a big ol’ slice of Martha Washington Cake. It’s dense. And tasty! With peppermint buttercream. Cuz my mama loves me so.

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