Even While Attempting Parody

Hallucinatory visions of legal grandeur, as well as interesting ways to view what he has previously said (as well as very odd first/second person switcheroos) plus some nuggets of truth will always come out with our boy Bill. In this case, all in the same paragraph showing here:

Pee. Fear pee. Mangina, Febreeze,

You know why you dropped this imaginary Patrick Grady into the on deck circle for now despite his smarmy, ridiculous, incomprehensible responses last year. Grady loses the right to offer a pleading until such time as he is properly identified as Krendler (who is me), which he will be in the discovery process that this suit will never ever reach unless the judge grants subpoena powers, and then HOO boy! Even though I’m certain I am Krendler, it’s a little problematic proving it what with the fact that you have also accused about a dozen other people of being Krendler, many times in other sworn court documents, and some as recently as a month ago, although IUcan not say with any specificity what that was all about. Isn’t it Pressshhhious

And there also was an interesting deletion later on in the piece. Very, very interesting. Hmmmm.

Preserved HERE for posterity’s sake. Whose turn is it to be Krendler this week? Can somebody remind me please?



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24 Responses to Even While Attempting Parody

  1. Jane says:

    At the freak’s very, very best, it’s a bad writer typer, imo. But this… wow… so much incoherent FAIL.

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    • Definitely a bad writer AND typer, Jane. Combined with incoherent FAIL, I’m surprised I was able to read between the lines to even figure out what a third of it meant. SMH

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      • Jane says:

        1. Ack! Kyle swiped by strike tag! If you get a chance, oh benevolent zombie overlords….

        2. Yes, definitely, TDPZ – a testimony to your brilliance, and abilities to be able to interpret anything in that word salad. It was kind of like self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower‘s subconscious took over to add to the verbal beat-down administered at TMZ, instead of refuting it. Maybe deep, deep down it really does feel guilt for all it’s done, at least to SGotCU – hahahaha, nah, just DUMBF**K.

        3. And glad it was obvious to the sentient that it would be wrong to refer to that dementia addled and talentless hack as a ‘typist’ because that would imply skill it doesn’t appear to possess, from the error-ridden dreck I’ve observed. Besides, I liked the take-off on the stricken ‘writer’ – or would have, if it weren’t for that meddling Kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle!

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  2. “But he does amuse.” Not drive Bill to emotional damage? Not hurt Bill with treachery? Not harass? Just amuse. “Your Honor, as the fictional attorney for the fictional Paul Krendler, let me prove that Krendler has merely amused Bill Schmalfeldt… And here’s my bill.”

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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    When perusing the monkey’s little dances, it is almost always more entertaining to pay attention to those things he neither responds to nor denies (such as his accurately described asswhupping from the Randazza Law Firm and the endgame that will inevitably follow), rather than the thing he tries to minimize through what he thinks is humor.

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    • What, you mean to say one of the preeminent First Amendment law firms in the country whupped his butt? And he didn’t deny it? Crazy how that works.

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    • theman9876 says:

      I seriously doubt that someone with a brilliant legal mind like world famous Twitter Attorney at Law, William D. F. Schmalfeldt, would be intimidated by a somewhat respected, semi-famous First Amendment Lawyer like Marc Randazza. There must be another reason he dropped the “dim” girls, because Randazza is no match for Acme Legal’s top flight attorney.

      OT — How much money will Bill save by dropping a few defendants when he finally attempts service? And did he really think that idiotic “Wavier of Service” scam was going to work? Can he REALLY be that dumb?

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      And speaking of endgames, I wonder what the management at Canticle and Juniper Courts would think of Billy’s latest vulgar and obscene psycho-rantings…


  4. Easein says:


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  5. JeffM says:

    What? As parody, it is a an abject failure. Yes, it mimics (badly) something Krendler wrote, but it does so without turning anything around to mock Krendler.

    Now let’s admit that the task is difficult in the extreme. A writes an obviously hyperbolic fiction seriously intended to mock B. B aspires to turn it back on A by writing a similar but more extreme hyperbolic fiction that is intended to mock A for mocking B. Being similar, all that the second effort does is to double the mockery of B, with the added bonus that in one case it is B obliviously mocking himself and thereby vindicating A’s mockery.

    The trick is probably impossible to pull off. If it is possible, it calls for vast powers of imagination, wit, and composition. Consequently, anyone with wits would not attempt it, but Willie is not called Witless for nothing.

    Having read that incoherent drivel, I am struck for the umpteenth time how short sighted it is for some people to deny that they drink. Had I written such a confused self flagellation, I’d claim extreme inebriation along with delirium tremens even though I hadn’t touched a drop in decades.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I was told there would be no math…

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    • Jane says:

      Oooooh… that sounds like a challenge to turn it back around – er, I guess 360 so it continues to be pointed in the same direction!

      Sadly, I think it’s too far gone even for our Prince of Parody (may FUN be always upon him), to salvage it without a total rewrite.

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    • lorddewclaw says:

      Dumbfuck is lucky that his double bluff parody of PKs parody of Dumbfuck didn’t cause a temporal paradox and cause the universe to fold in on itself in a burst of ironic cluelessness.

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  6. monitor2112 says:

    I’m Krendler the 3rd through the 5th I thought…let me know so I can make arrangements for a new special delivery in WI. Or is that my dates NEXT month…I’m pretty sure my turn is coming up soon.


  7. He can’t wage a war if nobody shows.

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