Perhaps He Should Try a New Tactic?

So in his newest screed – yes I have a copy and no, you can’t have mine and I won’t link to it because he doesn’t need more clicks – Bill Schmalfeldt’s decided to “build a case” against my lawyer allegedly sending him ewww-y pictures (a photoshop of one of Bill’s own photoshops – you remember, the one with him eating the kitten?) as replies to his posts.


He whines and complains that my lawyer won’t answer his questions (now just WHERE have I heard that before, hmmmm?).



Here’s a huge hint for Bill. Absolutely positively NO ONE on the face of this planet is required to tell you the name of their ISP. NO ONE. Their refusing to tell you isn’t anything more than simple caution on their part, especially when they know what you will do with even the smallest nugget of information.

Bill then tries to build a case based on the IP that WordPress snagged from the comment-leaver and IPs that are built into the header of the emails that my lawyer sends Bill when he responds to the tedious and frankly ridiculous emails Bill thinks actually have relevance to life.

Seriously, some of them are really out there, people. I laugh and laugh and laugh when I read them. One of these days I might share them. We shall see.

But guess what? He doesn’t claim that the two IPs are the same IP address. But, because one IP address is within walking distance of something else which is a handful of miles from where somebody lives, THIS is why Bill thinks that my lawyer is sending ewww-y pictures attached to comments on his website.


Yeah. Compelling case this is not. *YAWN* It’s just a less spectacular version of the Feldtchart.

***Interesting aside – one of the people mentioned in the infamous Feldtchart is mentioned in Bill’s emails. And it’s someone who he’s accused of being many other people over the course of years. Hmmmmm.***

Perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should have acquainted himself with the small fact that about, oh, a METRIC BUTTLOAD of IPs resolve to Northern Virginia or pass through it on their way to their final destination. He could peruse the article located HERE about one journalist’s adventures in trying to pin things down and the things that he learned.


So, yeah. Another day. Another attempt by Bill Schmalfeldt to “prove” who his enemies are outside of the voices that seem to be talking to him in his head.


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35 Responses to Perhaps He Should Try a New Tactic?

  1. The phrase “evidence suggests” = “I have no proof. No clue. No reason to publish this nonsense.”

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  2. crawford421 says:

    Bill should leave technical analysis to people not suffering from dementia.

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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    Hey, isn’t he flush with (no. Just NO.) rolling in insurance dough? He could hire professionals!

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    Oh, and look for the old “I SEEM TO HAVE TOUCHED A CUB SCOUT NERVE” tweet, coming soon to a TL near you!

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    • Even better:

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      • Jane says:

        No better way to PROVE the fat freak knows what it writes is nonsense and lies than to block others from accessing it. The better to spoliate the evidence, my dear.

        The loathsome loser simply must be able to delete its latest drunken rant from the internet once it starts to sober up. *hic*

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      • MJ says:

        Hey DUMFUCK!

        The only way that can happen is to take yourself off the internet. So yeah, just go ahead and do that and you won’t have to see Sarah’s or anyone else’s site again. You’ll feel better! And so will mankind.

        Don’t forget to take the cure while you’re at it.

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  5. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Does Bill not realize that every “Ha! I’ve got you now!” proclamation followed by the inevitable proof that he’s wrong again is the reason that so many are pointing and laughing?

    You could say he goes off half cocked.

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  6. Loren says:

    Past behavior might suggest that the true origination is St. Francis, WI……

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    • MJ says:

      The Zombie Technical team has evaluated his sleuthing.

      The root cause, as you have stated clearly, has been identified, yet again and is logged appropriately.

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  7. crawford421 says:

    If he’s so confident about his proof, he should [REDACTED — don’t make extra work for the defendants]

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  8. Russ says:

    Speaking (well, typing…) as an internetworking engineer with 20 years in the business: Bill sure seems to know a lot which ain’t necessarily so in terms of IP.

    Or in any other terms, really.

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    • crawford421 says:

      Yeah, his concept of how a VPN works is particularly curious.

      He should focus on his early-stage Parkinson’s, and leave the Internet to people who can say “IP” without it being a status report.

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      • Grace says:

        Speaking of VPNs…

        … a lot of folks use them. Some folks use far more than one VPN service, too… some free… some at a reasonable cost. Some folks may use one to play around on teh Twitterz. One to hit consumer sites. Another one to visit friendly blogs. Another one, yet, to enter into hostile territory. And, so on and so forth.

        More than a few of these Virtual Private Networks may even have ties to the great state of Virginia. Just sayin’…

        … or, so I’ve heard.

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  9. He’s up for the day finally. And his typing is more unique than usual. (bolding of typos is mine).

    Schmalfeldt R Us ‏@SchmalfeldtRUs 1 hour ago
    I believe I nee3d to put Sarah out of her misery and deny her access to my blog. She’ll feel better.

    Schmalfeldt R Us ‏@SchmalfeldtRUs 1 hour ago
    FINE jog of stalking, [why a comma here?] Sarah Pallmer did there. She misses the central point, nor [where is the negative (usually not or neither0 that is supposed to precede nor?] doe she disprove my suspicions. But for uniformed bluster?

    That’s far more typos than his usual in that short a space not to mention the special grammar issues. I’ll not speculate on the cause, but I’m having fun imagining what sort of uniform bluster wears.

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  10. Kyle Kiernan says:

    “I think it’s something else.”

    Well of course it’s something else. Its an enormous dumbass being an enormous badly forgeing and hoaxing dumbass.

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  11. Mr Minority says:

    We all have established the fact that Billy is a major STUPID.
    But he continues to surprise me on how far up the STUPID ladder he keeps climbing.
    To accuse the Defendant’s Lawyer, Aaron, an ethical professional practitioner of the Law, in which Billy is the accuser (oops I meant Plaintiff) in the lawsuit, of sending an eeeewy picture to him, in itself is a major leap up that STUPID ladder!

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  12. Jeanette Victoria says:

    OMG proof that the loons really do share the same brain cell!

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  13. Easein says:

    PSY CHO PATH ! ! !

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  14. onlooker says:

    He sure is partial to stupid fonts. I guess it’s some kind of useful warning sign.

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