He Makes this Far too Easy Sometimes…

But, I thought that Bill had LOTS of experience with this sort of thing.

I thought it was a Schmalfeldt thing. Different strokes indeed!

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Happy New Year!

Well, well, well. It’s been quite a while. And I’ve been quite the busy bee. Between kittens, kittens and more kittens along with some unexpected family situations, I just obviously haven’t been around much.

But that’s changing.

Not content with having LOLSuit VIII crumble to dust before his disbelieving eyes, Bill Schmalfeldt is continuing his quest to be the most unbelievable Parkinson’s Disease sufferer, ever, and boy do I have quite a lot to say about that. Make yourself into a limited public figure, you get people commenting on you. It’s life. And he just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut about his own. Especially when it contradicts things that are in actual court documents he filed against myself and others.

Let the building of the New Year bonfire begin.

Got marshmallows?

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Well, I’ll Be Damned. Recommendation to DISMISS.

Who would’a thunk it?

Only just about every sane person who read through Bill Schmalfeldt’s complaint against the Fantastic Four, that’s who.

This, on the heels of Bill announcing his retirement from Billy Boy Unread by showing, yet again, just how green with jealousy of John Hoge and his existence on this Earth Bill is. I mean, who sues people as an indigent pauper (something usually reserved for incarcerated criminals, mind you) multiple times and then turns around and disses one of those people you sued multiple times for paying the filing fee out of his own pocket instead of foisting it off on the taxpayers of the state you reside in? Bill Schmalfeldt, that’s who.

Between that and the absolutely GORGEOUS display of adulthood that everyone should run out and emulate, natch, that he and his … IDK what that is … on his Twitterz account:

Bill Schmalfeldt has absolutely, positively proven that he is the most AWESOMEST ONE OF ALL!

Because after all, Bill’s perfect lawsuit that is going to GET US for MEEELIONS OF DOLLARS is still proceeding “slowly.”

Oh wait. I guess it isn’t anymore. LOL

Damn, isn’t it fun to peer into his pretendy land? You don’t need mushrooms or LSD or anything like that. All you have to do is wait for Bill Schmalfeldt to take “the high road.” And oh what a trip you get to go on. *snort* Pure entertainment!

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Tis The Season to Give Thanks

Thanks to or for what, you might ask.

Thanks to Bill Schmalfeldt for providing evidence, all of his own free will

  1. Guess we will be seeing that change of address being submitted soon by him, won’t we?
  2. Nice self-assessment of Bill’s mental status and how he self-titles himself. Should look good as a rebuttal to parts of the complaint.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy to all!



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Note to the Under-the-Porch-Hiding Plaintiff

Since quoting Bill Schmalfeldt and then laughing at his ridiculous statements is not and never has been defamation…

Until such time as Bill Schmalfeldt can manage to nut-shuffle his pansy-ass past the stage of initial motions without having his LOLSuits thrown out for the world’s stupidest things like lack of jurisdiction – which he STILL cannot get correct – pardon me while I take his threats at the level of seriousness that they should be taken.

Oh, and while he’s at it, he should probably tell his pet blow up dollie that actually, no, I won’t shut up. Because if xer can use the public square to publish xhe’s opinion of things other people say in public, so can I. And  it’s here we run into the eternal problem: Bill Schmalfeldt just doesn’t like it when other people publish their opinions on what he publishes. Too bad for him and the dollie on that one. They can suck it.


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A Very Zombie Thanksgiving

I am terribly excited to announce that for once I will exhaust myself on housework gleefully. Why? Well because I’m going to have special company for Thanksgiving.

Paul Krendler, his lovely wife and daughter are mere hours away from arriving at Chateau le Chat Munchkin! We have a wonderful Thanksgiving spread planned – both turkey and a honey baked ham – along with all the fixings. I know that Jo and I are looking forward to making some pies together tomorrow and Paul swears that he makes the best stuffing so we’ll let him try (I’ll keep some StoveTop on hand for a backup!).

For local zombies or those who might be passing through, eating time starts at noon on Thursday. We’ll probably have food out until at least 6 so even if you can only pop by to say hi it will be ok. This means you have no excuses [REDACTED]. I expect to see you this year, mmkay?

Looks like I’ve got a good  6 hours as they just hit eastern Tennessee. Got to run!

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Well, well, well, well!

Lookie what today is. Today is the anniversary of the day Brave, Brave Sir William, who Bravely Ran Away from the mean, icky, awful Patrick Grady.

Bill Schmalfeldt had filed a Peace Order petition against Grady, over a nothingburger – typical of Schmalfeldt’s suits in this arena. And instead of meeting his horrendous foe, Brave Sir William Bravely Ran Away, while Grady flew in from Chicago to attend the hearing and got the damn thing thrown out. On it’s ass. John Hoge wrote about it this morning as well HERE.

And just WHAT does Our Boy Bill think of people that are cowardly? Why he wants them to come out from under the porch!

And when someone actually *does* just that and boards an airplane to face him and his fucking  lies down? Bill Schmalfeldt cowers like the pussy he is.

Always has. Always will.


I absolutely adore how Bill whines about meeeeean Grady in his tweets about this reminiscing. Who would have thought that actual follow through on an actual real harassment claim would get you a real live peace order. But because Grady considered getting one in Maryland as well, apparently that’s too much and just cowardly too. *snort*

Bill Schmalfeldt is the coward he calls other people. Always has been. Always will be.

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