Eye of the Beholder

Only a fool doesn’t know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because of this, I tend to be… shall we say… very judicious about the photos I post of myself online. Possibly because I am my own harshest critic about my looks.

But when Bill Schmalfeldt posts this, attempting his version of slut-shaming me for daring to exist:

I just have to smile and preen a little bit inside every time he posts those. Thanks, Bill Schmalfeldt, for posting two of my favorite pictures of myself, ever. Two days of my life that I was supremely happy – for opposite reasons interestingly – and it showed.

Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, for your boosting the signal of what beauty I have. Never, ever can you say that I never said anything complimentary about you…you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.

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Painted Into A Corner

Gosh, it really helps if when you FAILDoxx somebody that you make sure that yeah, you got things completely correct. Because if you really doxed somebody, you would probably know – they would be cursing you out, flailing about online like most of the SJW-types that I’ve observed.

But when your target does something like, oh, I don’t know, ignores you, or flat out laughs at you and trolls you, that bit of doubt starts to seep in, doesn’t it?

Bill Schmalfeldt is only coming to the realization that he skipped Step 2 in the process of determining who somebody was – i.e. actually matching up details correctly and logically without making wild leaps of assumption that can be broken with the slightest puff of air. You know, actually doing it properly instead of being under the influence of his good friend Johnny Walker. Because DAMN, that was some serious drunk rambling last night.

Instead of going back to the drawing board and making things concrete, he’s doubling down. He attempts to extort the intended victim into doxing HIMSELF! Hostage-taking of the victim. It always works! Right? Right?

Yeah, no.

The first few times Bill Schmalfeldt FAILDoxxed me, all I did was laugh. And point fingers. And laugh some more. And then worry that he was going to sue somebody that really wasn’t me. Because Bill Schmalfeldt is evil that way.

Paul Krendler laughs and laughs at Bill for all the times he’s supposedly been “nailed” by Bill’s awesome and astounding proof. And then Bill turns to make him into someone else. Very amusing.

And now there is MJ. Who is laughing at Bill. Tweeting Bill “confirmation” that his call actually went through! ZOMG! HIS FAX RANG!!!! If he only had a fax. *snort*

Bill can’t figure out if he really got it right or not. And it’s driving him crazy.

MJ doesn’t have to provide Bill a damn thing. And Bill knows it.

MJ is telling Bill Schmalfeldt to fuck off and die in the best way possible. And it’s ever so amusing to watch the monkey dance.

Flail, monkey, Flail! June 28 is coming up quick. Wouldn’t want you to miss your court date.

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The FAILDOXX is Strong with This One

Oh noes! Bill Schmalfeldt got himself another scalp! It’s going to be just AWFUL!

Pfffft! Who am I kidding. No, it’s just going to be more LULZ for us!

Based on three little pieces of information – a year someone was in High School, the descriptor for the high school “Sonora” (EDIT – no, Bill just DECIDED that Sonora was where MJ was from and that meant it had to be the high school. Damn, he’s even stupider than I thought), and the initials “MJ” – Bill has gone and caught himself a child molester. And in his inimitable way, has decided that because he decided this, it makes it true and, well, MJ/Sonoranconserv is just going to have to stick with that around his neck. Unless he calls and talks to Bill and “straightens this all out” of course.

No, seriously. Go to the site I linked above. Check out the supposed “evidence” linking MJ/Sonoranconserv to the child molester. See if you can see the ENORMOUS holes in it.

Here’s a few that I can think up off the top of my head.

  1. What grade did MJ supposedly start high school in? Was it 9th grade or 10th grade? Because an awful lot of schools in California (if indeed he went to high school in California) back in those days started high school in the 10th grade and didn’t switch to the 9th grade being at the actual high school until the 1990s. I know mine did. And what if MJ FAILED A GRADE! And had to repeat a year! Gosh, that would just screw up Bill’s timeline oh so much. Oh darn.
  2. Which Sonora high school did he attend? Because there are more than a dozen Sonora High Schools scattered across this vast nation that I could find. And not just in California. There are even some in, you know, the actual Sonora Desert. Arizona. *snort*
  3. Just what, precisely, do the initials “MJ” stand for? Are they first and last name? Are they first and middle name? Do they even equate to ANYTHING or are they rather, a nickname that has no equivalency to a real name at all? Because I know that I’ve met all sorts of people that go by initials that equate to all three of those possibilities. Heck, one of my childhood friends goes by his first initial and his maternal grandfather’s last initial. Good luck with Bill finding HIM based on that! lol

But nope! Bill’s got his man! And what is he going to do with this information? Well, we all know the drill.

No Bill. You don’t have him. You don’t have a viable federal lawsuit that you will get to add MJ to and then serve a summons on him. And even if you did, and MJ was this horrible, awful child molester, totally and utterly deserving of the scorn of good and decent people?

Butthurt is still not a tort.

You. Lose.

And by the way. Thanks for giving MJ the perfect countersuit for defamation per se, wrapped up in a nice, shiny little bow and some sparkly glitter. No need to prove actual damages because they are presumed.

Bill Schmalfeldt. The gift that keeps on giving! You’re just so AWESOME! lol

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Oh Lordy. He’s Catfishing.

Bill just wants contact. Remember not too long ago when he wanted GMHowell to contact him?

Now he’s doing it to MJ/Sonoranconserv.

This begs the question:

What on earth did he “have” on Pinkie Pie to make xer contact him?

I’m getting Buffalo Bill vibes here. No seriously. It puts the lotion on its skin and everything.



And now Bill has doubled down on stupid.

  1. What federal suit? You mean the one that has yet to be green-lit? The one that he will have to ask the court permission to amend? The one he has been promising (again) to add the whole known world to? You mean that one? *snort*
  2. Butthurt is not a tort and not a reason to sue someone. Then again, that’s never stopped Bill before, now has it. Just check over on my scoreboard on the side if you want to see how well Bill has fared at that with me. Bill’s the one with bupkiss.
  3. People who have dismissed with prejudice their lawsuits against other people who called THEM a rapist shouldn’t be throwing stones at someone they think is a convicted rapist. Because calling the first person a rapist isn’t out of the realm of possibility because res judicata and all that.
  4. One cannot reap what one sews. One can, however, either ruch what one sews or reap what one sows. Both involve gathering.Your choice.

tl;dr Bill is an idiot. But we already knew that.

Keep it up, DUMBFUCK! Keep it up! MOAR POPCORN!

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Because seeing the “proof” of how Bill Schmalfeldt got his latest faildoxx is going to be popcorn-worthy.

I wait with baited breath to see the “proof.” Because it will be ever so awesome. Just like the “records” of the non-existant criminal charges against my daughter that he found. Just like the “proof” that Kyle Kiernan is a criminal living in Florida. Just like the faildoxxes he made finding myself and Scott.

Ever. So. Amusing. *snort*

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When Bill Steps on His Crank…

Never let it be said that he doesn’t do it whole-heartedly. And with a huge helping of playing the blame game.

In Bill’s umpteenth zillionth time “proving” that he isn’t guilty like he admits he is because, reasons, Bill Schmalfeldt is saying that it was over a year after the copyright settlement agreement with WJJ Hoge was reached before he even breached it.

Ummm, Bullshit. It was TEN DAYS. TEN DAYS from the agreement was made until Bill Schmalfeldt published his short-lived book Animus Nocendi and broke it. A discussion of the situation can be found at Hogewash! HERE. Just because that initial date wasn’t brought up in the lawsuit doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means that Bill isn’t being sued for it. Mainly because John Hoge understands how to craft a lawsuit that actually lasts further than motions to dismiss. Because details matter.

Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to understand the differences between Twitter TOS and a breach of contract and the responsibilities that lie with both. This is not surprising to most of us in the horde, because we have come to understand that Bill only understands what he thinks he needs to understand.

He has posted a video HERE where he crows that HONEST and TRUE and AWESOME SPARKLY SHINEY!!!11!!1! websites embed tweets. As if this is the only way that is allowed to reproduce Twitter content. And as if this even bears slightly upon Bill Schmalfeldt’s responsibility to not break a settlement agreement.

Well guess what? People used to simply embed Bill Schmalfeldt’s tweets. Until he started deleting them. Now people post screenshots because he will delete them all the time, or they will be deleted when his accounts get deep-sixed. It’s called archiving. And honest, true and awesome sparkley shiney websites do that as well with content that they know might disappear into the ephemeris.

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that cases get tried in the court of public opinion, like that will actually matter. It won’t. All it does it provide those of us on the sidelines more reasons to go buy popcorn.

Stock up. The flailing as June 28 approaches is going to be EPIC.


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Jealousy is Such an Unbecoming Color

I was not shocked to see a tweet from Bill Schmalfeldt earlier today whining about attention being paid to Lee Stranahan.

Neither was I surprised to see that he still lusts after Lee in a sexual manner. (Bill really needs to get out of that closet! It’s OK! It’s 2017! It’s a good time to be gay!)

But, what I WAS surprised to see was that a few hours later, Bill is whining that his complaints about Lee just weren’t taken seriously enough.

Awww! Poor Bill! Nobody takes him seriously!

Then I read the article. You can too. Find it HERE.

After calling Lee his usual epithets of pimp and grifter (Lawdy! The projection is STRONG with this one!) Bill gets to the crux of the matter.

There it is. In black and white.

Bill Schmalfeldt is jealous of Lee Stranahan’s success. Jealous that Lee is actually a journalist, while Bill is not.

Poor poor baby. After all the times Bill’s proclaimed himself in lawsuits as being a respected jourminalist, it’s Lee who is actually written about in the national media. As a journalist.

Jealousy is such a bitch, ain’t it, Bill? Have fun chewing on it. For the rest of your life.

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