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Symmetry Can Be So VERY Painful

Someone posting on Breitbart Unmasked (no, I’m not gonna link it), the website where Bill Schmalfeldt is editor, recently posted an expletive-filled diatribe in response to a non-explitive-filled calm statement/request/demand from another blogger. This venting of the spleen was no … Continue reading

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Riding on the Wheel (not the Ferris one)

Bill Schmalfeldt has a huge problem. But it’s one that he just doesn’t understand. And it is entirely of his own making and as such is great fodder for much pointing and laughing. Same shit. Different Day.

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Proving Our Point

Yes, yes, I know. I’m a bit behind the times. But, really. I have honestly never known anyone MORE determined to prove his detractors correct about himself than Bill Schmalfeldt. Have you? This is, after all, the man who offered … Continue reading

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Would You Rather?

Totally hypothetical question. ┬áCame to me out of the clear blue. Would you rather – Have a son living in your basement, a son who loves you and whom you love, a son who spends time with you and provides … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder for Bill

I have now received several emails from Linked In where Bill Schmalfeldt is apparently asking me to join his contacts. Considering that I still have an active restraining order against him, this is probably not a smart thing for him … Continue reading

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