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Someone Doesn’t Understand the First Thing about FUN!

  You really need to stop projecting, Bill. It’s unbecoming someone of your “advanced” age. Advertisements

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Chickens Always Come Home

Attorneys in the United States tend to divide themselves into litigators and everyone else. There is a special aura given off by the trial lawyer, who is generally held by those in the profession to be something akin to a … Continue reading

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Real Life is a Bitch

But I think I nearly have her whipped into shape. lol It’s now just back to me, myself and I around here, and I promise that there will be postings coming up, more than likely this week. Lord above knows … Continue reading

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A Departure from Staff

One of my favorite lines from Star Trek TOS was any of Dr. McCoy’s various permutations of “Jim!  I’m a doctor, not a …”. Well, I’d like to think I’m a photographer/photoartist… …rather than the more or less full time … Continue reading

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Oh Noes! Someone Made Him Do Something Again!

Really Bill? You are the most gutless sack of wonder on the face of the earth. Callow doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the weak-sauce that is your spine. SMH You will never, EVER dismiss the lawsuit voluntarily, and nobody can … Continue reading

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A Friend Reminded Me of This One. LOLZ

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Failing, Flailing; To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to

Seeing as how the deadline for the Dumbfuck’s settlement offer to Grady has come and gone like the wind, I figure that it’s time to expose it for the idiocy that it is. I mean, if Dumbfuck thinks that HE … Continue reading

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