These are His Methods. These are His Tactics.

But, of course, I have to repeat myself. Unfortunately, this sort of post is necessary for those who wish to understand just what kinds of attacks on people Bill Schmalfeldt conducts, how he goes about them and, most importantly, what he intends to accomplish by them.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Our latest example can be found where Bill Schmalfeldt has re-hung his jourminalism hat – over at Breitbart Unmasked. Although one could really just call it the Brett Kimberlin Attack Center for Disparaging His “Enemies.” And no, I’m not going to link the article as it offends my sensibilities. You can find a link to an archive of it on several other sites out there. But don’t give BU the clicks. Just don’t. They don’t deserve it.

In this most excellent example of Jourminalism, Bill Schmalfeldt attempts to shame and intimidate a woman and her husband by announcing to all and sundry that she supposedly spent time as a sex slave after being captured by a terrorist organization.

Let’s let that sink in here a minute. A woman is supposedly ENSLAVED for sexual purposes. By terrorists. And Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that it okey dokey to make this PUBLIC INFORMATION.

I just can’t even.

The misogyny evidenced here is off the charts. Women are obviously only of worth if they are unsullied and pure according to Bill Schmalfeldt.

Intimidation? Yeah, make comments about Brett Kimberlin and guess what? Bill’s gonna publish all sorts of things that kinda sort of might be true if you look at them sideways because he is a jourminalist and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except go away and forget about Bill Kimberlin.

The malice? Well, that’s just the cherry on the sundae of captive slut-shaming. Because one of the tawdry details that he is tarring this woman with? She was claimed to have given herself an abortion with a knife.


Well, we have our answer. Bill Schmalfeldt.

Now, he uses his typical weasel words – “purports,” “never disavowed its authenticity,” “lending credibility to its authenticity” and my FAVORITE phrase of his, “When you agree to be a combatant, you can’t cry foul when you receive return fire.”

Now just what could justify “return fire” that hangs all this around someone’s head?

Get this. She wrote an affidavit for her husband. For a civil suit. Swearing that what she believes happened happened. Because one of the things her husband is asking for is a PERMANENT INJUNCTION for the person who did what she perceived as threatening behavior to never come near her again.

Oh, now that’s the crime of the century there people. CRIME of the CENTURY. A woman doesn’t want to be harassed. So instead, she gets harassed by someone publishing documents that because her husband hasn’t disavowed them, OBVIOUSLY that makes them true. This is HONEST TO GOD JOURMINALISM here PEOPLE! Sheesh! Well, at least according to Bill Schmalfeldt it is.

Remember that tweet all those years ago? The one where Bill Schmalfeldt says that if everyone would just forget Brett Kimberlin exists, then nobody would “investigate” them? Yeah. Years-long intimidation, admitted to in less than 140 characters. At least he’s consistant about it. SMH

Even better, Bill Schmalfeldt keeps doubling down on his stupid. Over at the Artisnal Craft Blog, he’s commented on one of Dave Alexander’s stories about this unbelievably misogynistic and libelous article.


Bill obviously misses the obvious. That BILL SCHMALFELDT saying that this document has any truth without oh, you know, ACTUALLY VETTING IT like a responsible journalist, not a jourminalist, doesn’t mean that Bill hasn’t committed libel, that he isn’t trying to intimidate a witness, and that he isn’t a piece of misogynistic filth that isn’t even worthy of being scraped of the bottom of your shoe.

And Dave didn’t write a hit piece about Bill. He wrote an article tearing apart the filth of the hit piece Bill Schmalfeldt wrote. It’s a metaphorical nuclear bomb that tears apart Bill’s supposed journalistic acumen.

Guess that will leave a mark.



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23 Responses to These are His Methods. These are His Tactics.

  1. Any reasonable journalist would say “let’s take a look at other official Philippine documents and see if it’s as terribly written as this” before purporting anything or before making the first keystroke on the supposed article. Once Bill dies and goes to Sheol (and that IS where he’s going), his level of torture there will be enhanced by things like this. Because there are varying degrees of unspeakable torture in Sheol dependent on one’s actions here on Earth.

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    • Boston Bob says:

      I would think that a real journalist would contact the law enformcment organization in question and get a confirmation that this was real and official. Even if a PR flak denied that it was true or said that it was classified so there would be no confirmation or denial, he should have that persons name and position written down somewhere, even if only to provide to a judge for the inevitable lawsuit.

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      • Jane says:

        Attempting to intimidate a witness is a criminal offense. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the severity. That bogus doc was sent to a witness, Aaron, by Bill Schmalfeldt. It seems pretty open and shut to me.

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  2. He reportedly purports to be a human being. I see very little evidence.

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  3. JeffM says:


    You don’t understand. Progressives believe that (1) women threatened with rape should have their addresses published along with pictures of their residences, (2) women who have been raped should be named by the media, and (3) raped women should be held up to public scorn and obloquy for having abortions as a result, provided however that these strictures apply only to women married to men who are not progressives.

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    • Jane says:

      Don’t forget that jerkamalism tenet about (falsely) claiming someone caused several terrorists to be killed and arrested. Makes one wonder whether a copy was sent to the murderous group to maximize the possibility of violent retaliation on an innocent victim.

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      • JeffM says:


        As always you are correct.

        I now understand the “sides” mentioned by Bloviating Bill: raping terrorists versus alleged rape victims. The progressive Weltanschaung at work: didn’t Hillary defend child rapists pro bono?

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        • Jane says:

          As always, you’re much too kind, JeffM.

          Of course Hillary happily, laughingly, and even viciously defended a child rapist she knew was guilty. I could go on at length about how even the worst of the worst, like that rapist, must be given the best possible ethical defense because any less jeopardizes all of us. But we both know that’s not why she did it, nor does that lofty principle justify her scurrilous tactics.

          As we’ve all observed too many times to not become at least somewhat enured to it, progressives pervert. It’s what they do. Whether it be in criminal defense, charity, politics, or whatever realm they infect with their poison, they pervert what was intended to be true and just.

          That’s how depraved and dementia-addled DUMBF5CKs can rage on about any minor infraction of a non-progressive, but count its vile self as downright heroic in defending a convicted bomber and adjudicated pedophile. Even without the adjudication, no reasonable person can look at the fact that a man in his forties imported from the Ukraine a teen bride and not conclude that 40-something year old man is a pedophile. Add in the lyrics written by Brett Kimberlin, and other behavior documented in Citizen K and elsewhere, and the inescapable determination that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile becomes even more solidified. Note also how many times Brett Kimberlin complained in legal documents that publicizing this information has caused parents of teen girls to not allow them to attend sleepovers at his home. Why would that be so important to a man now in his 60’s? I’ve never even heard of a man so upset about a lack of teenage girls at sleepovers at his home that he’d sue over it. But the repetition of this complaint in document after document over the years helps to justify the concern of the other parents.

          “A man is known by the company he keeps.” That has never been more true than with the members of team evil. For example, no decent person would associate with a known pedophile, nor with someone who would gleefully write about cub scouts being forced into sex acts, being urinated on, and being photographed during these actions.

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      • There is indeed vigilante justice in the Philippines. And they don’t hide themselves. They all wear uniforms of a sort. It’s not obvious to an outsider, but it is very obvious to everyone living in the Philippines, who is a member of the vigilante justice group in that barangay. If the police won’t or can’t handle a situation, someone goes to the house of the vigilante captain and reports the issue. Then the vigilante group takes care of the problem, many times permanently.

        And Filipinos don’t like seeing one of their own threatened. They are Asian and have an Asian mentality on “face” and “honor”. And a permanent correction of a wrong works just fine.

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  4. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt You have crossed the line from wanna be to actual, I hope some one puts you in jail for the rest of you short life.

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    “she supposedly spent time as a sex slave”
    Given how much Bill Schmalfeldt knows about rape and sex slavery, I pity Gail more and more each day.

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  6. Dianna says:

    And don’t forget the racism – as if a Philipine government agency couldn’t write in decent English – if they kept their internal documents in English.

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

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  7. Mr Minority says:

    You know that the PedoBomber and King Fear Peeonidas are just laughing about this whole thing, thinking that they pulled one over on Aaron.

    But, I have a feeling that they kicked over an fire anthill, and they will end up paying for it.

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    • When I was a yoot, I was playing around outside my grandmother’s Texas home. I was merrily wandering the yard, poking holes in the ground with a stick. Suddenly, I was covered in fire ants, and they were biting the crap out of me.

      My mother, grandmother, and aunt all hurried out and got the ants off me, then took me into the bathroom and poured alcohol all over my body. After those ants, that alcohol felt great. I wonder if JWR does as well.

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  8. Just A Thought says:

    The first comment on any post of his should be a big honking screenshot of his own post declaring that nothing he writes can be trusted.

    “But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.” – Bill Schmalfeldt once again proving Stacy McCain’s adage: “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt, is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt”

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