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Of Course He Remembers

View post on Krendler remembers. And, since he’s mentioned it in several LULZ suits because of the butthurt the response to the incident gave him, Bill knows perfectly when as well. It was a watershed moment for many of us: that day … Continue reading

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Even While Attempting Parody

Hallucinatory visions of legal grandeur, as well as interesting ways to view what he has previously said (as well as very odd first/second person switcheroos) plus some nuggets of truth will always come out with our boy Bill. In this case, … Continue reading

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In Which I Muse on a Five Month Anniversary

What a way to get a FRESH START on life in new diggs. Four. Covering six. Across three. Dude. Srsly?

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In Which Bill Schmalfeldt Pulls Down His Pants In Front Of The Whole Interwebz

When I first started Billy Sez about nine months ago, it was because once again, Bill Schmalfeldt had done what he does, yet again, and I was sick and tired of him deleting the evidence in order to make himself … Continue reading

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Open Ended Question

To the best of your personal recollection, and rendered in the time frame of your choice, when do you think was the last time that serial a) defamation pro se litigant, b) Internet presence/brand reinventor and c) blog deleter Bill Schmalfeldt … Continue reading

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Things Like This Always Make Me Wonder

Why he has such a burning hatred for the type of work his sister does. View post on He must really really really be ashamed of what she does for a living. I apologize to her on his behalf.

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On Behalf of TDPZ…

       Please go eat a bag of dicks. Really big ones.  That you could choke on and die.

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